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At one time the four great Skaven clans lived together in Skavenblight and their teams were among the greatest in Bloodbowl history. As the game changed Skaven stayed ever strong but Clan Moulders contribution to the team grew less and less important. Rat Ogres became quite the rarity on Skaven teams and Clan Moulder’s services were rarely called upon.

The great clan grew frustrated and left Skavenblight forming a stronghold known as Hell Pit, a place rich in Warpstone perfect for breeding and mutating their creations.

Soon after Hell Pit was founded Clan Moulder started breeding their own Bloodbowl teams ran by Packmasters - made up of Giant Rats, their repugnant slaves Throtlings and the mighty Rat Ogres. But unlike normal skaven teams, Clan Moulder did not seek to win the Blood Bowl or Chaos Cup feeling forever shunned by their brethren. Instead they took their mutating mosters to the field of Stunty Leeg, where no other team would be a match for their horde of warpstone-rats.

0-2 Rats ogres: 6528 - Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal, SM/GAP 120k

0-1 Pack Master: 6337 - Prehensile Tail (Whip), G/APSM, 70k

0-6 Giant Rats: 6237 - Dodge, Stunty, No hands, Frenzy, AM/GSP, 40k

0-16 Throtlings: 6236 - Dodge, Stunty, Foul Appearance, AM/GSP, 55k

Reroll: 60k
APO: yes

Starplayers: Nezogt the Mutated, Squeakshot Plaguewind, Bonegnawer, Lorebass, Logan, Shadow, Thundershout Gristlegnasher

Bonus fluff:

Giant Rats: The most common and cheapest Clan Moulder has to offer, these creatures might at a distance look like normal rats, but on closer expections they have a variety of mutations, a staple of Clan Moulders expertise. Long ago, these Master-Moulders have long unlocked the secrets of breeding, mutating and sergically augment the common rat into a fearsome beast. Standing bigger then the average dog, these rats have a variety of features that only increase the effectiveness in combat, such things includes extra heads, over-sized incisors or claws, spiked tails, and even strong boney plate armour. The far more mutated ones have even exposed ribs, massive boils, and even skinless flesh.

Packmaster: Packmasters are the trainers and handlers of Clan Moulder's various warbeast and hulking monstrosities. These specially trained Skaven are experts at goading their charges - ferocious, half-mad creatures who can turn and attack with no warning. For this reason, Packmasters are themselves cagey and fierce warriors or, if they are not, they quickly end up as another meal for their merciless packs. It is common practice for Clan Moulder to sell both beast packs and Packmaster handlers to the highest bidder.

Rat Ogre: The most infamous of Clan Moulders many creations, these beast are one of the largest and most fearsome of their creations within their desposal. Larger than any human, these beast stand taller then two man, and has enough strenght and muscle to fight a whole company of soldiers. The ordinary Rat Ogre is a Skaven to a human, as a Rat Ogre is to a Ogre. Rat Ogres are usually covered with stitches, as many times their Clan Moulder masters has added "modifications" to their already formidable bulk, either adding large saw-like blades, weapon attachments, and even an extra arm to those few Skaven Warlords willing to pay a few extra warp-tokens.

Throtlings:Throtlings are so named because of Throt the Unclean's obsessive habit of grafting together unfortunate creatures with warpstone-infused salve when he is in between projects. The resulting nightmarish assortment of limbs, mouths, and horribly abused minds crawl through the depths of Hell Pit and are inleashed as cannon fodder in times of war. These barely sentinet, benigbted creatures cannot bear to be seen in theri new and repugnat forms and go to great lengths to kill all who look upon them in sobbing fits of jealousy and self-loathing.

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Change the Throtlings to linemen. No hands linemen seems too weak.

Removed Pro and P access from the Packmaster to nerf him a bit. He would be the only STR3 Ag3 in stunty leeg, but only getting one should balance it out.
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