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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Dec 07, 2019 - 09:43
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SWL Crookwell Green Devils Conference LXXIX
Game 5: Klazam's Lizardmen "Blood Crag Stripes" Image

A skink hunt! I felt really confident going into this one. Is there a better skink hunter than an Ag5 leaping tackle mighty blow wardancer?

Dan Dan got 3 skinks. However they had skink reserves, and at the end of Lizard T15 (2-1) the sprint skink was still in range to score and tie it up.


Dan Dan soon put pay to that idea. Hit the skink, secured the bounce, and stood back waiting to pass it for a T16 score.


Huge mistake not dodging Viola the guard star catcher out of the way. I thought by staying put Dan Dan would be better protected.

She died. And some nice chain pushing by Klaz meant Dan Dan was hit anyway. And fouled.

But the crowd were not to be denied their T16 score. They threw the ball beautifully.

Final Score 3-1 (3/0/0 - 1/1/1)

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Dec 11, 2019 - 08:10
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SWL Crookwell Green Devils Conference LXXIX
Game 6: Ball2000's Khemri "Didgeridead" Image

Again? These guys have been stalking Bravado. Four seasons in a row we've ended up in the same pool. The wood elves have not fared well. 0/1/2 going into this one.

Having lost two Tomb Guardians, I felt that if ever Bravado were to take the win, now would be the time. I expected Ivan 'The Animal' Deathshroud to show up, but instead I faced a double dose of chainsaws.
Image Image

First drive Khemri recieved. Bryce was the first chainsaw to take the field. Wood elves departed painfully (2x KOs, 1 injury, 1 death), Khemri less so (1 sent off, 1 sent to reserves, and 1 KO).

The elves tried valiantly to screen them out, but by Didgeridead's Turn 8 it seemed there was an easy path to score. A 2D push and 2x gfi. Or 2x 2D pushes and one GFI. Easy.



Nothing much surprises me in Blood Bowl anymore. Unlikely fails are frustrating. Snaked gfi to score, meh. Triple skulls, yawn. Seen it all before.

Five boneheads in a row? With enough dice it's got to happen to someone eventually.

Maybe attempting an unlikely play and it coming off can be surprising. But I guess any feelings of surprise in those cases are overwhelmed by sheer glee.

So if the dice can't surprise, what can?


Risking the send off to foul the Tree was a bit surprising.

<ramchop> wow
<ramchop> not scared of this ref at all then?
<ramchop> what??!!
<Balle2000> not scoring :)

Choosing not to score - now that was a Surprise!

If he had scored and Khemri's single KO didn't return. Then Hack was going to be forced on, and both chainsaws could be gone for the second half.

The situation going into this game was Khemri was on 7 points from 5 games and the bottom placed Elves were on zero. Only the bottom place gets relegated. If Didgeridead forced Bravado to score early then they could quite probably grind up for the draw and have fun destroying elves in the process. And most likely stay up in conferences.

I don't know, it surprised the hell out of me. Maybe instead of overanalysing it and speculating, I could just ask B2K.

Second half the wood elves' KOs returned, and stalled out for a T16 win. Even risking a dodging TG sack, and multiple boots on precious pixel Dan Dan, to wind down the clock.

"You didn't deserve that win", said a spectator after the game. I disagree. In a contest between two coaches, if one makes a questionable decision, is that less worthy than Nuffle intervention?

Final Score 1-0 (0/1/1 - 0/1/1)

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Dec 14, 2019 - 21:47
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SWL Crookwell Green Devils Conference LXXIX
Game 7: ClayInfinity's Dwarf "Blue Mountain Giants" Image

My promotion to Prem already secure, playing now for the shiny silver trophy. Needed a win to take it outright, or a draw to beat the Chaos to it on h2h tiebreaker.

Final round game against the Season 76 Prem Champs. The dorfs haven't been doing too well this season. Only two wins... both against elves. I'd be happy with a draw.

First drive Bravado received and tried to stall as long as they could. Forced to score T5 giving the Giants with their Ag5 runner (yes, Ag5!), three turns to level it before half time.


The first was a rather innocuous one on the dwarf line of scrimmage. However this meant no reroll for the pick up, the gfis, or the handoff to the Ag5. Catch failed, scatter awesome. Wood elves swarmed the ball. If I was really chasing the win, I may have tried some elf bs to pick up the ball in 3 tzs.

With 5 elves next to the ball the Giants needed to force a good scatter. They forced a scatter, and the target Dan Dan wears on his back became even larger when it bounced into his hands.

After some nice blocking, the way was clear for the blitz. Dan Dan was hit, with mighty blow, but his Av5 armour held. The Ag5 dodged his way in, and picked up the ball.

8 steps away from the end zone, all that was needed to stop the score was a push. Assist dodged into position (reroll burnt on the dodge), Dan Dan needed to succeed in leaping, and a 2D hit.....



Half time 1-0

Second half: dorf grind, woodie screen

Full Time: 1-1 (0/0/1 - 1/0/1)


A draw. But it felt so much like a win that I was surprised when the reroll winnings window didn't pop up.

Joined: May 12, 2006

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I just wanted to acknowledge how awesome your reviews are. Superb!

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 18, 2020 - 10:40
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SWL Premier League LXXX

The 9th Premier season of the new era, and Bravado make their 3rd appearance. I'm pretty happy with that hit rate.

Fourth and fifth in the previous two visits to Prem. Can we crack the top 3, or even dream of a title?

Who stands in the way?
Image Styx ╬▒nd Warpstones 1370k
Image More Food for Thawt 1810k
Image Immortalis Inquietus 1680k
Image [adult swim] 1730k
Image Sakh'Alin Tigers 1760k
Image Leopold Leeches 1580k
Image Bronzed Raiders 1740k

It's Prem, there are no easy games.

Image And how does Bravado look? Our biggest weapon now attracts a 120k wtr tax, so tv is down at 1610k. Dan Dan is only 12spp away from becoming a true Legend. Will a first round fireball quash this hope?
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