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Post   Posted: Mar 09, 2013 - 16:07 Reply with quote Back to top

So, another idea, another proposal. Tell me if you like it. Vote it if you want. Feel free to add suggestions.

Few in the Old World know about the great separation that occurred when Vampire Counts decided to join Blood Bowl. In a deep, giant cave hidden in the darkest forest of Sylvania a gathering took place, chaired by Vlad Von Castein, first and most powerful of the Vampires. Delegations of all the creatures of the night were there, waiting for the opportunity to get fame, blood and riches on the BB pitches, everyone was eager to know how the teams would be arranged. While the Thralls were in from the start for obvious reasons, the other creatures did not have the certainty to be included, and jealousy, envy and hate permeated the putrid air of the cave before the final announcement. First Count Vlad Von Castein and his highest followers spoke of the normal Vampire teams: it would be composed only by Thralls and Vampires, and everyone agreed. Then, they proceed to Stunty roster: and here became trouble. Crypt Ghouls and Strigoi Lords were included, but other creatures were excluded, and they started to protest, disappointed for the denied opportunity. A great agitation suddenly exploded, monsters of every subrace started to scream, curse, and a rebellion broke up in the cave. The loyal guards of the Von Castein managed to sedate the bloody chaos, many perished by both sides, and the Count himself was nearly stabbed by a raging rebel. Upset to the most, he banished all the members of the delegations from Sylvania, and doomed them to wander in the Old World without hope to return, forever despised by their own fellows.
So, they went away, and for decades they roamed at night, always dreaming of revenge, with the burning desire of demonstrate that the Count was wrong. First they bred new Thralls, biting poor people in villages, then they started to train in deserted fields, abandoned graveyards, spooky beaches, and everywhere they went they met creatures like them, and convinced them to play Blood Bowl. Now they are ready. They are the renegade races of the night, the ones that weren't considered good enough to play, and they want to prove the Vampire Counts they're wrong. A great clash will take place when they will appear in Stunty, the final showdown to prove who is the bloodiest, most violent, and most evil between the two teams. The night is waiting for her masters. Other races are just trembling in fear, afraid of another bloodsucking, horrendous menace.

0-12 Thralls (35K)
[dodge,stunty,thick skull, right stuff]
[G,P,S on doubles]

0-2 Spirit Hosts (60K)
[dodge,stunty,foul appearance, fend,regeneration]
Sylvania has a long history of misery and suffering, and is rife with polluting warpstone and Dark Magic. As well as animating the physical remains of the dead, this potent sorcerous energy also has an effect on the souls of the departed. When Vlad von Carstein cast out the priests of Morr, wardens of the dead, he ensured that the spirits of those who has died could not pass to the afterlife. As a result, the land of Sylvania plays home to many poltergeists and ghosts, which haunt the towns and villages of the land. They can disappear and reapper when and where they want, so they are hard to be followed when blocked (fend).
[G,P,S on doubles]

0-2 Varghulfs (75K)
Within every Vampire lurks a predatory creature, driven to feed on blood time and again. There are a few Vampires who embrace their thirst, who allow the bestial hunter within to take over. These are the Varghulfs - blood-mad killers that exist only to feed.
[wild animal, blood lust, claws,regeneration]
[S, A on doubles]

0-1 Crypt Horrors (110K)
The malformed monstrosities known as Crypt Horrors are, thankfully, a rare sight. Like all Ghouls they are created out of desperation - they are the lowest of the low (they don't even have the decency to be properly dead), but no less deadly for it. Even a shallow wound from one of their filth-encrusted talons is enough to kill a man in seconds, his insides rotting and ruined by their vile touch.
[blood lust, mighty blow, claws, throw team mate]
[M, G on doubles]

0-2 Corpse Carts (80K)
When Vlad unleashed the armies of Sylvania upon the Empire, between the trudging crowds of Zombies and the ranks of Skeletons could be seen the disgusting Corpse Carts. Driven by macabre, shrouded figures, these wagons are made of rotted wood, rusted metal and diseased flesh, heaped with writhing body parts.
[ball&chain,no hands,secret weapon(6+)]
[G on doubles]

Rerolls (55K) - 110K after team creation
APO: - Yes
Stars - Normal Strig Stars

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Post   Posted: Mar 09, 2013 - 16:13 Reply with quote Back to top

S skill access for the Corpse Carts I guess? And on doubles?

Image Nerf Ball 2014

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Post   Posted: Mar 09, 2013 - 16:15 Reply with quote Back to top

Of course S access. G on doubles.
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