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knine (24740)
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Banjorc Dem All Orc 205k 18/2/1 1815k ±670  
  HEre we go agin High Elf 265k 19/3/5 1780k ±870  
  Misinformation Vampire 165k 5/1/4 1440k ±220  
League teams for All Stars
  Star Dawgz All Stars 345k 5/0/1 3255k    
League teams for DLE2020
  Waste Land Watchmen DLE2020 - Watchmen 75k 1/1/1 1765k    
Scheduled against Arcayn's Montfort Metalheads (Seen 38m ago).
League teams for National College BloodBowl III
  Air Force Falconorcs Orc 1225k 21/6/6 1675k    
  UVIC Vagabonds Wood Elf 195k 5/3/4 1675k    
  Woodsworth College HE High Elf 205k 3/4/3 1300k    
League teams for NBBFL
  LA Ramblers BIG BASH 335k 11/3/1 2670k    
  MightyBlowta Claw Kings BIG BASH 60k 13/3/2 2510k    
Scheduled against HouseBlackfyre's Detroit Riots [NBBFL] (Seen 19h ago).
  NBBFL Filler 2 BIG BASH 190k 0/0/0 1670k    
Scheduled against fol82's JacKILLERSonville (Seen 2h ago).
  NBBFL Filler Tampa BIG BASH 175k 2/2/0 2245k    
  Washington Filler BIG BASH 750k 0/0/0 1100k    
League teams for NBFL
  HEnnessy Titanic Hangovers High Elf 455k 4/5/5 1970k    
League teams for Nuffle League 2020
  Nuffalo Blizzard Knine's Team 305k 10/3/0 1980k    
League teams for Second Sons Blood Bowl League
  Hogtown Hoppers Slann 0 4/1/2 1300k    
Scheduled against Morpheous's [SS] Do Brajil (Seen 7d ago).
League teams for Secret League 2020
  Dave's Not Here Elemental - Earth 140k 3/3/1 1290k    
  Dirty McDirt Dirtz Elemental - Earth 455k 11/1/0 1420k    
  Khorny Koaches Daemons of Khorne 415k 12/4/7 1670k    
Scheduled against DaCrusha's 4 Winds of Petals from Heaven (Seen 20m ago).
  Rumble This Daemons of Khorne 175k 2/0/0 930k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  Stand Ur Ground Elemental - Earth 330k 6/0/2 1220k    
Scheduled against Nightbird's Honshu Ki-Rin (Seen 23m ago).
League teams for Secret League Open
  Manitoba Bizons Chaos Chosen 90k 24/13/17 2000k    
League teams for Secret Resurrection
  Biiiig Dude and Riff Raff Daemons of Khorne 210k 1/2/1 940k    
League teams for Southern Wastes League
  Horror of Horrorz Vampire 155k 9/4/1 1470k    
League teams for The Super League
  Black Jax Dark Elf 440k 3/0/2 1090k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
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Quick Stats
Member SinceApril 12, 2020
Matches Played1760
Match Record842/384/534
Tournament Wins
BCS National Championship Playoff - NCBB Season 43
MGM S2 - Playoffs
[CXZ] Grand Championship I
All Star Bowl IV
MLR 7s Regular Season
Humie v Humie MGM
Fling v Fling MGM
Gobbo v Gobbo MGM
Dwarf v Dwarf MGM
SWL XCV Apocolyptic SWL Predators Regional
NCBB S41 Non-AQ Makeup
Silkys Stocking Pick and Mix party
DIBBL S31: Da Freebootaz Division
[OLC16] Open League - 1
SLA20 Season Two
Tossit-os Fiesta Bowl - NCBB Season 39
Secret Smack final
Blue Jeans and Moonbeams Tentacle Smack pool
NCBB S39 AKC Conference Play
Festive Beat down Final
DIBBL S26: The Participation Plate
NFC East vs NFC West- Season 27
Season Six Playoffs
SSL 18 - Casualty Cup
Season Five Open Play