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Joined: Aug 18, 2005

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 17:57 Reply with quote Back to top

I've just read a forum post that mentioned TR management, and heard it mentioned in the background a few times. A few questions: What is it? How do you do it?

But most importantly: Is there any point to it in the long run so long as your team has average or better results in the long run?

Joined: Apr 04, 2007

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 18:21 Reply with quote Back to top

The theory of TR management is two fold:

1)Keep Handicaps in check.

2)Gold rolls. This one is the most important IMO. Example: Your TR is 247 But you are carrying some Nigglers, injured players and you probally have 2-3 players at 51+SPP...BUT you only have a FF of 9. At that point your TR is so high that you need to play other teams with FF of 18+ in order to have a chance at getting any gold. Once your TR gets to high and your FF is low you will get into a cycle of when you get players killed or injured and have to retire you will never make enough gold to replace players. You are in essence forced to cut way back and fire all your high SPP players inorder to make gold.

The Handicaps is not that big of a deal IF you are not carrying nigglers and have more than 12 players.

My two cents on this.

How you do it?: Fire players

Does it make your team more succesful? Sure if you do it right and you start winning games it will do a few things.

1)You will find you have a better chance of increasing your FF to the 15+ level.
2)Your CR will climb
3)You will have a solid core of players to build on
4)You will get labeled a cherry picker and all those other lovely names

BUT TR management has it downfalls.
1)You will never have players who are 76+SPP for long. They will be cut in a TR management move.
2)You will never have Legends on your team or a legendary team.
3)In theory your team is a one hit wonder, you build them up for a tournament and then once they start getting beaten up and taking on heavy CAS you retire the team and start over.

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Joined: Jul 02, 2007

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 18:27 Reply with quote Back to top

Many coaches also try to keep their team in the TR range where the race has most success. High TR norse, for example, will get decimated, so they keep their TR low to have a better chance at winning.

Joined: Apr 04, 2007

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 18:40 Reply with quote Back to top

Example of polar opposites.

A highly TR managed team that went on to great success but like a phoenix crashed and burned.
Ulitmate Mr. Men

The exact opposite NO Team Managment at all.

Hellbound Charrioteers No Major succes, some XFL success but otherwise nothing.

BUT in the end which team is more fun to play and play against?

But more important there is no real answer. The botton line is what type of team do YOU want to make and play. A team managed for hopeful success on the pitch and glory in Tournaments OR a fun team that has hit or miss success but gives you a lot of enjoyment for playing "your" team.

Anybody who knows me as a coach knows were I fall on that big question.

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Joined: Mar 30, 2004

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 18:45 Reply with quote Back to top

Another idea in TR management is to trim points here and there to keep you in a lower winnings bracket. For every 25tr your team has (126,151,176,201,etc), you roll on a less favorable bracket for getting money after the game. So if you are at 152tr, it might make sense to shed the 2 point of tr (if possible) so you place your team in a lower winnings bracket, increasing your chance for a better winnings roll after the game.

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Joined: Dec 29, 2008

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 18:54 Reply with quote Back to top

Another reason for TR management is tournament participation. Weekly Scheduled Smacks especially (for me anyway) are a reason to pick a team and trim it back to it's leanest fighting shape and enter it. If you have a team that's 183/188, it would make more sense to trim a little fat (CL's and AC's, that 'n' '-ma' lino you kept for LOS duty, spare cash, etc.) and get it to 175/182 or so and enter a TR175-capped event, rather than build it up to play in a TR200-capped event, or worse, enter the TR200 event with an underpowered team.

There is nothing mandatory about managing your TR. Personally I think it's fun letting players bloat on spp and become interesting and unique; same with teams. But once in a while I'll clean some up for tourney use, or just because they've become too unwieldy to be competitive.

I'm making an effort to play more [B] lately, ever since Christer changed the scheduler (which seems to be improved), and in that environment TR management is much more crucial, because you can't pick your matchups to account for your choice to be sloppy with your team. Every niggled lineman and stray assistant coach will count against you in the scheduler selecting an opponent for you.

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You have the right to remain Ranked. If you choose to waive this right, anything you keep on your team may be used against you on the Pitch of law. You have the right to an apothecary. If you cannot take an apothecary you may start a thread about how your race deserves one... Wink

Joined: Jun 25, 2008

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 19:06 Reply with quote Back to top

My 2 cents: I really dislike the one hit wonder approach to team building.

and - you can of coruse manage your team in any way that falls between the two ends of the spectrum that PainState so well describes.

Joined: Aug 18, 2005

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 19:44 Reply with quote Back to top

So... from what you guys have said the main thing is dropping nigglers and -ma players to even out the rating. I assume that's so long as your team can support the team cycle of buying new players when you drop the old ones though. I'm not really after running a team that would be classed as a one-hit woneder, more one that can stand a few losses but still soldier on with their heads held high. I have no problem with dropping a player that I would have let go a match later after buying a player if it helps the team in the long run, but to meddle with the team on a system for formulaic success... hmm...

Joined: Sep 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Sep 02, 2009 - 20:08
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Fire your star player with a niggle? Sure. -MA? -AG? -AV? That really depends on the player. -MA or -AG linos can often serve quite well on the line of scrimmage. Similarly, if you have a dirty player with -AV or -ST, that's probably fine. Unskilled niggled lino? Feel free to keep him and get him killed on the LOS. Of course, any of these players could also be fired on the spot if your sole goal is to raise TS relative to TR. My usual policy with such players is this: "If you're damaged and I have kept you, the apo will never come to your rescue. Good luck!"

The key to TR management is to fire guys that sustain damage that materially affects their performance on the pitch. Niggled positional or skilled players are the classic example of this, since your important player may start taking unscheduled vacations.
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