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Team Idea 1 - The Nightkind

Once upon a time the ranks of the Undead hordes were filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes but then came the time known as the Great Sundering when the Vampires came and their self pitying whining and posing drove a wedge between the Nightkind. The Mummies grew sick of "those damn youngsters" and returned to their ancestral homelands (and after some lawyers got involved they lost the right to call themselves Mummies and now use the term Tomb Guardian to refer to themselves instead). The Werewolves were kicked out for "not actually being dead", although some had cast iron contracts with the NBC so stuck around. Skeletons ended up everywhere, some suspect it's the same skeletons for everyone, who can actually tell skeletons apart?

And then there were the little guys, the Carrion/Giant Bat riders. With their mounts returning to Khemri or siding with the Vampires and no-one else really wanting to have anything to do with them they were at a loss. Until that is an enterprising Undead Halfling by the name of Salty Bones, who'd been left cursed after a spot of piracy went wrong, persuaded them that Stunty was the place for them. They rounded up some of the other forgotten Nightkind and decided to give it a go.

0-16 Sky Ghouls 6 2 3 6 Stunty, Leap, A 40k

The most numerous of the Carrion/Giant Bat riders, they are reasonably fast and are used to jumping onto fast moving steeds.

0-2 Voidghasts 7 2 3 5 Dodge, Stunty, Leap, A 60k

Voidghasts are quicker and harder to catch than Sky Ghouls but the magic which holds them together is more fragile and so they are easier to injure.

0-2 Hellraisers 6 2 3 6 Stunty, Leap, Thick Skull, Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, A 70k

Hellraisers like to burn things and invariably come to the pitch with flammable materials and torches. Playing with fire so much they are slightly tougher than sky ghouls.

0-2 Battle Spirits 5 2 3 7 Stunty, Frenzy, Leap, A 70k

Battle Spirits are better armoured but slower than their team mates and are very very angry.

0-2 Werefoxes 6 2 3 7 Dodge, Sidestep, Regeneration, Claws A 120k

The equivalent of a Big Guy for this team. The Werefoxes are more sturdy (No Stunty, higher Av and regen) than the rest of the team due to still being alive and able to heal themselves.

Rerolls: 60k
Apothecary: Yes (representing a rogue Necromancer who will use his limited skills for pay)

Jacek Sparra 6 2 3 6 Dodge, Leap, Stunty, Regeneration, Block, Pro, Loner 200k

An old shipmate of Salty Bones, a cursed madman who'll work for coin until he can get his hands on enough cash to get his ship back.

Little Death 7 2 3 7 Dodge, Leap, Stab, Very Long Legs, Fend, 150k

Little Death was a legendary killer when he could take to skies. He would drop from nowhere and someone would die. The Bretonnians christened him "Le Petit Mort". Now he plies his trade on the blood bowl field trying to find his purpose before he eventually dies for real.

Team Idea 2 - Halfling Gladiators

many races of the old world keep slaves but for those who are enslaved by the Chaos Dwarves life can be particularly harsh. Chaos Dwarves are not renowned for being large however so it is mostly the smaller races that suffer their tender ministrations.

Halflings have suffered for years and year in year out more are captured by the tainted dwarves as they can't outrun the Dwarves who have become adept at their capture. Slaves are often sold to the fighting pits for entertainment where they must fight each other and wild animals like giant rats or Hob Hounds. These Halfling Gladiators become hardened and some are driven insane and some, the elite few are sent to Stunty Leeg to do battle for their masters.

0-16 Gladiators 5 2 3 5 Dodge, Stunty, Thick Skull, Right Stuff, A 40k

A Halfling in less armour but who's got thick skull. The basic Halfling Gladiator.

0-4 Netters 5 2 3 6 Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Diving Tackle, Secret Weapon A 60k

Netters use ropes and nets to immobilise opponents in the arena and on the pitch.

0-2 Berserkers 5 2 2 5 Dodge, Frenzy, Right Stuff, Thick Skull, G/A 90k

Berserkers have gone mental and focus less on avoiding pain and more on causing it.

0-1 Daemon Cannon 2 6 1 8 Take Root, Throw Team Mate, Strong Arm, Nerves of Steel, Loner, Really Hungry S 140k

The Daemon Cannon is smaller Hellcannon That the Dwarves use in arena battles. The crowd loves to see slaves launched into the rafters or eaten whole.

Rerolls: 60k
Apothecary: Yes


Prisoner Max Ten 5 2 2 8 Dodge, Frenzy, Right Stuff, Thick Skull, Dauntless, Claws, 200k

Harvestmouses comment in another thread
As for a some of the team ideas being bounced around, I'm not that keen. I think, they should fit in with the game world that is established. This is a warhammeresque alternate universe, based around the world of bloodbowl. The races are basicly the same, but it's not quite as dark or serious, also the tech levels are less strictly monitored.

Races in stunty should exist or have existed in this or the standard warhammer universe. I also think that people are looking at rosters that are just too crazy. A standard team with one 'out there' positional, in my opinion is optimal.

So I believe after so many years this mean ideas have been pretty much exhausted.

got me thinking so I went looking for old models to use as inspiration and my feverish brain came up with the above rosters. I think there's still an Elemental Team (who knew there were mud elementals that were smallish, nay Stunty Smile.) hanging about in my brain but I'll get to that another day. Smile

*Edit: Just looked at the Compendium and don't feel nearly as original now. Sad
Still, at least it's out of my brain. Smile

Joined: Feb 15, 2011

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*Bumpity Bump* Very Happy
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