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2017-10-19 17:07:14
rating 4.8
2017-09-13 20:31:24
rating 6
2017-09-13 13:01:55
rating 5.2
2017-09-13 01:24:52
rating 5.3
2017-09-14 00:33:22
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Game 4! - The Klaives are shaping up! (and so am I) [and so is my luck]
Ta-da! It finally happened :D with the help of our glorious Nuffle.

3:0 is pretty glossy, bit of a tough one for my opponent. A classic example was when I turnover with journeyman on LOS and his troll instantly goes stupid despite a minder and then he rerolls skulls into skulls on 2d as he's trying to blitz a path to my carrier. Also could barely pick up the ball let alone throw it accurately. It really didn't happen for him. Shame as he was top, we had some great banter throughout the game plus he gave me a great tip about marking up players with notes so they're visible reminders!

IT was reasonably even until midway through the first half, eventually I dislodged it from the cage, it bounced and fell kindly on the outside, and I was able to sneak it away. But not doing anything particularly different I feel, just got a bit more rub of the green. INstead of bouncing deeper into tackle zones it bounced over downed players on the wrong side. So to some extent that's luck, it's hard to account for.

OTOH, I was overall being a lot more patient, had players screening any breakaways so the cage could never make massive yardage without exposing itself. ONly had one chaser on the reverse side. Fewer people locked in tackle zones. Previously, I've been exposed trying to push for the carrier too hard. Progress.

HE kicked to me second half and I showed some more progress, by not bottlenecking my own attack, I maintained width, with players all along the LOS, and just probing gently along the ballside. When he came over to that side, I ducked my runner all the way over to the other side, completely shifting the point of attack. WIth numbers over near the ball and his low AG Blockers suddenly marked, it was hard for him to shift resources. I worked the overlap fairly well and produced another score. I think that's more how you're meant to do it!

Then there was a blitz result and I got a blitzer under it and he couldn't recover, the major story being that thanks to blodge, he stayed on his feet from a powpush, which seems symbolic of how the team is developing. As if to emphasise that, I was able, having blitzed him clear of markers (thanks to being still on his feet to provide the assist) to hand off to another blitzer who needed the 3spp for skillup but dropped the catch. But thanks to burgeoning levels of block and dodge saving me rerolls, I still had one reroll on one of the last turns of the game! So the team is progressing really nicely all of a sudden. My 3 uninjured blitzers have blodge, my runner has block, I've got a kick lino and another lino with block. With an apo now purchased and 90k in the bank, I've got options!

Do I:

- Replace the injured (-ma) blitzer?
- Buy a witch elf?
- Get another reroll?

I'm thinking, re-roll, blitzer then witch so she comes in as my linemen are much more skilled by then (hopefully)

I'm sure I'll get some great advice and general pointers. :D

THe Klaives are coming!
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Posted by Sp00keh on 2017-09-14 08:37:05

no one told me about marking players until i'd had 300 games here :(

RR then witch. frenzy can shape the game, denying areas of the sideline to opponent
Posted by luxyluxo on 2017-09-14 14:44:59
Well done :-) and 3 nil is a great score. Keep the Blitzer as MA6 is still ok and go for the witch elf........ but watch out! NO 1 D blocks with Frenzy and WEs have low armour so will be major target for the other team.

Also look up crowd surfing with Frenzy , it is awesome.
Posted by hissa-lives on 2017-09-14 18:51:07
Was a good game, and you played really well. yeah dice didn't help but no more than normal.
personally I was surprised not to see a witch on the pitch. get one and enjoy more surfing!
Posted by Teppich on 2017-09-15 05:39:58
The blitzer will need to get replaced and I would do that first, although there is something to be said about even a single well positioned frenzy player changing how your opponent can place their pieces. I would refrain from getting more RRs, but consider giving a runner leader at some point. Other coaches might prefer the straight 3 RRs.

Waiting for the lineelfs to skill till you get you witch is not how I would develop. The witches want to be among your most skilled players. Lineelfs only need dodge and sidestep. The roster also only permits for 3 really once you have all the positionals. So don't replace linos till you're at 3. Loners make fine linefodder.

This guide might help you, it's nicely concise. Found it on the NAF resources page.