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You better shout,
You better cry,
You better run fast
I'm telling you why.
Sandy Claws
is coming to town.

The inaugural BB7's Christmas Classic is a tournament open to all teams playing under the BB7's Format.
It will be a single elimination tournament with the winning team taking home Sandy Claws (see below).
So apply your teams for some Christmas Fun!

**Congratulations to BB7 Test Dummies for their Victory. They are now the proud keepers of Sandy Claws -- an Ogre in a big red coat!**


1. All teams must follow BB7s team creation rules found on the BB7s Main Group Page. Teams have to be in BB7s Main Group to get accepted into the tournament.

2. A coach may enter only one team.

3. Grandfathered teams are NOT allowed.

4. Drafting (ie: dropping players with 4 MVPs) will be suspended for teams in the tournament until that team is knocked out or wins, at which time normal drafting will occur.

5. No bribes may be induced under any circumstances, even with goblins (Christmas is a time of love and peace, right?)! All other rules regarding inducements located on the BB7s Main Group Page apply.

6. Round 1 will have a 10 day time limit. All other rounds will have a 7 day time limit.

Kickoff for 2012 TBD!

For further information join #BB7s on IRC or contact the group staff.


Sandy Claws!

The winning team must welcome Sandy Claws as soon as enough money is available. Sandy Claws will stay on the team until drafted, killed or until the next year's Christmas tournament winner is determined. He/she is not an additional player but has to replace a regular member of the team (unless otherwise stated below). However, he doesn't count towards the positional limits (so an Amazon team with Sandy will have three blitzers, a Chaos Pact team two Big Guys).

Sandy Claws (or his/her helpers) will probably come as the following players:

Amazon: Blitzer
Chaos: Minotaur
Chaos Dwarf: Minotaur
Chaos Pact: Minotaur or Ogre
Dark Elf: Witch Elf
Dwarf: Deathroller
Elf: Blitzer
Goblin: Fanatic
Halfling: Sandy Claws Helpers (two additional halflings allowed to play as subs)
High Elf: Thrower
Human: Ogre
Khemri: Tomb Guardian
Lizardmen: Kroxigor
Necromantic: Werewolf
Norse: Snow Troll
Nurgle: Beast of Nurgle
Ogre: Ogre (Sandy Claws) + Snotling (Sandy Claw's Helper)
Orc: Troll
Skaven: Rat Ogre
Slann: Kroxigor
Undead: Mummy
Underworld: Sandy Claws Helpers (two additional goblins allowed to play as subs)
Vampire: Sandy Claws Helpers (two additional thralls allowed to play as subs)
Wood Elf: Treeman

The winner will be contacted by the tournament staff for further information.
The team must link to the tournament they won in the team bio.