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Group managers: Rabe, akaRenton

For more background/fluff info, check the old group page.

Updates in red!

Team Creation

1. Hit the "Create team for this league" link on the right side of the group page.

2. All teams with a ST 5+ player without Secret Weapon are eligible (including Khemri, Undead and suitable Stunty Leeg teams). Check the Stunty Leeg roster page in the help section to find out which Leeg teams match this condition.

3. The team represents the group the first Big Guy and all his replacements dwell from (family, tribe, clan, tomb, enterprise, breeding pool, mercenary banner...). Please name them accordingly, don't name the team after the particular player! Ask Rabe if in doubt.

4. Teams start with only 180k.

5. Teams must feature a Big Guy right from the start.

6. If the Big Guy is Really Stupid or suffers from Blood Lust, the team may also hire up to two assistants. Player types with certain skills may not be chosen as assistants. Assistants are not allowed to learn those skills later either. Check the original group page for reference (table under "Assistants").

7. No Cheerleaders, Assistant Coaches and (initial) Fan Factor permitted!

8. Important: After submission to the site, the team still has to be actively applied to this group and be accepted by a group admin! (Just like with other league or tournament groups.)

Arranging games

Use our group PM of join #BigGuyArena on IRC.

On Pitch Rules

1. Inducements: Stars are not allowed. Wizard is not allowed. Mercenaries are usually not allowed (see below). Wizards might get banned for the future, but right now they're welcome (remember that some Dirty Trick cards can have a similar devastating effect for only 50k). Cards are limited to 2 for each coach.

2. If the Big Guy is missing the game, the team has to use a mercenary of the same type. Make sure it gets enough inducement money for the recovery game (player base costs +30k).

3. The kicking Big Guy has to be set up exactly in the middle of his half, assistants right behind him. Therefore, Perfect Defense has no effect.

4. The defending coach has to aim the ball at the center square of the LOS (so a touchback is likely).

5. Assistants may not pick up, pass, intercept or receive the ball. If they end up with the ball anyway, they have to hand over or pass it to their team's Big Guy immediately. They may not actively (by moving or not moving) put a tackle zone on the ball.

6. Assistants may neither throw blocks and take blitz actions, nor are they allowed to assist the Big Guys on blocks/blitzes. They can be targeted by the opponent though.

7. The rest is for you to find out on the pitch. ;-)

Team Development

1. No Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders.

2. Apothecary and Team Re-Rolls may be purchased as usual.

3. Only one Big Guy per team. Although, if a Big Guy misses the next game, the team may hire another one of the same kind (if the roster permits), instead of using a mercenary (see On Pitch Rules) - they may just never start with more than one Big Guy attending the game.

4. Assistants must not learn certain skills. Check the original group page for reference (table under "Assistants").

5. Players can learn more than six skills. However, it takes a lot of SPP to further improve after legend-hood has been achieved...

6. Make sure you always set the number of journeymen to 0 - unless you are allowed assistants (Really Stupid Big Guy) and want to use up to two journeymen as such.