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Inquest of the Radiant Spire
Roster [L] Tzeentch (BIBBL)

It is thought that the Changer of Ways had ignored the sport of Blood Bowl for the greater part of its history, having a disdain for its brutality and crudeness. Yet at the same time, it is ruled by the whims of fate and chaos simultaneously, an indisputable domain of Tzeentch. However, rather than paying homage to this obviously natural patron deity, the unenlightened races of world lay their favors at the feet of Nuffle, an equally capricious and whimsical god.

And still, Tzeentch for centuries left this slight against his sovereignty unchecked. The Great Sorceror remained silent as the followers of his rival god Nurgle claimed glory on the sacred pitch, sowing decay and stagnation. And when his own apostles finally began to stride into the stadiums, it was with a dull murmur rather than triumphant heraldry.

What does the Great Schemer have planned? Was it simple disinterest? Or does Tzeentch have a greater purpose in mind that required such a misdirection? Even his followers seem to be unable to fully grasp their lord's intent.

A blazing tower, hidden amongst the shifting, colorful clouds found throughout the northern Chaos Wastes, is home to an order of sorcerers, occult scholars, and gibbering chaos-touched madmen and mutants. Referring to themselves as the Seeking Eyes, they count amongst themselves a number of turncoat magicians and sages from the Empire. For decades the Seeking Eyes simply observed the resurgence of Blood Bowl from the peak of the Radiant Spire, even as their fellow disciples of Tzeentch received visions from their lord and began to take to the field. Finally, the Grand Visioner of the Seeking Eyes had a revelation: the Changer of Ways had not been ignoring this most resplendently intricate sport. It was, and always had been, His Work. Possibly his greatest - in one motion it had taken the multitudinous strands of conflict that traced the shape of the world, and bound them together into threads with which the whole of the physical realm could be strung upon and made into a marionette. Nuffle was but a sham, a mask amongst uncountable masks, a means to gain worship in disguise - after all, how could the designs of the Master of Fates be at the mercy of another's?

This declaration set the minds and souls of the Seeking Eyes ablaze. At once they saw and understood the true artistry of Blood Bowl, endeavored to master it, turned their twisted intellects towards engineering ever more devious playbooks and warping their thralls into the perfect players to execute them. By immersing themselves in their god's masterpiece, they could better understand Him and His machinations. The founding of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire marks the beginning of what will likely be centuries of experimentation, inquiry, and exploration by his disciples.

What does my Lord see on this blasted field? While I am in awe with how He has deftly thrown the veil over the eyes of the world, surely robbing them of their faith in a false deity could have been accomplished by countless other means? From the very moment my boots first trod upon these blood-soaked grounds, I have been humiliated in every conceivable manner. Brainless rat-hulks have left my proud warriors and loyal thralls writhing in agony as their disgusting vermin handlers skitter back and forth and rob us of glory. Truth-blind foreigners are crushed underfoot yet die smiling as their allies claim victory. Worst of all the arrogant degenerate slaves to the Lord of Dark Delights have twice left us broken and hopeless, their empty laughter echoing in my thoughts even now. Are we unworthy of understanding? Or is there truly only violence and ignorance to be found here? Perhaps this is simply the Great Sorceror's way of keeping the dull-witted and ignorant under His thumb, where they can do no harm but to each other. And yet... when the forgotten one's followers dared creep out from the shadow, dared to sully His arena with their presence, to taint the air there with their lies and false promises, I was filled with such a fury, a righteousness I have not felt stir in me since I first burned a foul wit since I first heard my Lord's truths. I felt it in my fellow warriors, too, and we brought that fury down upon those slavish creatures not with mere brutality but with our strategy, our resourcefulness, and with the turning of fates - the blessing of Tzeentch. It was without a doubt, glorious, yet impermanent. Is this what we are to seek? Tiny motes of understanding, fleeting sparks burning bright... I have yet to settle my mind on it. Despite my misgivings, I will not abandon the Inquest. I have sent funds along with my report: what little we earned from our losses and victories. R'auh believes that his people are a natural fit for this game, and advises we employ as many as we can afford - indeed, we have already enlisted a cousin of his from the Twotongues. The effectiveness with which the rat-things utilized their freakish brutes left a strong impression as well, though I leave it to the Seeking Eyes to discover how best to bring such a creature to our cause.

- Inquisitor Prospo Rubaeus, Head of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire

What a blazing fire this sport can light within a soul! Despite the setbacks of this past spring, the Inquest has found itself standing at the third highest summit of the association's annual grand tournaments. There, we once again had to face the shameless servants of the forgotten one, and Tzeentch forsook us, perhaps testing our conviction once more, reminding us that fate twists and turns such that a bested foe one day might be a bitter rival once again. But soon we had more of our Tzaangor servants to aid our cause, representatives from the Twotongues, and while the other beastmen mistrust him, the hermit creature Ix'yinn seems to be in my Seer's confidence. I do not doubt that these blessed creatures are natural players, though the familiars we had brought in their absence can't compare to even a lowly goblin. Nevertheless, with our team strengthened with new blood, we wrought a terrible toll on more of the unbelieving. More of the foreigners from the far east, these with a darker nature which perhaps has a touch of our Master hidden within, fall to our wit and our might. Fae creatures of Albion and witless greenskin rabble were also crushed under our heels, and as the cold of winter creeps upon these lands, we have claimed a trophy in honor of our Lord. In time for the change of the season, a new thrall arrives from the Spire - a marvel of sorcery and dark surgical experiment, holding within it the strengths of the mightiest brute beasts, yet as temperamental and quick to change as our master. I have taken to calling it the Impermanence.

- Inquisitor Prospo Rubaeus, Head of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire

Brainless, violence-addicted, and utterly ignorant are the servants of the Blood God. When the wheel of this age finally turns, they will all be left behind to root amongst the corpses they value so highly.

- Inquisitor Prospo Rubaeus, Head of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire

Sky-wheel has turned and this pilgrimage approaches its first full year. Witch-killer seethes in his tent, the green-season had gone well for the pilgrimage, but ended in shameful humiliation against the spawn of the Gods, stealing away a glorious victory over our Lord's rivals. Pitiful rot-lovers, forgotten-ones, all bested, even the blood-brute's chosen were stymied if not defeated. But then came slavering mutants, misbegotten, unaccepted by their peers and all kinds clinging together like un-goats on the precipice. A ruse! They came with ferocity and cunning, and the Two-tongue's whelp paid for our arrogance. Witch-killer forgot that among those abandoned children dwelled those who had touched His mind and understood His work here. Ah, but that may be His lesson here for us. I will peer into the churning entrails of a cur the she-Two-tongue caught for me, and see what I can see. The other gors may pay me no heed, but the Seer knows our Lord's wisdom when it presents itself.

-Ix'yinn the Hermit

Even before my eyes were opened, I could recognize the corruption that the rat filth represent. Gnawing away at the foundations of civilization, twisting sacred knowledge to petty ends, and always plotting simple, transparent schemes. No mindless slave-abominations we faced this year, but the low cunning and quick feet of the Skaven proper. Even so, they did not best us. We have grasped some part of the Masters design, and we turn it to our own purposes. Then the mystics of Albion returned, and this time our Lords eye wandered and left us to fumble in the dark. I have come to understand this is the nature of this grand game, just as one can never hope to completely conceive the breadth of the Changer of Ways plans. Afterwards we came across some small, simple folk - I have no taste for cruelty, not as the worshipers of the Pleasure Prince do, but I must admit to finding satisfaction in crushing those moronic slobs. Freiherr Nussenbaum was prone to spontaneous fits of laughter for several days after, upon recalling the matter. Afterwards, yet more vermin, the sort which even their own kin reject and must make fellowship with diminutive greenskins. These had been touched by Chaos, but only in the most rudimentary fashions, with no sign of divine intent. But ahh, we were to indeed see divine intent. Tzeentch saw fit to test us with his own servants, his beloved horrors at play in his temple. We strove to prove ourselves worthy, sent several back wailing into the aether to tell our Master of our greatness, but in the end we were again humbled. I now look to our second grand tournament with great anticipation. I have not felt such fervour and faith in many a year as I do now on the pitch.

- Inquisitor Prospo Rubaeus, Head of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire

The rats are indeed a plague. They seem to cower under the stands, rushing to the field as soon as we've cleared the field of them. It is pleasing to see their eyes cloud when I manage to close my hands around them and squeeze, but it is a rare pleasure as they are unerringly a slippery sort of creature, and quick to flee. The devices some of the more malnourished ones brought to the field were a delight - after the match I did my best to sketch out the designs. Father had a fondness for machine toys he ordered from Nuln, and I may have inherited his love from my own experiences with them as a youth. Ah, and of course, I could not fail to recall the memory of brutalizing those debased creatures which are held in thrall by the pleasure lord. I confess, my own proclivities bring me to a state of euphoria that I imagine is alarmingly close to that which the slaaneshi cultists enjoy. I comfort myself in the knowledge that however much satisfaction I take in causing pain and death, I do not become aroused hold true to my devotion to my master the Inquisitor, and to the great Lord of Change.

-Freiherr Otto Nussenbaum

Boring cold-time. Sire does not wish to face the servants of the Blood God before the thaw, and no other foes challenge us.

- R'auh Longsight, Vice Captain of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire

I feel as though I am blind and wandering in the wastes again! What suffering it is to be filled with the sight of my Lord, and then be denied it! Victory eludes us, and even in defeat I cannot grasp Tzeentch's intent in this sport. Worse yet, we have lost two of our best - R'auh, an intelligent and deadly ally in my search for truth has been slaughtered by the unworthy khornates of the Horned Eagles, and if that were not enough of a blow they so damaged the daemon-construct that it lost its grip on the host body and was expelled back into the aether. The Seekers will have to create a new one and resummon the daemon, but R'auh cannot be replaced so easily. At the least, we are blessed in the unforeseen skill of Shuz'ras kin, Yzha'uz. We cannot afford to repeat the fates of her brother, R'auh, and Yaux'urr.

-Inquisitor Prospo Rubaeus, Head of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire

At last, I understand. The Changer of Ways designed this game for an explicit purpose, it is true, and I have gleaned both it and the reason he has called me to play it:

I am a glorified rat catcher, and this is but a sewer.

In light of the discovery of my actual profession, I shall submit a description for a recently identified breed of rodent which I had previously not recognized as belonging to the species. They are small and fragile creatures, befitting their kind, but curiously hairless, tailless, and able to flit about on thin membranous wings like that of an insect. In spite of these differences they possess the low cunning, envious nature, and cowardice that betrays them as belonging to the rat-kind.

-Exterminator Prospo Rubaeus, Head of the Inquest of the Radiant Spire

Though my seer has brought me some measure of peace with the circumstances of the past year IN PROGRESS

The Warriors

Those blessed with Tzeentch's wondrous gifts, possessing the keen minds of strategists and scholars - no other player can match them for physical and mental prowess both.

Team Captain: Inquisitor Prospo Rubaeus

When the witch hunter Prospo Rubaeus came to the Radiant Spire, he was already a man thrice-damned by his former gods. Many long years combating the insidious forces of Chaos left his faith and his mind hollowed, and he had allowed both to be filled with the light of Tzeentch's wisdom. He brought with him his closest followers, those who had trod the same torturous path leading to serving the very forces they had strove against. He spent many more years sequestered in the Spire, consulting with his trusted Seer, studying the intricate teachings of the Seeking Eyes, while his spirit languished - he desired to claim glory for his new masters. The Grand Visioner's revelation has given him the opportunity, and he has been appointed as the head of the Inquest.

The Red Seer

Those who followed the dark history of Prospo Rubaeus can mark the meeting between this mysterious figure and the witch hunter as the moment of a decisive turn away from the light. The Red Seer, claiming to be a traveling scholar originally hailing from the far lands of Ind, brought indispensible knowledge and tools to aid Rubaeus in his hunts - all the while worrying away at the tired man's integrity and judgement. The few of his company who saw the changes as they came found them too late - Rubaeus either ran them off... or ran them through, in a paranoid rage. Even now, his corruption of the witch hunter complete, the Red Seer is ever at Rubaeus' side, whispering in dark tongues, as he embarks on his new quest.


Ourun Fatestealer

The only warrior on the team not from Inquisitor Prospo Rubaeus' original company. A kurgan from the eastern steppes, he has the intimidating build of his race amplified by the gifts of Tzeentch. Ourun has an unsettling thirst for knowledge - not that the kurgan are an unintelligent people, but Ourun desires all facets of knowledge, particularly concerning the lives he has taken. His obsession leads him to uncover the history of his victims, from their conception, to childhood, and their end at his hands. After learning everything he can of his latest victim, an assortment of potions and herbs grants him a vision of the potential futures he has cut short. The experience is exhilarating, and his ritual has earned him his title of Fatestealer.


Freiherr Otto Nussenbaum

A mountainous man even before his turn to Chaos - the wayward son of a Baron of Ostland, whose brutality saw him pressed into Prospo Rubaeus' service in the hopes it would temper his humor. Instead, it merely sharpened his cruelty, and as the witch hunter sank into darkness Nussenbaum trod closely behind each step. Before Rubaeus' band finally cut ties with their homeland and fled to the wastes, the heir returned to his home to murder his father and claim his title, leaving his estate a burning ruin, and his family line cut. Every attempt to instate a new Baron in his lands has ended with grisly and unexplainable accident - though Otto has never been sighted returning to his homeland. He becomes unnervingly jovial when the subject of his would-be successors is broached, and pointedly refers to himself in the third person and in full title afterwards.

The Tzaangors

Bestial devotees of the Changer of Ways, riddled with mutations as granted by their god and the experiments of the Seeking Eyes.

Vheizca Thirdeye

The Thirdeyes are the Tzaangor clan with the most influence living around the Spire next to the Flareplumes. Not to be left behind by the Flareplumes in what they saw as a bid for securing more power from the Seekers, they sent their heir, Vheizca, to play for the Inquest once a position opened. In an unfortunate turn of fate for the Flareplumes they lost their second-in-line, Hazzain, and when their grandsire Hazrax petitioned for a withdrawal from Inquest recruiting, Vheizca knew his clan's time had come.


Ix'yinn the Hermit

Having no affiliation with any of the Tzaangor tribes, Ix'yinn has a shamanistic knack and will often roll bones or consult the entrails of lizards for his fellow beastmen. He was not sent to the Inquest by the Seeking Eyes, but instead had followed them of his own volition and approached the Inquisitor directly to offer his service as a player. Inquisitor Rubaeus was inclined to refuse as the hermit had some measure of disrepute among the Tzaangors and was rumored to pay homage to deities aside from Tzeentch, but the Red Seer came to his side and again poured sibilant whispers into Prospo's ear. The two mystics now are often seen accompanying each other, as Ix'yinn aids the Seer in his various rituals performed before each match.

Yzha'uz Twotongue

The smallest whelp of the Twotongue family, she followed her eldest brother and the Inquest to distant lands to broaden her horizons. After Shuz'rah's death, she took up his spot on the team, despite receiving missives from her father to return to the wastelands and her home. Ix'yinn has become an object of curiosity for her, and when the old Tzaangor isn't aiding the Red Seer in his rituals, she will often lurk nearby and observe the hermit as he performs his hedge magic.


Twisted Hzaagh

With the unlikely success of Ix'yinn and Yzha'uz, the Inquest had begun to attract more of the cast-offs of the Spire Tzaangors. Hzaagh, unlike most of his kind, more closely resembles the typical beastman - very few avian features, though feathers appear in odd patches on his hide, and thus was ostracized and stripped of his clan name at birth. Only Ix'yinn acknowledged the youth, seeing his features as a gift of Tzeentch, who typically abhors uniformity. He soon followed the elderly Tzaangor to join the Inquest, as the more influential clans began to shy away from the mortality rate of the team.


The "Changeling"

Stitched together from the still living bodies of several monstrous players, ensorcelled with shape-changing magicks, and finally having a powerful Tzeentch daemon bound within, this player represents the combined knowledge of the Order of the Seeking Eyes. Often mistaken for Tzeentch's most favored servant, the true Changeling, this creature's own shapeshifting prowess is far less formidable.

The Transience

The second manifestation.


The Familiars

Formless stuff of Chaos, drawn into the physical realm and pressed into twisted, pathetic shapes and gifted with rudimentary intelligence and knowledge of the sport. Their lives are short, either crushed and dispelled into their base components during the match, or cast screeching back into the roiling currents from which they came once their purpose is filled. Even so, Tzeentch sometimes smiles upon these pitiable existences, and the deeds of any notable Familiars will be recorded here.

Pathetic Worm

If there's anything the Familiars can be counted on, it's playing dirty. Worm is the first on the team to kill a player by foul.

to death.


This grotesque paragon of his kind was the last to get a hit in on an unfortunate Celestial Dragon Monk, and was the first Familiar to claim the life of an opposing player through a block.

The Warriors

Diedrich Harrison - DECEASED

Once a master marksman and padfoot, Diedrich Harrison was perhaps the most tragic remnant of Prospo's warband. Hopelessly faithful to the man who had raised him up from the gutters of Nuln, he had been rewarded with mutation and madness. The sorcerors of the Seeking Eye saw little value in him as he was, choosing to use him for experimentation, yet Rubaeus made certain to intervene and prevent him from being rendered into a completely inhuman monstrosity. Thus, Diedrich retained some glimmers of intelligence - however after growing a second head, one head only responded to the name Diedrich, while the other responded to Harrison, and both often conversed with each other openly as separate individuals. In their second match against the chaos dwarf team the Volcano Surfers, he was killed.

The Tzaangors

Yaux'urr Flareplume - DECEASED

The Tzaangors under the service of the Radiant Spire follow a more rigid power structure than most beastmen (likely encouraged by the sorcerers of the Seeking Eyes so as to better control them), and at present the Flareplumes are effectively the head family of their assembled clans. Yaux'urr is the middle spawn of their chieftain, and looks to claim enough glory in the arena of Blood Bowl to supplant his older siblings for chieftainship. Over time he developed into the Inquest's primary quarterback, but in their first grudge match against the Horned Eagles, Yaux'urr was torn in two by Helvetius "War" as he attempted to bring victory to the Inquest late in the second half.

Hazzain Flareplume - DECEASED

The Tzaangors under the service of the Radiant Spire follow a more rigid power structure than most beastmen (likely encouraged by the sorcerers of the Seeking Eyes so as to better control them), and at present the Flareplumes are effectively the head family of their assembled clans. The late Yaux'urr had earned glory for his family on the pitch, and the head of the Flareplume clan afterwards declared that his dead son would be honored as a paragon of the family for as long as it exists. Hazzain, second eldest brother to Yaux'urr, holds no small amount of jealousy over his brother gaining the favor of his father. He soon came to the Inquest to fill Yaux'urr's absence, and sought to erase the image of his late brother from his patriarch's memory. Alas, another tragic fate awaited the Flareplumes, and Hazzain was brought down by the treacherous skaven of the Volkn Firetails. The patriarch of the Flareplumes has since pleaded with the Seekers to allow him to forbid any more of his heirs from joining the Inquest.


Shuz'rah Twotongue - DECEASED

The Twotongue Tzaangors serve as envoys for the Seeking Eyes, ensuring that other beastmen tribes unaffiliated with the Spire do not interfere with its interests. Shuz'rah is the eldest of the head of the Twotongues, and looks to increase his worldly knowledge by traveling with the Inquest before returning to his family to serve as the Radiant Spire's chief ambassador. Shuz'rah saw very little of the world before being removed from it by the Khorne Forsaken Darruk Wildscar of Harmony in Chaos, who himself was killed shortly after.


R'auh Longsight - DECEASED

Formerly head scout for the Radiant Spire, his athletic abilities were augmented by the mutations granted by the efforts of the Seeking Eyes sorcerors. Dutiful and devoted to the Changer of Ways, he often organized practices among the Tzaangors. While he lacked acquired knowledge, he possessed an intuitive understanding of the sport and its strategy, and Inquisitor Rubaeus had acknowledged him as a vice-captain of sorts. He served as a spearhead for the Inquest's offense for dozens of games, but met his end at the hand of the Inquest's deadliest rivals, the Horned Eagles.


An elder from the clan responsible for stoking the various flame pits and braziers dotting the lands surrounding the Spire, which serve as beacons guiding those blessed with Tzeentch's vision to the tower, while confounding enemies seeking to destroy the Seekers or steal their knowledge by leading them astray or into dangers lurking the Wastes. His time with the team was short, which was an inevitability as his faith was weak enough to sway him to the side of the forgotten one and the ranks of the Monochromatic Midnight. Ironically, the process left the tzaangor a shrieking horror with barely any resemblance to his former self, a mindless thrall of Malal.


The "Changeling"

The Impermanence - DECEASED

The first manifestation of the Spire's experiments. It proved to be a valuable asset to the team, and was astonishingly effective at destroying opposing players. Unfortunately, Khorne's favored, the Horned Eagles, proved equally adept at murder, slaughtering the Impermanence in Spring of year 4.

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1Inquisitor Prospo RubaeusTzeentch Warrior5439Extra Arms, Hypnotic Gaze, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle 441404651120k (120+80k) 
2The Red SeerTzeentch Warrior4439Extra Arms, Hypnotic Gaze, Block, Dodge, Stand Firm-ma441207336120k (120+70k) 
3Ourun FatestealerTzeentch Warrior5439Extra Arms, Hypnotic Gaze, Block, Guard 121102218120k (120+40k) 
4Herr Kristups DidszullisTzeentch Warrior5439Extra Arms, Hypnotic Gaze, Block 2010018120k (120+20k) 
5 Yzha'uz TwotongueTzaangor6348Big Hand, Extra Arms, Horns, +AG, Pass, Block, Two Heads 312840046080k (80+100k) 
6Twisted HzaaghTzaangor6338Big Hand, Extra Arms, Horns, Wrestle, Tackle 8110221880k (80+40k) 
7 Vheizca ThirdeyeTzaangor6338Big Hand, Extra Arms, Horns, Block, Mighty Blow, Claw 19420834180k (80+60k) 
9HideousFamiliar6136Dodge, Foul Appearance, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy 3000000030k (30+0k) 
10DowntroddenFamiliar6136Dodge, Foul Appearance, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy 2000010230k (30+0k) 
11Forgotten WretchFamiliar5136Dodge, Foul Appearance, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy-ma3000000030k (30+0k) 
12 Ix'yinn the HermitTzaangor7337Big Hand, Extra Arms, Horns, Block, Two Heads, +MA, Tackle-av404110246180k (80+90k) 
13UnsightlyFamiliar6135Dodge, Foul Appearance, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy-av4400100230k (30+0k) 
14MisbegottenFamiliar6136Dodge, Foul Appearance, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy 1300020430k (30+0k) 
15Pathetic WormFamiliar6136Dodge, Foul Appearance, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy 2800010230k (30+0k) 
16The TransienceThe Changeling5529Frenzy, Pro, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Block, Claw, Guard 1800010545130k (130+70k) 
15 players  
Coach: King_Mad Re-Rolls (140k): 3  
Race: Tzeentch (BIBBL) Fan Factor: 7  
Team Value: 2010k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 300000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 2010k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:47 (15/7/25) |TD Diff:-17 (47 - 64) |Cas Diff:-25 (60/27/18 - 88/32/10)
Last Opponent: Illios Praetorians