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Group managers: deyempe, Russo, Zoltaen
BB40k is a WIP As such it is subject to change without notice. But you CAN still enjoy playing it! Even get involved in the creation of it ^^

If you have any feedback about group page, forum, league ect, please feel freee to PM me or post in the forum :)

Prefix teams with [BB40k]

Make as many teams as you like, play as many games as you like. Though its advised to use differant teams from time-to-time and play differant people often if you can manage it.

No Stars what so ever. (Custom ones will be created at some stage)

For now there are no rules regarding inducments except the Star Player one.


0-16Cultist7337Thrall, Stab, Weeping DaggerG|AMPS40k
0-12Chaos Space Marine6439Disturbing Presence, Horns, Regeneration, ThrallG|AMPS60k
0-2Raptor7439Chainsaw, Disturbing Presence, Leap, Regeneration, Thrall, Very Long LegsGS|AP80k
0-1Aspiring Champion6439Disturbing Presence, Horns, RegenerationGS|AMP120k
0-2Furies6338Claw, Disturbing Presence, Leap, Thrall, Very Long LegsAS|GP90k
0-1Helbrute35110Blood Lust, Bombardier, Disturbing Presence, Frenzy, Horns, Regeneration, Wild AnimalMS|AGP150k

0-16Guardian7347Sprint, StabAG|SP60k
0-2Striking Scorpion7348Chainsaw, ShadowingAS|GP90k
0-2Howling Banshee7348Juggernought, StabAS|GP100k
0-2Warp Spider7348Claw, Leap, Stab, Very Long LegsAS|GP120k
0-1Warlock7348Hypnotic Gaze, StabAGS|P80k
0-1Wraithlord55210Claw, Mighty Blow, StabS|AGP160k

0-16Gretchin6136Dodge, Stab, StuntyA|GPS10k
0-16Slugga Boy5339StabG|ASP50k
0-2Storm Boy6339Chainsaw, Leap, Very Long LegsGS|AP90k
0-1Mad Dok6338Claw, Bombardier, StabG|ASP80k
0-1Killa Kan45110Bombardier, ClawS|AGP150k

0-16Guardsman6337Nerves of Steel, StabG|APS20k
0-2Sergeant6337Guard, Nerves of Steel, StabG|APS50k
0-2Priest6336Chainsaw, Nerves Of SteelG|APS70k
0-2Psyker6336Dauntless, Frenzy, Nerves Of SteelG|APS80k
0-1Techpriest6338Extra Arms, Stab, Strong ArmG|APS80k
0-1Leman Russ45110Bombardier, Hail Mary Pass, No HandsS|GAP140k

0-4Scarab6128Dodge, Stunty, Sure HandsA|GPS30k
0-2Immortal4329Accurate, Bombardier, RegenerationG|APS100k
0-2Flayed One4429Claw, Foul Appearance, Regeneration, StabG|APS100k
0-1Wraith6539Claw, Prehensile Tail, Regeneration, StabAS|GP150k
0-1Necron Lord6439Disturbing Presence, Leader, Regeneration, StabGS|AP160k

0-4Scout7338Dodge, StabAG|SP50k
0-2Assault7439Chainsaw, Leap, Regenerate, Very Long LegsGS|AP90k
0-1Sergeant6439Big Hand, Claw, RegenerateGS|AP110k
0-2Terminator4429Regenerate, Thick SkullS|AGP140k
0-1Dreadnought35110Bombardier, Claw, RegenerateS|AGP170k

0-12Kroot Carnivore7327StabG|APS70k
0-16Fire Warrior6338 BombardierGP|AS50k
0-2Vespid Stingwing7438Leap, Stab, Two Heads, Very Long LegsGS|AP90k
0-2Stealth Battlesuit6338Bombardier, Leap, Shadowing, Very Long LegsAP|GS110k
0-1Commander6338Bombardier, Hypnotic Gaze, Leap, Very Long LegsAGP|S120k
0-1XV88 Broadside Battlesuit4519Bombardier, Hail Mary Pass, No HandsPS|AG140k

0-16Hormagaunt7237Dodge, Leap, No Hands, Nurgle's Rot, Stab, Stunty, Very Long LegsA|GPS20k
0-16Genestealers 6448Claw, Nurgles Rot, StabGM|APS90k

0-1Zoanthrope3439Bombardier, Decay, Hypnotic Gaze, Leader, No Hands, Nurgle's RotAM|GPS100k
0-1Biovore3419Bombardier, Hail Mary Pass, No Hands, Nurgle's RotS|AGMP100k

0-1Brood Lord6439Claw, Leader, Nurgle's Rot, StabGS|AMP100k
0-1Hive Tyrant4519Bombardier, Claw, Leader, Nurgle's Rot, StabS|AGP160k

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