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Group managers: jordinoboy, DrPoods, tussock
Welcome to Draft CRP

Draft CRP, the brainchild of the first Commish, is a league based on CRP and CRP Ultra.

Running on a scheduled league format with a pre-season draft, Draft CRP is the place where you can put your theorybowling to the test. You know what the ideal roster is, the real question is...

Can you prove it?
Season 2 Schedule
7 day rounds
Round 1: TBD
Round 2: TBD
Round 3: TBD
Round 4: TBD
Round 5: TBD
Playoffs: TBD
Draft CRP is a league setup under the auspices of the renegade CRP Committee. Rules are kept as close to CRP as possible with an entertaining draft process.

If interested in joining us, then PM either;
The Commish
The Dogsbody
League Format
Teams6+ per division
Schedule7 days/round
FormatRound Robin - Entries dependent
PlayoffsCross-Division knockouts
The Draft CRP rules and season chatter thread can be found here. This is the place for all discussion relating to Draft CRP. Rules on the rules tab here take precidence, if you notice a conflict, please report to admins so we can fix that up right quick.
Draft Bowl
The Draft Bowl is the culmination of a long and hard fought season.

Wex won the very first, with a team called the Lazy Lustrians, with Orc Linemen, Slann Blitzer, EU Catcher, Saurus, Beast of Nurgle, and Beastmen.

Detailed League Rules
Roster BuildingThe following rules must be followed in your roster construction.
Pick 6 different positions from CRP teams, considering the roster requirements below.
Lineman1: One 0-16 or 0-12 position is required on all rosters, this becomes the team's Primary Lineman, and for special teams (below) sets some additional rules for the team.

Blitzer2: One 0-4 or 0-2 position, ST 3 player of; any Blitzer, Troll Slayer, Pestigor, Wight, Berserker, or Wardancer.

Baller3: One 0-4 or 0-2 position, of; any Catcher, any Thrower, any Runner, Witch Elf, Ghoul, or Werewolf.

Others4-6: Any 0-6, 0-4, 0-2, or 0-1 position, except ST 5+ players (Big Guys) who are always Loner and always 0-1 outside special teams (Goblin Troll, Halfling Treeman, Khemri Tomb Guardian, Ogre Ogre, and Undead Mummy in particular). All picks must normally be different and do not stack.

RostersRostered player limits. These are players purchased to the active team, including drafts, followed at all times.

Up to 3 special players with one or more base skills including; Claw, Hypnotic Gaze, Loner, Regeneration, Secret Weapon (including Ball & Chain, Bombadier, or Chainsaw), or Stab. Special teams may ignore this in part.

1 Player at least of each type you picked should be hired to the roster if possible, up to the normal position limit.

1 Loner space for a Loner if you have any.
2 Blitzer spaces for your Blitzer pick.
7 Open spaces for any player, including more Loners or Blitzers. This is for your 80k or higher price players.

Unlimited Cheap spaces, Linemen and other players up to 70k price may fill the team and replace all but 1 of each other player type as you like.

Special TeamsUndead! (Skeleton or Zombie primary lineman). No Apothecary! Gain Zombies (or Skeletons, boo) via Necromancer. No limit on Regeneration players. All Big Guys lose Loner (except Secret Weapon). May take 0-2 Mummy or 0-2 Tomb Guardian as one pick, or 0-4 Tomb Guardian as two picks, up to any 4 in combination.

Stunty! (Halfling, Skink, Runt, or Underworld Goblin primary lineman). All Big Guys lose Loner (except Secret Weapon). May take 0-2 Troll, 0-2 Treeman, or 0-2 Ogre as one pick, or 0-4 of any as two picks, or 0-6 of any as three picks, up to any 6 in combination. Halflings only may induce the Master Chef for 100k.

Cheater! (Goblin primary lineman). No limit on Secret Weapon in team. Secret Weapon Big Guys only lose Loner. May take 0-2 Troll, 0-2 Treeman, or 0-2 Ogre as one pick. May take any two 0-1 Goblin team positions as one pick. Goblins may induce Bribes for 50k.

Thrall! (Thrall or Hobgoblin primary lineman). No limit on Regeneration or Hypnotic Gaze. Note: Vampires may feed on any lineman (except Regeneration, Stunty, or Decay) in any team, this team just allows all six of them to turn up and do so, as well as other combined Regeneration/Apothecary concepts.

Rotter! (Rotter primary lineman). No Apothecary! No limit on Regeneration players. Gain Rotters via Nurgle's Rot. All players of 80k or more value gain Nurgle's Rot. Note: Nurgle's Rot does nothing outside this team and will be removed from positions that normally have it.

Starting GoldTeams begin with 1,250,000 gold for 11 or more players. We strongly recommend 14 maximum for starting teams to leave room for the draft.
The DraftTeams get 2 further picks from the draft, rules here currently facing revision.
Skill ProgressionSkills will progress at a slightly accelerated rate, with skills happening at 5, 15, 30, 50, 75, 105. Yes, that's only 1SPP faster on all levels except Legend.
Argumentative?Argue the Call is enabled - Have at it.
Right StuffRight Stuff negates Tackle on blocks
Piling OnPiling On exists, deal with it. Piling On does not cost a team RR to use, Deal with it.
WizardsWizards exist, and will be allowed for inducement
Tie BreakersIf two or more teams end on the same points total at the end of a season, the tie is settled accordingly.
1. Head to Head results
2. TD diff average
3. TD for average
4. Cas diff average
5. Cas for average
6. Coin Toss

Season 1 Grand Champions
Lazy Lustrians choached by Wex
Beastman, Slann Blitzer, EU Catcher
Beast of Nurgle, Saurus, Orc Lineman
Pennywise Jambelly
Foulscum the Hideous

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