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Schattenwald Drinking Horns
P [L] Centigor (CIBBL)

Alcohol and Blood Bowl have a nearly inseparable relationship, for both fans and the players themselves. Bloodweiser, Bugman's, and many other brewing companies have invested much into the sport, in sponsorships, advertising, and even organizing their own NAF-recognized competitions. Dwarf teams invariably take to the field in one state of inebriation or another. Centigor teams are likely the truest representation of that marriage: a mob of uncoordinated, swill-chugging brutes that take to the field completely wet-brained and nearly trample their own teammates into to the dirt in the process.

Many Centigor teams simply arise from herds having no better activity to indulge in while plastered than amateur matches of Blood Bowl. After playing the game for long enough, one drunkard or another will invariably suggest that they gather the best of them and try and form an official team. Most of the time, these efforts are in vain, as the Centigors become frustrated with their poor performance or become bored with the novelty of it and return to their forests. On occasions, though, a team will stick it out and continue to compete for an entire season or more.

The Schattenwald Drinking Horns come from just such a background, riding out from the Forest of Shadows to compete in that unique Centigor fashion.

Team Colors: Orange and Steel Blue.

The Schattenwald Drinking Herd has a history nearly as storied as the resurgence of Blood Bowl. Holding no less than 6 different competitive drinking tournaments a year, these events would often be punctuated by other sorts of competitions such as rock pulling, headbutting, arm wrestling, and of course that most favored of pastimes, Blood Bowl. It was not very long before the Drinking Herd decided to form an official team to represent their laudable society. Thus, while the Schattenwald Drinking Horns are a newer team, their players are veterans in the sport. This matters little, however, when the core members get themselves soaking drunk before every match and forget most of the rules, leaving the lowly Ungors to concern themselves with trivial details like "getting the ball", until it finds itself in a Centigor's arms by happenstance: at which point that beastman will charge recklessly down the field (possibly in the wrong direction) at breakneck speed.

Friendly Match 1: The Schattenwald Drinking Horns debuted with a match against the vampires of the Drakenhof Dance Macabre. A poor showing from the Count and Countess in the Centigors' offense allowed for a clumsy score. The following half saw the fans storm the field to work off their frustration over the previous drive and left the Drinking Horns in a bad position defensively. However in the chaos, Countess Roseline found herself separated from the Count and her thralls, and was swiftly set upon by a mob of Ungors. Fearing for her safety, the Count evened the score quickly, giving the Drinking Horns another offense. However the team's coordination wasn't up to snuff, and they couldn't move the ball quickly enough before the game ended in a 1 - 1 tie.

Friendly Match 2: The Squig-herding Crookback Pit Evil Moons came next, their frenzied mounts ready to rend apart Centigor and Ungor alike. While both teams suffered from a lack of team play in the first half, the Evil Moons Squigs were especially temperamental that day, leaving very few Goblins without a few bite marks. The Drinking Horns once again scored in the first half with no time to spare, but did a poor job on the defense the following drive. Desperate attempts to chase down Fungus Designer Vryq before he reached the end zone were for naught, but they still had another drive to score and win. Unfortunately the Ungor carrier slipped just scant yards away from the goal, and then a disastrous attempt to clear the ball with a blitz put an end to the match with another 1 - 1 tie.

Friendly Match 3: Perhaps looking to gain some experience for the upcoming regional matches in the spring, the Schattenwald Drinking Horns took to the field against the Half-Elf Zutzendorf Stallions. The tone for the match was set quickly, a series of fouls and response fouls on both sides left several players in the dugout in the opening minutes. However the balance swiftly tipped in favor of the Stallions as they began sending the Centigors off on stretchers, leaving the lowly Ungors to fend for themselves. The Stallions kept the pressure on and made a safe score by the end of the half. While the Drinking Horns made a few attempts to break through on their offense, it was difficult to overcome the sheer numbers advantage, and before long the Zutzendorf Stallions had stolen the ball and managed to bring it back to the end zone with a solid pass play. Team Captain Fulmayne Thrice-Crowned suffered a nearly mortal wound from the heel of a Half-Elf's boot, but the team apothecary brought him back from the brink. The match ends with a 0 - 2 loss for the Drinking Horns.

Spring Round 1: Regional play for their first spring saw the Drinking Horns playing against fellow newcomer Halflings the Hillshire Culinary College. The halflings of course came well prepared - their hired chef had arranged for an assortment of alcoholic drinks before the match to make certain the Centigors were even more sodding drunk than usual. The first drive ended in an early score, as a halfling soared dangerously close to the crowd before running into the end zone. Another kickoff and a fumbled ball later left the Centigors down going into the second half. Looking to even the score quickly and steal the ball away in the next drive, the Centigors plowed past the Halfling line and outside the reach of the towering Treemen - however they were not outside the reach of the apprentice wizard the opposing team had also hired, and a brilliant fireball left the ball exposed. What followed was a half-long quagmire of beastmen and halflings, constantly jostling for control over the loose ball, before the ball tumbled outside of the field and was thrown clear of the tangled bodies. An Ungor got free and claimed the ball with a handful of his fellows to screen off pursuit, leaving just enough time to reach the end zone and tie the game. The match ends with a 1 - 1 tie once again.

Spring Round 2: Following the match against the Halflings, Grasparossa B.B.C., a Tilean-sponsored human team, squared off against the Drinking Horns. The Centigors had the starting drive, and Stoneflagon Ruheigh enthusiastically chased down the ball and then proceeded to chase it in a circle, drunkenly pawing at it with little success. Even when a nearby Ungor had the thought to intercede and bring the ball away from the humans who had meanwhile been pushing closer to the ball, possession eluded the Drinking Horns. Eventually the ball was forgotten, and the first half was reduced to an all-out brawl surrounding it. Some targeted blitzes and a foul rewarded the Centigors with some casualties, however Grasparossa had provided enough funding for the humans to be able to afford a bench, and the next half saw a still fully manned offense from the humans. The newly recruited Minotaur and Fulmayne working together made a strong wall against the offense, but the rest of the Drinking Horns faltered enough for Grasparossa to punch through elsewhere in the defense. While the Centigors managed to bring down the carrier, the ball was in an easily recoverable position and the humans were quick to score. With only a few minutes left on the clock, the Schattenwald Drinking Horns made a desperate attempt at a score, but many Ungors had been sent off the field by that point and they lacked the numbers to properly protect the carrier, leaving the game at 0 - 1 in favor of the the Grasparossa B.B.C.

Spring Round 3: A match greatly anticipated by the fans for the brutality it promised, the beastmen of the Blood-ground Blackhorns finally faced the Schattenwald Drinking Horns. Nirghux Stormpaw had publicly declared rivalry with Fulmayne Thrice-crowned, and the tension between the two captains was palpable. The Drinking Horns once again took the first drive, but as before Stoneflagon Ruheigh made the poor choice to try and retrieve the ball. Several of his teammates drunkenly guffawed at his antics, oblivious to the opposing team rushing past them to steal the loose ball for a quick score. On their second attempt at a drive, the coach made certain Ruheigh understood to leave the ball to the Ungors this time, yet even the nimbler beastmen couldn't manage to pick it up, and again the Blackhorns stole the ball. This time, Ruheigh was on point to stop a second score before the first half ended, keeping the tally 0 - 1. Meanwhile, Nirghux and Fulmayne had been trading brutal punches and tackles at the scrimmage line, neither giving an inch until Fulmayne caught the Bestigor on the muzzle with a powerful headbutt, cracking his jaw and leaving Nirghux out of the game. Fulmayne took a moment to savor the small victory, before bellowing angrily upon realizing it didn't actually win the game for him. Despite the blow to their morale by Fulmayne, the Blood-ground Blackhorns made a point of targeting Brewmaster Huhroarr at the start of their drive. It amounted to little more than leaving their carrier open to a blitz, and thus began a painful, prolonged squabble over the ball for the rest of the half. On two moments it seemed as though the Drinking Horns would recover the ball and escape to the end zone, but Huhroarr and Breyyar each found themselves crashing to the ground attempting to bring down an Ungor carrier, leaving the game at 0 - 1 for the Blood-ground Blackhorns. Among the bloody casualties inflicted, two of the Blackhorns met their end at the hands of Fulmayne and Huhroarr.

Spring Round 4: Despite the loss to the Blood-ground Blackhorns, Fulmayne declared the team would celebrate his victory over Nirghux Stormpaw. The Centigors drank heavily deep into the night, and the following day, and the rest of the week. When they were roused by the Ungors, who pleaded them to get ready for the final match of the regionals against the Reik River Kicking Mules, each and every one of them were either horrendously hung-over or still soaking drunk. And so, a familiar scene played out - Stoneflagon uselessly stumbling around the ball, the other Centigors drooling on themselves or toppling over. Fulmayne himself was the worst of the lot, having brought a barrel of ale onto the field and spending most of his time standing in place taking long, hearty swallows from it. The nimble half-elves had little difficulty dancing around the burly Centigors and throwing the frail Ungors to the ground, quickly stealing the ball and scoring in the opening minutes of the game. This easily set the tone for the rest of the game, with one or two Centigors rousing themselves out of their stupor long enough to remember there was a game on and make an attempt to stop another score, and even one Ungor escaping with the ball and bringing it in for a touchdown to even the score, but the final minutes saw the score at 1 - 2. Ruheigh, who had finally picked up the ball at some point was was looking to barrel down the field to tie the game again, only to find himself stymied by a perfectly organized defensive formation. The clock ran down as the Centigors sullenly threw a few punches at whatever Half-elves remained within their reach to little effect. The victory went to the Reik River Kicking Mules, and the Schattenwald Drinking Horns would be looking at ending their first regional with a miserable 0/1/3 record.

Summer Round 1: The Centigors weakness for good ale was well-known by now, and so the scheming ratfolk and craven goblins of the Greyback Outkasts had sponsored an assortment of warpstone-tinged absinthes and psychedelic fungus beers for the Schattenwald Drinking Horns bench. A wild kick from an already deliriously drunk Rhuheigh managed to land the ball in the hands of the Outkast's troll, Gumn. A series of vicious blocks and fouls meant the Drinking Horns had to mount a defense against this unusual carrier while missing 3 players, and a couple of the Centigors decided their time would be better spent emptying a few more flagons of fungus beer. The Underworld offense pushed steadily forward, as the Drinking Horns attempted to slow the Troll's already ponderous advance, and eventually an opening was left for Yronleg to mount a full speed charge into the brute, knocking it over and freeing the ball. A mad scramble over the ball ensued, but with the Outkasts in disarray, the Centigors were able to lay into the scrawny rats and goblins and sent several of them into the dugout unconscious or worse. Despite bringing the game to even numbers, the Drinking Horns failed to steal the ball in time for a score before the first half ended. A number of the Drinking Horns missing players woke in time for their drive, while the Greyback Outkasts stayed out of play, giving the Centigors a significant advantage in their drive. They chose to take their time scoring, savoring more of the free drinks the Outkasts brought them and throwing drunken blows wildly about, before ending the game 1 - 0 in favor of the Schattenwald Drinking Horns.

Summer Round 2: The Khornate Daemons known by the name of "Unfettered Fury" came howling onto the field, their blood-crazed cultist followers at their backs and the Bloodthirster Tusk Anon leading them. While most of the Schattenwald Drinking Horns were sauced as usual, even in a drunken stupor their recognized the danger in the razor-sharp claws of the Bloodletters and Tusk Anon, and taking to the defense, did well to stay clear of them. Several Ungors were swiftly sent off the field, and a mercenary beastman was spotted by the ref trying to kick several of a Bloodletter's teeth loose to keep for trophies. However, just as the Centigors managed to free the ball, a Bloodletter bore down on Yeigh-har Dawnherald, slicing almost completely through his thick neck, killing him instantly. The ball was loose for several moments, lost as the frenzied beastmen and daemons traded blows, but eventually found itself in the hands of a khornate cultist again, breaking loose towards the end zone. Tusk Anon laid into Fulmayne, stunning him, but as he moved to wreak more carnage amongst the other Centigors, Brewmaster Huhroarr surged to his feet. His eyes burning red with fury, he gored the massive daemon in the side with his horns, Tusk Anon bellowing with hatred and pain as his corporeal form destabilized and was pulled back into the immaterial realm. The members of Unfettered Fury were shocked, but not enough to forget the game at hand, moving to bring the ball out of reach of the Centigors. Stoneflagon Rhuheigh managed to break loose and come within reach of their carrier, but the cultist evaded his grasp to score at the end of the half. Despite Huhroarr's victory, the Centigors drank heavily during halftime, mourning the loss of Yeigh-har. When their offense began, many simply sank to the ground, bleating plaintively around gulps of beer. The Ungors desperately tried to dance around the advancing Khornate team, keeping the ball free while pleading the Centigors to come to their senses. Finally, the team rallied, freeing the Ungor Trikhuf from a mob of cultists, and finding a gap to bring the ball through. A narrow dodge evened the score with just a few minutes left on the clock, but suddenly the stands (which likely had more than its fair share of Khornate cultists watching the game) broke into a riot, forcing the clock to reset before the next drive could start, giving Unfettered Fury ample time to score back. Stoneflagon Rhuheigh salvaged the defense by catching a loose ball, but a last-ditch pass nearly brought it to nought. The fumbled throw left the game at 1 - 1.

Summer Round 3: The middle of their first summer season brought the Schattenwald Drinking Horns to face against a new regional rival: the Congregation of Holy Touchdown. The Drinking Horns Centigors were in fine form, staring half-lidded around the field and swilling beer during the opening moments of their offense. By now the Ungors had a grip on how to handle keeping the ball safe while the ale-addled Centigors left gaps in their screen, and kept a steady advance up the field. Despite their efforts, the ball carrier found himself hemmed in against the sidelines and pushed into the crowd, but the ball was thrown in still close to the Congregation's end zone. Once again, Stoneflagon Rhuheigh proved a clutch player, dodging free to clear the opposition from the ball and allowing for an Ungor to retrieve it and score in the last moments of the half. The start of the second half gave the sisters of the Congregation the advantage, with several Ungors crumpling under the heavy blows of the armored nuns. Looking to force their hand, the Centigors in response barged past the defensive line and pressured the ball carrier, still deep in their half, but the blind Augur nimbly slipped past them and the Drinking Horns found themselves alone on the wrong side of the field. A few more desperate attempts to put pressure on the ball failed, and the Congregation of Holy Touchdown evened the score by the end of the third quarter. The Drinking Horns had ample time to regain their lead, but faced a 3 man disadvantage. Fortunately, the Centigors had begun to come around and were able to push well into the Congregation's field. Trying to run down the clock and make sure of their victory backfired, however, and the touchdown would have been lost if not for a fortunate throw-in leaving the ball in range for recovery. The game ends 2 - 1 in favor of the Schattenwald Drinking Horns.

Summer Round 4: The Wood Elves of Modryn's Midnight Meddlers faced off against the Drinking Horns during a sleeting blizzard. With the Centigors receiving, they began a slow offense, taking as many opportunities to injure the opposition as possible and avoiding moving too quickly in treacherous snow. The Wood Elves played passively themselves, picking away at the weaker Ungors in an attempt to maintain even numbers. Just as the Centigors came within scoring range, the Wood Elves revealed their nefarious plot - a pie, thickly topped with cream, nailed Fulmayne square in the snout as he covered the ball carrier from any blitzing players. Distracted with clearing the delicious dessert from his face, he failed to notice Wardancer Morianna slip into the defensive cage, but several Ungors waited by the side of the ball carrier to prevent Morianna from getting a solid blow in. Stymied, the Wardancer flitted back to the safety of their teammates. Perhaps unnerved by the sudden aggression, or simply concerned that the thus-far lucid Centigors would suddenly break out the ale at a crucial moment, the Ungors decided to score early. A deep kick also signaled a blitz from the Drinking Horns, and Fulmayne barreled recklessly through the Wood Elves defensive line, looking to pressure the opposition. Unfortunately, the kick proved too deep, and the elves were allowed a touchback, bringing the ball very close to the scrimmage line and taking advantage of the weaker side of the Centigor defense. Here, the elves natural speed proved vital in the snowy weather, as the Centigors couldn't bring themselves up to a full charge without slipping on the unsteady footing, foiling their defensive attempts and giving the elves a clear path to even the score by the end of the half. The Meddler's offense had the elves staying in their own side of the field, probing for weakenesses in the Centigor defense, which were plentiful as the beastmen had gotten into their cups during halftime. Nevertheless, those that were alert began to wreak a toll on the Wood Elves, Rhuheigh killing one elf, Yronleg sending another to the apothecary's pit, and another being crushed to death under a mob of Ungors' relentless stomping hooves. The Meddler's offense was relentless, the Wood Elves slipping through the defenders and keeping their Wardancer safely beyond the reach of any blitzing Centigors, scoring near the end of the game. Outraged, the Drinking Horns fans (mostly comprised of members of the Drinking Herd) began rioting in the stands, and the clock was set back several minutes. The Centigors had the opportunity to tie the game, but the Ungors fumbled a handoff and let the match end at 2 - 1 in favor of Modryn's Midnight Meddlers.

Summer Round 5: The Schattenwald Drinking Horn's final game in the Bloodskull Chalice matched them against the dryads of the Cythral Old Oaks. A relatively fresh team, they were afforded a number of concessions to even the odds, including a one-game contract for M'Gorg'Gn'Throg, the late Morg'N'Thorg's nimbler cousin. The dryad's hardy constitution meant the Centigors might have difficulties with brute force tactics, but the Ungors knew it was pointless to try and explain that concept to the drunkards, and quickly began to form other plans. The first half started with the Drinking Horns offense which, contrary what the Ungors expected, began with a couple of the Old Oaks players being knocked senseless and sent to the bench. The slow Dryads and M'Gorg managed to get entangled in a brawl with Fulmayne and Breyyar, while the Centigor offense managed to get deep into the opponent's half. However the star Ogre managed to get the best of the Drinking Horns captain, and soon Fulmayne found himself being relentlessly pummeled on the ground by log-like feet and fists. The Ungors hesitantly watched the brutality from near the end zone for several minutes as the referee turned a blind eye, before bringing the ball in to score and save Fulmayne from any permanent harm. This left the Old Oaks time to even the score, but the mercenary stand-ins they'd brought for the game proved too clumsy to handle the ball, and M'Gorg'Gn'Throg in a vain display attempted to charge straight into a line of Centigors by himself, bouncing off Rhuheigh. As the Cythral Old Oaks began to plan their offense at halftime, the Ungors put their scheme into motion. Quietly hauling a large barrel of Centigor beer over to M'Gorg's exclusive seat in the Old Oaks pit, they showered the Ogre with praise for his performance in the first half, implying that Fulmayne was quivering across the field at the thought of finding himself under M'Gorg's spiked boot again. Pleased, M'Gorg drained the barrel, and a second that the Ungors swiftly rolled around the field, before the second half started. By that time the Ogre was quite plastered, and his head filled with foolish ideas to steal the show and earn more glory. In the meantime, the Centigors found themselves short on booze, and were none to happy about it, stamping and roaring in place as the dryads once again surrounded Fulmayne and started kicking him on the ground, this time swiftly sending him unconscious to the bench. But the missing alcohol had the desired effect - M'Gorg made one sloppy play after another, giving the Drinking Horns a chance at a solid defense. Eventually the birch dryad carrier made a desperate attempt to break past the Ungors, only to be body checked by Wytehide, who brought the ball into the end zone in the last minutes to give the Schattenwald Drinking Horns a solid win at 2 - 0.

The Minotaur

Centigors value physical strength and internal fortitude above all else, and so often Minotaurs find a place among their herds.

Brewmaster Huhroarr

Huhroarr has been with the Schattenwald Drinking Herd for quite some time, though Fulmayne had to bribe him with an enormous amount of alcohol to finally convince the Minotaur to join the Drinking Horns. While Huhroarr typically isn't allowed to compete in the herds drinking competitions, he is always given a lavish gift of assorted beverages from the rest of the herd on any festive occasion to keep him from going mad and rampaging among the contestants. Centigors, lacking any real knowledge of brewery of their own, attach a wholly different meaning to the title "Brewmaster".

The Centigors

The heart of the team, you can find records of both active and deceased members here.

Team Captain: Fulmayne Thrice-Crowned

Fulmayne Thrice-Crowned is responsible for the formation of the Schattenwald Drinking Horns as an officially CIBBL recognized team. Known even among Centigors as a formidable drinker, he is (as far as any of the beastmen can recall), the only individual to consecutively take the champion's crown in no less than three of their six annual drinking competitions. The respect afforded to him by the herd was no doubt the driving force behind the creation of the Drinking Horns, and was also responsible for his election to team captain.

Breyyar Scoredrinker

Considered to be second only to Fulmayne for alcohol tolerance, the two have a bit of a rivalry both on and off the field. The rest of the herd consider him a bit of a toothless lion, as Breyyar's numerous attempts to disrupt Fulmayne's hold over the team and supplant him have invariably been met with silence or admonishment from his fellows. During a match Breyyar seems to channel his anger over his standing in the herd, though it may simply be that he is an extraordinarily angry drunk.


Stoneflagon Ruheigh

Ruheigh could be considered a lightweight by Centigor standards, but still a hopeless alcoholic by any other. Ruheigh is likely the truest Blood Bowl fan amongst the Centigors, and was often the first to propose a match in the middle of the herd's drunken festivals before the Drinking Horns were formed. He also is typically responsible for rounding up the team on the rare occasions they actually bother to make an attempt at an organized practice. Several of the players likely wouldn't even know to handle the ball if it weren't for Ruheigh. Nonetheless, his enthusiasm does little to set him apart from the other Centigors during matches: he bumbles about and outright ignores the ball as much as the rest of them, likely due to drinking more than he's used to in the excitement leading up to the game and forgetting what he's about.

Lowbray the Wild

Something of an outsider in the Drinking Herd, Lowbray spends most of his time in seclusion in the Black Forest. Rarely joining in the drinking competitions, he would sometimes be found observing the amateur Blood Bowl matches before the formation of the team. Eventually he approached Fulmayne about the possibility of joining the Drinking Horns, and was hired on after Yronleg's demise. Being a recluse, he is often the subject of idle rumor, the most salacious of which revolves around the fact that he is rarely seen drinking from the stolen stocks of alcohol pooled together by the rest of the herd, yet is just as frequently wet-brained as the rest of them. Whispers of a hidden store of booze deep in the forest guarded jealously by Lowbray abound, or even wilder, that Lowbray has been taught some of the secrets of brewery by consulting daemons he has summoned (despite there being no historical instances of a Centigor shaman or mystic).


R'hoghn Hollowhorn

The team's first summer season saw the Drinking Horns enjoying a moderate amount of success, and gold pouring into the team coffers meant more Centigors from the herd invariably began poking around hoping to find themselves with an easy job drinking alcohol and throwing punches. R'hoghn, being one such opportunist, was scouted by Stoneflagon Ruheigh for his exceptional craftiness. R'hoghn is never without some secret store of ale or beer on his person, most notably in a false horn which replaced a natural one lost in some forgotten brawl years ago. While Ruheigh seems to have some sort of expectations for the Hollowhorn, R'hoghn himself is simply looking for an effortless life.


Gild-Eye Ghorush

Gild-Eye had already been signed on with the Drinking Horns for most of the year as the team's treasurer, having the uncharacteristic restraint to be able to save money beyond what it would take to purchase the cheapest barrel of ale a Centigor could find. As the roster neared the point where it couldn't afford to keep any more players on salary, Ghorush took his final coin-pinching measure - signing himself as a regular player at a diminished salary. The Centigors all applauded his selflessness, and none thought to scrutinize his rewritten contract, which called for his regular salary as treasurer in addition to the reduced one.


Yeigh-har Dawnherald - DECEASED

With the dawn, comes the sound of Yeigh-har's torment. Without question Yeigh-har Dawnherald suffers the worst of the previous night's revenge, which is no doubt how he came by his surname. Apparently unaware of the joke he is the butt of, Yeigh-har takes pride in the noble sounding title, considering himself to be in higher standing among the herd. Late to be recruited to the Drinking Horns due to his unpopularity, he was brought on to cover for Yronleg after an injury left him out for a match - none of the Centigors could manage to tell him to shove off afterwards, so he stayed on. Sadly, in his third game against rookie Daemons of Khorne team Unfettered Fury, a savage swipe from a mercenary Bloodthirster left his head just barely attached to his body.


Yronleg Barrelbeast - DECEASED

Yronleg the Barrelbeast, so named for his role in moving about the numerous barrels of alcohol during any sort of festive event for the Centigors, is the fourth founding member of the Schattenwald Drinking Horns. Generally well-liked amongst his herd due to having given everyone he knows a drink on multiple occasions, the other Centigors don't consider a gathering to be truly underway until Yronleg has arrived, even if the alcohol is already in great supply. Yronleg was for some time a key player in the Drinking Horns, inflicting a healthy number of casualties (unfortunately, all but one were lethal) through his career. However in his second match against the Congregation of the Holy Touchdown, he threw an off-balance punch at one of the heavily armored nuns that let to a terrible counter-blow, cracking his skull open and leaving him dead.


The Ungors

Ungors are creatures of the lowest of standings amongst beastmen. Considered to be little more than waterboys by the Centigors of the team, they merit little attention. However, Blood Bowl can make stars of even miserable Snotlings, so any Ungors worth telling tales of will be included here.


An early injury in his career with the Drinking Horns left him with a trick leg and a permanent assignment taking hits on the line, but this Ungor survived all of it. He was let go after subsequent injuries left him unable to play.

to death.

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1Brewmaster HuhroarrMinotaur5528Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Juggernaut, Break Tackle 1900012129150k (150+40k) 
2Fulmayne Thrice-CrownedCentigor6529Sprint, Sure Feet, Horns, Bone-head, +ST, Block, Pro 220007539100k (100+90k) 
3Breyyar ScoredrinkerCentigor6429Sprint, Sure Feet, Horns, Bone-head, Block, Dodge 210004323100k (100+50k) 
4Stoneflagon RhuheighCentigor6429Sprint, Sure Feet, Horns, Bone-head, Dodge, Block, Sure Hands 230005535100k (100+70k) 
5Lowbray the WildCentigor6429Sprint, Sure Feet, Horns, Bone-head 1000000100k (100+0k) 
6R'hoghn HollowhornCentigor6429Sprint, Sure Feet, Horns, Bone-head, Block, Guard 110001422100k (100+40k) 
7Gild-eye GhorushCentigor6429Sprint, Sure Feet, Horns, Bone-head, Block 60000210100k (100+20k) 
9TrikhufUngor7237Dodge, Block, Two Heads 22170002250k (50+50k) 
12HeigharUngor7237Dodge 1400000050k (50+0k) 
14WytehideUngor6237Dodge-ma1201010550k (50+0k) 
17 George ViletreeJourneyman Ungor7237Loner, Dodge 100000050k (50+0k) 
10 players  
Coach: King_Mad Re-Rolls (140k): 3  
Race: Centigor (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 5  
Team Value: 1620k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 80000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 1620k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:23 (4/7/12) |TD Diff:-13 (13 - 26) |Cas Diff:-5 (33/8/5 - 27/13/11)
Last Opponent: Grasparossa B.B.C