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Last seen 48 weeks ago
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Chaos Chosen
Chaos Chosen
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Bawm! Chaos Renegades 20k 5/3/2 1480k ±220  
  Bob's Genetic Mutations Chaos Chosen 120k 9/5/1 1910k ±480  
  Bob's Transgender Experiments Amazon 90k 10/1/3 1600k ±370  
  Cats of The Internets Chaos Dwarf 60k 2/0/0 1090k ±110  
  Epic Wood Wood Elf 160k 12/1/4 1610k ±470  
  Grape Time! Khemri Tomb Kings 90k 9/5/2 1630k ±440  
  Grudgers Gonna Grudge Nurgle 70k 2/0/1 1140k ±170  
  Kings of the Chillingham Orc 180k 18/9/9 1560k    
  ReasonsWhyIRenamedThisTeam Skaven 50k 14/1/7 1670k ±650  
  Slann Dunk The Funk Slann 10k 1/0/1 1050k ±110  
  Snakes On A Playing Field Lizardman 130k 18/12/15 1640k    
  Stiller Thriller Shambling Undead 60k 5/3/3 1590k ±270  
  That 80's Ogre Team Ogre 90k 4/1/5 1490k ±220  
Stunty Leeg
  Nurgle Please Nurglings 10k 1/1/0 1120k    
  Squiggy Pop Squig Herders 90k 8/0/1 1320k    
  Tom Jones Tribute Band Gnome 40k 0/1/1 1030k    
  Diaby does Gallas Chaos Chosen 340k 8/1/6 1540k    
  Look I'm an Elf! Elven Union 0 5/2/3 1570k    
  Loved by Reptiles Amazon 250k 11/1/1 1460k    
  [CBBL] Imhotep Medibot Shambling Undead 100k 2/2/2 1140k    
  [TF] Dankest Elves All Times Dark Elf 90k 0/1/1 1040k    
Scheduled against CIC's [TF] Buff Rowdy Norse Mens (Seen 1y ago).
  3 Monsters and A Little Elfy Chaos Renegades 430k 5/1/4 1350k    
  Beefers Gonna Beef Nurgle 250k 52/13/23 1430k    
  Box of Rats Skaven 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Buff, Rowdy and AV7 Norse 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Cats of The Internet Wood Elf 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Darlo G.W. Chumps Orc 90k 16/4/1 1610k    
  Evolution Gentlemens Club Khemri Tomb Kings 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Gobblin' Greats Goblin 50k 1/0/0 1030k    
  Highborn Beans High Elf 120k 3/0/1 1080k    
  Human League TF style Human 190k 9/5/2 1240k    
  I Ain't 'Fraid of no Claw Elven Union 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Just a Nibble-heim Vampire 20k 0/0/0 980k    
  Last Chance Chaos Dwarfs Chaos Dwarf 350k 4/0/3 1140k    
  Liquid Snakes Lizardman 290k 2/2/5 1320k    
  Shirtcoptering - Hard Mode Human 10k 0/0/0 980k    
  StudMenDudeBros Chaos Chosen 1140k 50/9/24 1980k    
  Take That and Party Necromantic Horror 1120k 32/16/18 1870k    
  There Can Be Only Claw Underworld Denizens 20k 0/0/1 960k    
  this team is lame Dwarf 0 1/0/0 1080k    
  Totes Amazeballs Amazon 240k 4/3/2 1100k    
  Violent Disco Expedition Slann 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  White Goodman's Purple Cobras Dark Elf 90k 8/1/3 1470k    
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