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Shambling Undead
Emerging Star
Shambling Undead
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  Chaos Horn Stars Chaos Chosen 70k 2/0/0 1120k ±110  
  Cracking Times Norse 90k 1/0/1 1070k ±110  
  Da Dwarf Hitters Orc 80k 2/1/1 1070k ±160  
  Eye C U Chaos Renegades 0 5/2/0 1280k ±190  
  Gobbs of Fun Goblin 20k 2/0/0 1140k ±110  
  Gobo-tastic Goblin 90k 1/4/1 1210k ±180  
  Hit and Run'n Lizardman 40k 2/0/0 1140k ±110  
  Hoohar Booya Boys Shambling Undead 180k 5/1/1 1300k ±200  
  Juice Bar Bartistas Norse 20k 4/0/0 1300k ±200  
  Magrahad Mawlers Human 0 2/3/0 1050k ±160  
  More Bandages Please Khemri Tomb Kings 90k 1/0/1 1050k ±110  
  My Skull Is On Fire! Chaos Dwarf 90k 4/0/0 1290k ±190  
  patients is a ward filled Necromantic Horror 50k 2/0/1 1070k ±160  
  Pro-Oasis Vampire 90k 4/0/0 1150k ±170  
  Proasis two Elven Union 40k 2/0/0 1070k ±110  
  Yobbo Gobbos Yo! Goblin 20k 1/1/0 1070k ±110  
Stunty Leeg
  Green Gumdrops Forest Goblin 100k 2/2/0 1240k    
  Rumble Stilts Skins Pro Halflings 50k 3/0/1 1090k    
  K-town Kings Lizardman 440k 33/6/12 2060k    
Scheduled against thoralf's Victo Power Racing (Seen 21m ago).
 Scheduled to play at 2018-05-30 03:45 CEST 
  Sand Puppets Khemri Tomb Kings 121k 5/1/1 1340k    
  Zarathustra and the Overwolves Necromantic Horror 320k 11/2/5 1630k    
  [BSL] Dumpster Dominators Skaven 0 0/0/0 1000k    
Scheduled against Arcayn's Sage Creek Ancient Hunters (Seen 40m ago).
  [LOR] The Bretwaldas Orc 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  [NWL] Drain That Swamp Skaven 70k 5/2/2 1290k    
League teams for CIBBL
  Offa's Hearthweru Vampire (CIBBL) 20k 9/3/5 1710k    
Scheduled against Nabster's Vostok Iron Head  (Seen 2h ago).
 Scheduled to play at 2018-05-26 19:00 CEST 
League teams for Secret League Americas
  Meister Frantz Schmidt and Co Necrarch 80k 5/2/0 1230k    
Scheduled against Bazakastine's Martek Magicians (Seen 10m ago).
League teams for Secret League Open
  Alf Ooman Alf Orc Half-Orc 80k 2/0/1 1100k    
  Drain that Swamp Skaven 50k 3/0/2 1170k    
  Dumpster Dominators Skaven 10k 0/0/1 970k    
  Elf Family Business Elven Union 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Eliot Ness' Untouchables Nurgle 60k 1/0/0 1030k    
  Flaming Heads Chaos Dwarf 30k 1/1/2 1010k    
  Flashy Hammerers Norse 150k 2/0/1 1090k    
  Gobbs of Fun Too Goblin 50k 3/1/0 1180k    
  Hooyar Boohar Shambling Undead 100k 3/4/2 1270k    
  How goes the green Lizardman 20k 3/0/0 1160k    
  I Orc There-four I Is Orc 130k 2/0/1 1160k    
  Lost In Motion Chaos Chosen 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Madcap Mauraders Goblin 140k 2/1/1 1010k    
  Mountains of Darkness Dark Elf 100k 4/0/2 1230k    
  My Skull Is On Fire Too! Chaos Dwarf 20k 0/0/0 980k    
  Nuf'n Ventured, Nuf'n Maimed Necromantic Horror 60k 4/0/0 1270k    
  Pacts of Fun Chaos Renegades 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Sandpuppets Khemri Tomb Kings 100k 2/0/1 1110k    
  Super Mario Jumpers Slann 100k 1/1/0 1080k    
  Undead Might is Right Shambling Undead 150k 2/1/1 1170k    
  Underworld Banks Underworld Denizens 20k 0/0/0 980k    
  Yummy Cheese and Crackers Vampire 0 0/0/0 1000k    
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