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Filthasmelphia Fleagles ‘Keep Moving Forward’ to Win the Gritty Goblin Bowl II

Filthasmelphia Fleagles ‘Keep Moving Forward’ to Win the Gritty Goblin Bowl II

The Filthasmelphia Fleagles went 4-1 on the to win the Gritty Goblin Games II Blood Bowl 7s tournament and perhaps turn a few goblin fans into skaven fans. Inspired by Filthasmellphia’s hero, famed rat ogre boxing legend Mouseky Malboa, the skaven team used equal parts speed, grit, and slurred inspirational speeches to score a total of 11 touchdowns on the day, besting two goblin squads, an underworld team, and a fleet-footed wood elf team. Despite losing in the final game to a shifty and well-coached elven union squad, the Fleagles claimed the tournament trophy in a three-way tiebreaker with Da Red Gitz and the Midway Monsters, based on touchdown differential.

“This is a really big for the entire city of Filthasmellphia,” said the team’s coach and Malboa’s former boxing trainer Mickey “Mick” Goldmouse after the tournament. “All the vermin there just love a good excuse to knock over lamp posts and set stuff on fire, so they’ll be thrilled.”

The landmark Mouseky Malboa statue stands over peaceful downtown Filthasmelphia moments before the victory riots began

A Bot Broken

The first game pitted the Fleagles against a strange, mechanized underworld team of android skaven and goblins known as the Rat Bots. The game’s key moment and turning point came when the Rat Bots’ hulking iron-hided rat-bot-gre lumbered up to Fleagle blitzer Trashawn Cruddick and tried to bash his way through to the ball.

With the game tied 1-1, and the ball on the field in a scrum, the rat-bot-gre’s block looked poised to turn the tide of the game. He raised his iron fists, and said simply, “I must break you.” But before he could deliver the punch, Cruddick ripped out a set of wires from his throat, and the colossal bot malfunctioned, heading to the KO box for repairs.

“I knows nothings about how robotses work,” said Cruddick after the game. “I just thoughts those wireses looked likes string cheese.”

The Rat Bots’ rat-bot-gre malfunctions on the field after Trashawn Cruddick rearranges some of his wiring

The chaos of shooting sparks and flailing bot paws that followed created enough of a distraction for gutter runner A.J. Brownrat to scoop up the ball and race away for the winning touchdown.

Blame it on the Rain

Next, Filthasmellphia faced off against Gobbos to the Max in the pouring rain. The weather did most of the work for the Fleagles, as the wet, muddy ball proved too slippery for the gobbos to secure. Despite some deft chainsaw work from the Gobbos’ looney, which left only four skaven standing by the end of the match, the speedy Fleagles won 4-0 with 2 TDs each from Brownrat and fellow gutter runner DeVermin Smith.

DeVermin Smith outruns the goblins in the rain for his second TD in the game

“That was a big win,” said Coach Mick after the game. “But I told the fellas we can’t get physically mouse-handled like that. We got to eat thunder and crap little pellets of lighting, if you take my meaning. We may not have a rogre on this squad, but if we’re going to win this dang thing, we’re going to have to play with a rogre’s attitude. You might say we’re going to have to play with …” Coach Mick lowered his spectacles and continued, “… the eye of the rogre.”

When the Ground Is Your Friend

The next two games saw the Fleagles benefit from their opponents’ misfortune to establish an undefeated 4-0 start and hold their ground for three straight matches in the tournament’s marquee stadium (known as “Firstable”). In both cases, the wins came down to opposing players hitting the turf much harder than they hit any rats.

The first came against the Llanowar Ligma, a wood elf team who’d won their first two match-ups with deft dodging and blazing speed. Tied 1-1 late in the second half, the game came down to a single play, when A.J. Brownrat broke loose along the sideline streaking toward a potential last-second game-winning touchdown. A Ligma lineman had the angle to potentially slow Brownrat down so that the team’s wardancer could make the tackle from behind, but when he tried to dodge to make the play, he tripped over Fleagle linerat Jasmut Smellce’s tail. All the woodie could do was watch from the grass as Brownrat high-stepped past him for the winning TD just before the final whistle.

Despite the fact that he was moving in the wrong direction, Jasmut Smellce’s expertly positioned tail prevents Ligma’s line-elf from dodging away to make a game-saving tackle

Next, another goblin team, Da Red Gitz, took the field and used their ooligan’s disturbing presence, random acts of senseless violence, and a stunning long-bomb, desperate-measure TD to even the score to 1-1 late into the second half. Even after Fleagles linerat Doormouse Goddirt scored the go-ahead touchdown with seconds left on the clock, Da Red Gitz still had a chance to tie the game.

After a goblin caught the ensuing kickoff, he ran to his troll teammate, assumed the position, and was immediately tossed into Fleagles’ territory. Miraculously, he landed within scampering distance of the endzone. Not so miraculously, he landed on his head. As the ball bounced harmlessly away from the now crippled gobbo, the whistle blew and the Fleagles moved to 4-0 on the day, with the championship just one game away.

Daratius Slay and Jake Smelliot look on as the airborne goblin crash-lands on his head, and the ground earns the Fleagles another victory

Time for an Inspirational Speech

The tournament's final game saw the Fleagles face off against their toughest opponent yet, the Midway Monsters, an elf union squad that had traveled all the way from the elven kingdom of Powhio for the tournament and had thus far gone 3-1. Using a pair of side-stepping blitzers, a glorious nearly full-field pass play for a TD, and a stifling defense, the Monsters established a strong 2-1 lead late into the game. But with the ball in their paws in the final minutes, all the Fleagles had to do was score the tying TD to assure themselves a first-place finish in the tournament.

In scoring position near midfield, Brownrat drew a cadre of elven defenders on the northern sideline. After faking a move in his direction, Smith charged up field with the ball along the southern sideline, ready to break into the clear and score the tying TD. Goddirt, assisted by Cruddick, just needed to make a block on an elven lineman to break through the defense. Instead of making the block, however, Goddirt ended up making himself comfortable on the ground in a stunned daze. The elven lineman ducked under his forearm shiver and delivered a whisker-rattling uppercut directly to his snout.

Without that key block, the play broke down and the rats looked ready to crumble like a hunk of blue cheese. Coach Mick knew his team needed a rousing speech (since there was no time for an extended training montage), so he stepped forward on the sideline and let the team know it was still possible to score the tying TD if Smith reversed field and linerat Jake Smelliot blitzed through three defenders, dodged away from two, sprinted into the endzone, and then caught a long pass.

It looked nearly impossible, but Coach Mick had his inspirational speech ready. “Don’t worry about the fact that we missed that last block,” he shouted to his team. “As the great Mouseky Malboa said, it’s not about how hard you can pow, it’s about how many skulls you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

The Fleagles’ marching band began playing a stirring version of Bill Con-queso-ti’s famous Mouseky theme song “Gonna Fly Now,” and the crowd rose to their feet. Smelliot charged forward, inspired, undaunted, ready to shock the world and lead his team to the championship.

He was, however, quickly and easily thrown to the ground by the two elves he tried to dodge through, and the game ended with the Fleagles losing 2-1.

Smelliot is tossed to the pitch, failing to make the heroic, last-second TD run, despite Mick’s inspirational speech

Sometimes When You Lose You Win

The loss left Filthasmelphia in a three-way tie with Da Red Gitz and the Midway Monsters. While the tournament organizers settled in to calculate the tie-breaker rules and name a champion, the Fleagles milled about dejectedly, heart-broken at the loss. As Coach Mick, who suffered a heart attack during the final play lay on a stretcher in the locker room, a teary eyed Brownrat lied and told him they’d won the game. Several other players immediately started looking for new jobs as meatpackers, and still others simply walked sadly through alleyways as the team’s marching band followed them playing Bill Con-queso-ti’s “Alone in the Ring.”

But then, in a shocking turn of events for all of Filthasmelphia, the tournament organizers came to the podium and announced that due to the TD differential tie-breaker, the Fleagles were actually tournament champions. The team’s marching band immediately shifted into Con-queso-ti’s “The Final Bell,” and the rats came forward to claim their trophy.

As expected, there had not been many fans rooting for the Fleagles at the start of the tournament. Partly this is due to the fact that Filthasemllphia is a rat-infested garbage dump. It’s best known for its landmark, the Liberty Smell, a bell-shaped hunk of rotting cheese whose odor can induce projectile vomiting as far as three miles away. And it’s also well known as the only town cruel and calloused enough to boo Father Christmas (to be fair Father Christmas was a bearded treeman on a toy-making wood-elf team). But mainly the team is hated because … skaven.

Yet, as A.J. Brownrat, the Fleagles’ tournament MVP with 5 TDs, took to the podium to accept the trophy, the crowd of mostly goblins erupted in jubilant cheers. Stunned by this unexpected show of support, Brownrat held the trophy high and addressed the crowd. “During this tournament, I've seen a lot of changing … in the way you’s feel about us, and in the way I feel about you’s,” he shouted. “I guess what I'm trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, we all can change!”

Brownrat strikes a blow for goblin-skaven unity as he tells the crowd, “If I can change, and you can change, we all can change!”

Additional Game Note: Brownrat didn’t realize that the crowd of goblins was actually just cheering because Coach Mick’s dead carcass was being carted out of the locker room in the distance, and the crowd was rejoicing at his death. As one gobbo fan put it, “The only good rat is a dead rat.”
Posted by gettym on February 28
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Deutschsprachige Liga, neue Saison ab 8.3.

FUMBBLs deutschsprachige Liga startet im März in die 17. Saison. Für interessierte Trainer ist jetzt der richtige Zeitpunkt zum Einstieg!

In der D-A-CH spielt man in entspannter Atmosphäre im zweiwöchigen Rhythmus gegen Trainer aller Spielstärken. Wenn Du deutsch sprichst und Lust hast, in einer Liga in der mitteleuropäischen Zeitzone zu spielen, dann sei herzlich eingeladen!

Die bestehenden Teams durchlaufen gerade einen Redraft gemäß den BB2020 Regeln. Neue Teams dürfen ab jetzt bis zum Start der Liga am 8.3. bis zu 3 Vorbereitungsspiele absolvieren.

Einfach über den Link in der Gruppe ein Team erstellen und applien, fertig!
Komm am Besten gleich auf den D-A-CH Discordserver https://discord.gg/QaTj2Mt, da werden dir auch alle verbliebenen Fragen beantwortet.
Posted by Rawlf on February 26
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FUMBBL Brawls 28 Feb (8/3/8 needed)
Palette: #6c706f (gray), #776a59 (tan), #e30007 (red), #f2c61d (yellow), #1b4101 (green)

Brawls are a weekly drawn tourney for Competitive Division teams and will be run on the KotH system, meaning the second round pairing will be generated randomly after the first round is complete.

Tourneys Expected to Draw
Low (up to 1400 TV): 1
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 0
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 0

Teams Short to Draw Next Tourney
Low (up to 1400 TV): 8
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 3
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 8

Please remember that TV is the deciding factor in which Brawl your team will be a part of and includes missing players! (It is not Current Team Value(CTV)!)

Draws will be made on Wednesday if there are enough participants, usually between 1200-1400 server time. You will receive a PM that you're in the tourney when it starts. Tournament announcements on the official FUMBBL Discord #minors channel. Game announcements will be made in my Leagues Discord, in the Minor Tournament channel.

If you are interested in participating, read here: Group Page and FUMBBL Tournament Rules.

Team may apply on the Brawl Team page.

Please be aware:
Only Competitive Division teams will be accepted.

Record on your profile
Random extra MVP
Posted by razmus on February 26
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Suomiliigan kausi 11.
Kausi 10 saatiin päätökseen ja voittajaksi selviytyi kaaoskääpiöiden koitoksesta Porkfest joukkueella Chaosbullstars. Prodigal_sonin Vulpes Corvum antoi kovan vastuksen, mutta se ei tällä kertaa riittänyt nappaamaan kolmatta mestaruutta.

Suomiliigan 11. kausi alkaa 18.3. klo. 21.00. Sitä ennen wanhat jengit on re-draftattava. Saa osallistua uudella tai wanhalla jengillä ja ne on liitettävä liigan sivulle kauden alkuun mennessä.

Kaikki uudet ja wanhat, suomalaiset ja suomessa asuvat coutsit, ovat tervetulleet mukaan!

Posted by Jopotzuki on February 24
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Green Dukes Fall in Devastating 3-0 Loss to Hampton Pie-Rats

Green Dukes Fall in Devastating 3-0 Loss to Hampton Pie-Rats

The Duqueswood University Green Dukes suffered their first major set back of the NCBB Season 44 in a costly 3-0 shutout vs. the Hamton Pie Rats underworld squad. In addition to giving up 2 TDs to junior gutter runner Velk Highrunner and 1 TD to sophomore tight end clan rat Khunq Cindermaul, Duqueswood sustained three casualties on the day, including the death of senior thrower Elehorn Oakhand (quantitative rootconomics).

“He’s gonna be tough to replace,” said Green Dukes Coach Gerric Smithson on the loss of Oakhand, who led the team with 9 career completions. “But you know the refrain around here. It’s next elf up.”

The game got off to a promising start for Duqueswood when junior thrower Bryden Branch (quantitative rootconomics) flipped the ball to sophomore catcher Scootyr Spinleaf (undecided) near midfield after receiving the opening kick. Some solid blocking along the southern sideline, including freshman wardancer Bixtyr Brightwing (magical leaf studies) stomping Pie Rat snotling Migga into the turf, cleared a path for Spinleaf for what looked to be an early TD.

However, sophomore catcher Gladryl Stormfoot (history of dirt), who needed to protect the backside on the play, missed his assignment. Intimidated by the claws on the Pie Rats best tackler, junior skaven blitzer Kritch Emberwalker, Stormfoot failed to engage on the block, standing back from Emberwalker, closing his eyes, and hoping to screen the backside blitz.

“I told these guys over and over in practice, we can’t rely on ‘hoping’ for our blocks,” Smithson said after the game. “You know the old saying, ‘hope in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills up first.’ Well, apparently, that doesn’t make sense to wood elves, because there’s a long practice among them of defecating in their own hand and carrying it to the Eastern Wastes so as not to ‘despoil the forest.’ Who knew, right? Always learning something new with this squad.”

Gladryl Stormfoot fails to make a key block during the Green Dukes opening drive because of his fear of Kritch Emberwalker’s claws. Said Stormfoot after the game, “I thought the creatures had paws, not claws.”

By failing to make the block, Stormfoot left an opening for Emberwalker to easily dodge through and chase down Spinleaf. The skaven blitzer then made the tackle, clawing a huge gash in Spinleaf’s arm that helped to free the ball.

The teams spent most of the rest of the half fighting over the ball deep in Pie Rat territory, and the Green Dukes had a chance to salvage the drive, when freshman lineman Ganderly Truegrass (tree bark studies) shoved Emberwalker into the ball, and it bounced to the edge of the goal line. Branch spun away from the scrum and then tried to reach between Highrunner’s legs to scoop the ball up and dodge away for the touchdown.

Highrunner, however, knocked the ball away with his tail, and the Pie Rats two-headed junior thrower Quagreetch Featherclaw easily grabbed it. Sprinting to midfield, Featherclaw flipped the ball to Cindermaul who easily broke into to the clear to put the Pie Rats up 1-0 at the end of the first half.

Featherclaw is able to look both before him and behind him as he flips the ball forward to Cindermaul for the opening score

Perhaps more costly than the score was the action trailing the play as Emberwalker took down Spinleaf earlier in the half. Unlike Stormfoot, Oakhand made the block he was required to make to keep Spinleaf from being chased down from behind. Unfortunately, the player Oakhand was blocking was Varag Ghoul-Chewer, whom Hampton had hired for the day.

Though Oakhand kept Ghoul-Chewer from the ball carrier, he mainly did so by getting his throat in the way of the massive orc’s hand, which proceeded to rip out the wood elf’s larynx. As Oakhand lay bleeding out on the sideline, the Duqueswood apothecary stepped forward, but Coach Smithson signaled him to sit down. “Looks like there’s no saving him. He’s uh … already fully dead,” Smithson said, despite the fact that Oakhand continued to gasp for air, and his body didn’t stop bleeding and go still until the beginning of the second half.

Down 1-0 without the ball at the start of the second half, the Green Dukes grew desperate early on defense, and their aggressive cage leaping and blitzing soon led to all but 5 players being KO’d or injured. Hampton took advantage, and found paydirt twice in the second half on long runs by Highrunner, who led all players with 32 yards rushing on the day.

Highrunner blazes a path toward one of his two second-half TDs

“It’s tough when you get down early like that,” said Coach Smithson during the postgame press conference. “Sometimes the harder you try to clean up the mess you made, the more of a mess you make. In that way, I guess that is kind of like taking a crap in your own hand. Hey, maybe I’ll use the metaphor that way for the fellas from now on.”
Posted by gettym on February 22
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All Stars Anniversary Bowl - 13th March

Greeting Coaches,

You are all cordially invited to compete in the All Stars Anniversary Bowl.

This event is hosted by yours truly to commemorate my nineteen (19) years on this august and exemplary site.
It kicks off Wednesday 13th March! Sing it loud!

This is a KO tournament using BB2020 rules.

All teams that compete must be created from the All Stars roster.
Create a team here.
Sign them up HERE.

Your team must include at least one Average Joe (who won the lottery to play with the stars).
The rest will all be stars!

The roster uses Nelphine's Star Pricing.
To help meet this exorbitant cost, several soverign wealth funds have contributed to grant each coach 4,000,000GP to build their team.

Some stars from around the world may bear more than a passing resemblance to stars that you already know and love (or hate).
So, it may appear that Stars are playing for both sides.
They may also be induced. Four Morgs on the field?

With "Two-for-one" stars like Grak & Crumbleberry you need to add them both to your roster.

Please sign your teams up at this group.

Once you have signed up, please post a link to your team here.

Look for warm up games on Gamefinder or on Fumbbl Discord #lfg.

Posted by koadah on February 20
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Nuffle League: We have more spots open! Come check out the chaos!

Greetings coaches!

I am proud to present an updated and more chaotic version of the Nuffle League, back from the grave!

What is the Nuffle league you ask? Well it is different from anything you have ever played before on this site.

This will be using the 2016 skill rolls, but the 2020 game rules.

Are your games getting boring? Tired of playing Elves after Elves after Elves (Switch with any team you play against over and over)? Do you want to see a team full of odd misfits thrown together under one coach? Do you want to see a mixed team with the most agile players being dwarves? This is the place for those fantasies!

The Nuffle League features every single player currently on any roster on Fumbbl. This includes the regular teams, the secondary teams (Brettonia, Simyin, and Slann), the Stunty Teams, the Secret League Teams, CIBBL Modified Players - including their very own Carnival of Chaos, Relic Slann, and Blood Naga teams, along with some other more obscure teams with a ton of flavor, fluff, and fancy icons. In the past, we have had 616 players, but now, there are currently 1027 different positionals that could end up on your team!

How do they get on your team? This is a Nuffle League after all, and Nuffle will show its fangs or feathers or flesh or whatever Nuffle chooses to have this day, and it is always a toss up. Nuffle will assign you your team. Your team is rolled randomly for 11 players from that list of 1027 players. This league is all about balance around the lack of balance. Your starting team value will be the highest TV in the league at the start of the season, with a starting reroll, apothecary, and 3 dedicated fans, it gives you some breathing room to create a good team.

If you are interested, please let me know and we will have Nuffle work their magic and get you a team all set up and ready to go. It does test your knowledge of the game as you will see everything, and probably some things you have never seen before.

We have players from both the US and European Time Zones. We are playing bi-weekly, 14 day roll overs. We are working on creating a US League and an European League if we can get enough players for both.


XpherAndTheAxes: It's like ForemoleTrashMouse is handing out Shrooms and random Figurines and telling us to play Blood Bowl

The Demon: There isn't a league like it. I play in a lot of leagues, and every league is different. Its uniqueness makes it amazing! Bow down to Foremole TrashMouse!

Carlo Pellegattti (Luca): The league concept is so cool it's weird it was not a thing before you came!

Wintergreen13: So excited to get my Nuffle League team going again! Love this league!

Here is our Discord which is what we use for our primary mode of communication: https://discord.gg/uQfjnkK5Uh

There is just one last question... Will Nuffle favor you?

Posted by TrashMouse on February 20
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NAF Online! Amorical Cup Team Tourney Info

NAF Online! Amorical Cup

The NAF Online! Amorical Cup is a 6 week North American Team Tourney.
Teams consist of 4 coaches that will play vs other teams of 4 coaches in a swiss style format.
We will be holding it starting Monday April 15th, 2024 on FUMBBL.

In order to draw interest & help folks test out their teams,
I've opened up my private leagues proving grounds as
a practice environment w/ the FUMBBL supported rule set.
Teams that apply will be added to the group pool.
No tourney will be set up for this, it will be open play directly from the group team pool.

Should you like to practice for this NAF Online! FUMBBL event please find the practice league HERE

Otherwise watch this space for further details on when to apply your
4-coach team to this NAF Online! tourney.

Posted by Nightbird on February 20
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