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Why donate?

Ever since the early beginnings, FUMBBL has had no ads. This has been a conscious decision made for a few reasons:

  • Ads are annoying. This has become more and more so over the years with auto-play audio and video, full-screen takovers etc.
  • Ads are insecure. With the prevalence of scripting and html5 and flash, ads have been used as a delivery mechanism for malware.
  • Ads are not looking after your privacy. Ad networks track you using all sorts of techniques, trying to figure out what products they can push in your face that you are "more likely" to buy.
  • Ads slow down page loads. Even with computer hardware and network infrastructure being orders of magnitude faster today than even a few years ago, the web isn't getting faster. It feels like page load times are getting slower and slower. This is a direct consequence of ads being designed using very very large frameworks and accessing sometimes dozens of external sites for every single ad.

These are all completely unreasonable to me. Both as a web user and a website owner. I want FUMBBL to be a place where users aren't subjected to all this nonsense.

However, there is no getting around the fact that FUMBBL costs money to run. Power, bandwidth, domains, certificates, off-site backups, hardware, developer tools. This stuff adds up quite fast, and this is where your support comes in.

There are two primary ways for you to support FUMBBL. Direct one-time donations through PayPal and monthly contributions through Patreon. Both of these options will give you a supporter badge on your account on the site to show that you are supporting the site.