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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Sep 17, 2021 - 23:06
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While DIBBL admin pottered around mustering the sheep for Season 26, rumors abounded of a new ruleset. What to do? Burn all the legacy teams and go all in? Ignore the new and embrace our old beloved legend teams?

Why not both? DIBBL Shiny (Season 26.5) is well underway, one pool has knocked off 2 rounds already - a week before the R1 deadline!

32 teams. 25 races. Too many Aussies (nothing new there). This is BB20 and it's looking solid so far.

Round Sunday deadlines:
Round 1 26-Sep-21
Round 2 3-Oct-21
Round 3 10-Oct-21
Round 4 17-Oct-21
Round 5 24-Oct-21
Round 6 31-Oct-21
Round 7 7-Nov-21
Playoff 14-Nov-21
Quarterfinals 21-Nov-21
Semifinals 28-Nov-21
Final 5-Dec-21

Four pools. Top 3 of each pool go forward to the top tier finals (top of each get a playoff bye).
Tiered playoffs also available for everybody else (Participation Plate and Wobbly Boot).

Post season mechanics are still being debated. It is possible there will be no redraft between this and the next season. The Leeg operates both Spiraling Expenses AND Expensive Mistakes to help pay for the commish's luxurious lifestyle.

Goal is to do some sort of merger with DIBBL, hopefully before S27. Next year.

Now, can an analytical soul please step up and make predictions on who will win this thing? Go Shiny!

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Post   Posted: Sep 18, 2021 - 09:29 Reply with quote Back to top

Afraid not, it may be only me - filled with bias, toxic rhetoric and not a small amount of a mandate to troll people...

Foad’s Shiny Predictions

It’s all so new… It’ all so shiny… It’s also more bloodbowl!!!!
That’s right fantasy sports fans, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for, the commencement of BB Second Season for the Antipodean market – and now it has arrived!
The inaugural season has been drawn and follow the tried and true format of the existing DIBBL league, which is now in season number 26…
The season will consist of 4 pools of 8 teams in a round robin format with a post season available for everyone.

Greestone Division

Best o the rest – D_Arquebus (Old World Alliance)

Theses loners will benefit greatly from the Pro revision in the new format and have had a great start with 2 early wins. Should feature prominently in the playoffs. Expected finish: Top of pool

Bjørnborn Masochists – Sharper (Norse)

Starting with block in great amounts these Vikings should be solid in a developing metagame. I put them slightly over the dwarves as they may find easier to farm touchdown to nab easy skills. May suffered if the (in)famous Norse armour doesn’t hold up. Expected finish: 2nd in pool

Stormheim Giants – JPM (Dwarf)

Another team great out of the box, we hold no judgment here as JPM has paid the “tinfoil cost” of multiple AV 7 teams. Will be hard to beat this season. Expected finish: 3rd in pool

Brave Dodos – ramchop (Wood Elves)

The spiritual successor the everyone’s favourite woodies Bravado, the Dodo’s may find the meta game quite expensive at the end of the season. They can threaten if they can keep players on the field, which is always the challenge with wood elves. Expected finish: 4th place

Bitta This Bitta That – PlantingLemur (Chaos Renegade)

Now with an added thrower, the renegade team always taken a little bit to get going. Offering a rat ogre it should offer some threats but will not challenge until late in the season. Expected finish: 5th place

Kings of Kutzburg – Miyuso (Necormantic)

Only 4 players can reliably ball handle now with. Miyuso has chosen to not taken any blitzers because of this. An early free zombie will help, but will need to get some skill on the ghouls to be competitive. Expected finish: 6th place

10,001 Cuts - |||PARAGON||| (Dark Elf)


Feeling a bit dusty – griffonnz (Tomb Kings)

Another newcomer to FUMBBL, and he has picked that team with 4 non-loner big guys. A very good team, but the lack of ball handling can be punish on weak dice. Again, I am hoping I get proved wrong here, but this team and no form have me think it may be a season of building. Expected finish: 8th place

Mainland Division

Swirling Swamp Lilies – Wozzaa (Amazon)

Allegedly the worse team in the world according to some coaches, I have a bit of a soft spot for the Zons. With 3 early wins, Wozz is off to the start he needs and with no dwarves in sight I cannot see anyone stopping him. Expected finish: Top of pool

Dylan’s Shockers – Ross12 (Skaven)

A couple of seasons in DIBBL proper and Ross certainly has found his team in skaven. With a massive negative casualty delta he may be one of the most underrated coaches in the league. I’m on to your shenanigans and I approve. Expected finish: 2nd in pool

Burlap Sackers – Trickey (Imperial Nobility)

A rough start to the season, but the People’s Champion has the heart to sneak into the playoffs. No Fox Meadows, but can easily bounce back. One of the early favourites to win. Expected finish: 3rd in pool

Norsican'ts – lolvenom (Norse)

Armour 7 and 2 early losses, isn’t the end of the campaign, but losing a 90k positional is hard. Norse can cycle players at rebuy with the best of them, but it will be next season before the get another shot at putting a run towards the title together. Expected finish: 4th place

Scamperbay Scoundrels – miniminotaurs (Lizards)

First season on FUMBBL, and he has picked a great team in lizards to do well. Has developed his Saurii very well, and once they are blocked up they will be a threat. Will be hard to beat towards the end of the season. Expected finish: 5th place

Dirty Pool and Intimidation – tussock (Goblins)

Watch out world, tussock has little men with big hearts and big men with little brains. One of the renown goblin coaches, tussock may well end up the stunty king in the division full of little guys. At the very least he will foul a lot of people with light armour. Expected finish: 6th place

Oldheim Ironguts – Sandune (Orges)

Arguably the best coach to ever have rolled dice in DIBBL or SWL, Sandune has taken hard mode here, with the strength 1 boys. Starting with 5 ogres, he will give out as good as he gets, but most of the dent he will put in the score board will be will be through his own players getting thrown at it. Expected finish: 7th place

Blackwater Rogues – Foad (Halflings)

Terrible coach, terrible team. Will be lucky to finish in the top 8 of this division. Expected finish: 8th place

Capital Shield Division

[DIBBL] Settra's Sons – boriz (Tomb Kings)

Fresh from the DIBBL 25 final with his established Tomb Kings, form dictates boriz will be hard to beat. 5 big guys that can all work toward block will be a threat once they get established. Should be tough to stop.

Kings Kross Connection – knine (Skaven)

If anyone can race the SPP it will be skaven, and knine had a great run in SWL with his high scoring elves. Will be too fast for many teams and should make an impact in the playoffs, but may drop random games because armour 7 explodes sometimes. Expected finish: 2nd in pool

Death To 2020 !! - bigbullies (Nurgle)

We all feel that way about COVID, don’t we? Bullies has taken nurgle and has not only the best starting big guy in the game but also an amazing pitch logo. Got surprised in round #1 buy the current DIBBL nurgle king, but will bounce back. Expected finish: 3rd in pool

i don't think phill likes me – pdarbs (High Elf)

Don’t worry mate, phill with 2 “L”s and no capitals is clearly a terrible judge of character, and High Elves are awesome. Expensive but awesome. I hope they don’t start dying. That would be a tragedy. Just sayin’. Expected finish: 4th place

Mighty Crud-Creek Nosepickers - Happy_Amateur (Snotlings)

Slightly outraged that you didn’t get drawn in the stunty league, but the good start to the season has been fun to watch. We’d all love to see these guys keep the momentum up but sadly I don’t think it will happen. Expected finish: 5th place

Office Space BOBs – Grimr (Black Orc)

Undefeated at Greenshard with 4 draws, Grimr has taken the much theory crafted brand new orc team. People have said the guys are just Lizards with less movement and no prehensile tail. Expect this team to get a couple of good games this season. Expected finish: 6th place

Scheming Divers – Boric (Amazons)

Four skill already, with 12 players and 3 rerolls. Looks like this might be a solid team, with an excellent coach. New to FUMBBL though, so without form I cannot place this team any higher. Happy to be proved wrong here. Expected finish: 7th place

Pull'n Teef – reggiesson (Black Orc)

Another newer coach to FUMBBL, with an untested team. The scuttlebutt is that Orcs are now a tier 2 team, even though they are the reigning DIBBL champs. Taking the blitzers out and replacing them with more goblins can’t be an improvement, can it? Expected finish: 8th place

Da Orc’s Bay Horn Division

Fasta Pasta Disasta - Kransky (Underworld)

The Dawgz king, with arguable the most exciting roster in the ruleset. Surprised everyone in his first DIBBL season by making the final. Has taken the troll over the rat ogre, but once the runner and blitzer get skill this team flies.

Suck Yourself Off – mushoomy (Vampires)

Hypno gaze has improved, and people think this team may be the team to beat once the vampires start picking up pro in volume. 4 vamps with 4 rerolls means just 12 players, but if they can keep coherence should do well. Expected finish: 2nd in pool

Blazedwood Badgers – Bojoaph (Orcs)

Bojo finally takes a non-tier one teams and it is orcs. A great coach who is always hard to be, should comfortably make the finals. With extra movement on the big guys I don’t think they have lost as much as people think. Expected finish: 3rd in pool

Splat, Splat, Jank – blackcaps (Wood Elf)

One of 3 wood elf teams, they will need to keep the money high to build a team around the wardancers, they have started with 5 dedicated fans, leaving them with just enough for 3 positionals. Will look to be stronger next season. Expected finish: 4th place

Shiny Pros – knine (Elven Union)

Filler duty falls to knine with the pro elves, but the passing game has lost so much with the new rules. With no dodge in the starting line-up, I feel these guys could suffer if they find themselves on the wrong side of a lopsided casualty count. Have been OK so far though. Expected finish: 5th place

Bay of Plenty Misdemeanours – chrisdavitt (Chaos Dwarf)

Everyone respect the chorfs, even if there is no love. Another new coach to the site and the league should pick up a couple of wins. May get outrun if he can’t find some early casualties against the three elf teams. Expected finish: 6th place

Cheating Elves – Morkatoo (Wood Elves)

A great first up win in his first match on the site. Technically the only coach on FUMBBL at the moment to average 7 fouls and 5 casualties per game, with a 100% winning record as wood elves. Amazing if it continued, but I have my suspicions it may not last. Expected finish: 7th place

Hugemans – lazybowl (Humans)

Another new coach to DIBBL. Will look forward to next season when everyone has a league under their belts, but an early 0-3 loss is a set back in what will probably be the closest division in the league. A couple of injuries in game one will hurt, but the dedicated fans will assist the recovery. Expected finish: 8th place

They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

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Trickeys prediccchuns.

With the Mainlland bowl division in full swing Ramchop in his wisdom allowed the Mascara Snake plugger of all things Osbbl to hop on the predictions with the Omnipresent lackey Foad of Blackwater legend.

Dirty Pool and Intimidation (Tussock) Goblins on top you say all data doesn’t point to that! Though this shower have made an impact. Story is their leap saw will be ready for the Tickling play offs, shiny playoffs or whatever the top thing is. Undefeated in early season and yet to have the Trolls vomit. Intimidation is what the crowd love and the young gobo is causing no end of impacts.

Swirling Swamp Lilies (Wozza) Early pace setters but the attrition is setting in. These fearsome swamp dwellers have already had to bury four of their squad in the fouling division; their overworked apocrathy is worth her weight in gold. Either way there is enough about the squad to suggest they can navigate themselves to the top tier. Look out for Amaya Andonna scoring in the first three games she is carrying some good form.

Scamperbay Scoundrels (miniminotaurs) Leaping Lizards surely these fresh Lizards will make an impact on the new and shiny landscape. Though they have made a mixed start to the league they will surely start to come good as the league blossoms. I think the will seal the final spot for the top tier. Audrey Zackma is a player to watch especially if you are on the ground. But with 1 foul in 3 games the young Skink will need to up its game.

Oldheim Ironguts (Sanddune) Oldheim the legendary Ogre stronghold produces another team of renown though they are in their rookie form at the moment. Though at the moment they are at rock bottom I expect the squad to start it’s rise to the Plate. Runt Punter Crograkk Coalfoot is the player to watch at the moment.

Dylan’s Shockers (Ross 12) Surely saving for the Rat ogre we all want to see bless the league. These rats know their way to the end zone and will certainly look to menace the opposition. Zimmerman is the Gutter Runner to keep an eye on but in the most free fouling division will the Gutter Runner manage to make it through the season.

Blackwater Rogues (Foad) Coming out of Blackwater you know these will be dangerous even if they are only pint sized. They seem to be travelling with their own cafeteria which has been causing no end of issues. Bishibosh this Halfling catcher has already started to make an impact on the league and will be one to watch.

Burlap Sackers (Trickey) The Burlap Sackers a bunch of Noble Potato pickers persuaded by the indomitable Jimmy the Finger Jones to get into Blood Bowl. With a couple of stunty beatings now under their belt surely the tide will turn for the tattie pickers. Bradley ‘Smokin Gun’ Horsefeild thinks he is the new Fox Meadows with one Niggle already potentially he is.

Norsican'ts (Lovenom) The Deserted Isles is used to seeing the Norsicans but the deeper south of Norsica produces the Norican’ts. A rough and unhelpful bunch at best. Surely they won’t be wooden Spooners though. Powsican't is a profession among this rabble.

Well there you go. Thats my eye on the Mainland bowl division. Stay Weird peeps.

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Post   Posted: Sep 19, 2021 - 00:28 Reply with quote Back to top

With all rookie teams and 25 races represented, this may be relevant to many's interests Smile

Unforlorned List:

Simyin* - D_Arquebus
HElf - Longshanks
Chorf - mushoomy
Vamps - ramchop
Rats - OrcCleaver
Chaos - paradocks
Lizards - OrcCleaver
Delf - Foad
Dorf - Bojo
Human - mushoomy
Orc - D_Arquebus

Forlorn List
Black Orcs
Chaos Pact
Imperial Nobles
Old World Alliance
Wood Elf

*Not currently allowed in BB20

NAF Regional TT Tourney Organiser (AUS/ NZ)
TT Bloodbowl in AUS (FB)
NZ BB Community on FB

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Post   Posted: Sep 20, 2021 - 14:45 Reply with quote Back to top

“ Fasta Pasta Disasta - Kransky (Underworld)

The Dawgz king, with arguable the most exciting roster in the ruleset. Surprised everyone in his first DIBBL season by making the final. Has taken the troll over the rat ogre, but once the runner and blitzer get skill this team flies. ”

Well thanks for the vote of confidence but I’m betting that I’m going to disappoint here - brand new to Underworld and certainly going to be trying out some experimental goofy tactics rather than ‘going all out to win’
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