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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 21, 2022 - 03:43
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Big vs Little

What happens when you take young Shiny BB20 teams and throw them up a against a wall of exBB16 perpetual teams? Will they be smashed to pieces? Will Morg crack a few old skulls?

DIBBL the NZ FUMBBL Leeg is about to find out. There are leagues out there doing the new draft thing, and it's a lot of fun (SWL has been doing it for a few years now). However, some people like to see their teams and players grow big and nasty. People like legends, people find it hard to let go.

In DIBBL we've kept a slight lid on the monsters by implementing both Spiraling Expenses and Expensive Mistakes, but they still get quite big. In the 28 team Leeg we have:

10 exBB16s team who have done the carbon copy thing and headed into the world of BB20 (Average TW 1921)
13 teams who have completed one season of BB20 (Average TW 1295)
5 new entrants, up to 2 friendlies (Average TW 1080)

Instead of a redraft, we've implemented a form of aging. Players older than 21 games get a preseason medical check.
If D16 + 21 is less than Player age. Player gains a niggle.

These admin added injuries (including injuries carried through on the carbon copy) are currently not active. (please Christer), UPDATE (thanks Christer, now fixed)


So less than a week into the new season how is Big vs Little going?

Cheating Elves Image (BB20 born, TV1570k) vs Putrid Choir Image (BB16, TV1900)
Woodies brought a wizard and 2 bribes, and won 2-1

Settra's Second Sons Image (BB20 TV1140k) vs DIBBL Kids Image (BB16 TV2130k)
Chaney, Frank, wizard, chef and babe. It's fair to say that the Khemri coach voiced some strong misgivings on how we're running things this season... and yet they won 2-1 even after a halftime "gg"

Norsican'ts Image (BB20 TV1200k) vs Madhead'z Mountian Mob (BB16 TV1950k)Image
Morg, wizard, bribe and babes. I hear Morg was a bit disappointing. But still... Draw 1-1

and the last one so far...

Mighty Crud-Creek Nosepickers Image (BB20 TV870k) vs Hoppy Roos (BB16 TV1560k) Image
Morg, Akhorne, Wiz, Rookies.... caging with a snotling ball carrier against frogs is hard. Shiny's first loss 0-3


So after 4 games, Shiny (BB20) has a slight upper hand 62.5% win rate. Can it last? Feel free to join the tipping competition if you'd like to watch from the sidelines

Shiny vs Monsters Pool

Pick the win% for the good guys.

Trickey 23%
ramchop 30%
tussock 40%
lolvenom 42%
Happy_Amateur 66%

Current score: 62.5% (after 4 clashes)

link to the league
DIBBL does it Best.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Feb 07, 2022 - 05:16
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an update.

Just ticked past the Round 2 deadline, and a whopping 12 more David vs Goliath matches have been played. Can the Monsters swing things back their way?:

Feeling a bit dusty Image (BB20 TV1300k) vs Brains Trust, Image (BB16 TV1770k)
Khemri can't get Morg, how far away is a new Ramtut? 0-2 loss

Scarfie Slayers Image (BB20 TV1010k) vs Back Alley Burglars Image (BB16 TV1980k)
Babies! Baby skinks with a coach who before joining DIBBL hadn't played in fumbbl for nearly 12 years. Like riding a bike. 4-0 win

10,001 Cuts Image (BB20 TV1400k) vs Back Alley Burglars Image (BB16 TV1920k)
Morg only lasted one turn against the monster ogres. But the wee Delves still pulled off a 3-1 win

Short-Work Image (BB20 TV1060k) vs Hoppy Roos Image (BB16 TV1490k)
Morg and Griff hold out the more experienced Slann with a solid 1-1 draw

Kaer Morhen Killers Image (BB20 TV1230k) vs Chosen2022 Image (BB16 TV14400k)
Grombrindal, the White Dwarf seems even without his superpower he can beat wannabe monster nurgle 2-1 win

it almost looks like the Shiny BB20 teams are pulling ahead. But then we come to Mash Kharnn Division

Dylan’s Shockers Image (BB20 TV1280k) vs Coromandel Capricorns 2020 Image (BB16 TV1930k)
What do you mean you forgot Morg? 9 prayers!?! Shocker! 0-3 loss

Blackwater Rogues Image (BB20 TV940k) vs Da Sexy Buggerz Image (BB16 TV2250k)
Look at that TV gap! Morg, Griff, and a host of other inducements can't overcome that. Heaps of blood though (9 injuries) 1-2 loss

Blackwater Rogues Image (BB20 TV910k) vs Coromandel Capricorns 2020 Image (BB16 TV2000k)
Maybe Deeproot can support Morg and do what Griff couldn't do. Nup. 0-2 loss

Dylan’s Shockers Image (BB20 TV1160k) vs Da Sexy Buggerz Image (BB16 TV1760k)
Shockers take Morg and hold out the much bigger team (helpfully softened up by the flings in R1) 2-2 draw

Sumptown Hagfish Image (BB20 TV1090k) vs Coromandel Capricorns 2020 Image (BB16 TV1750k)
Look away! Morg you should be ashamed 0-7 loss

and it continues in the fourth division

Hugemans Image (BB20 TV1310k) vs DIBBL Kids Image (BB16 TV2320k)
Morg and Deeproot? Not strong enough 0-2 loss

Hugemans Image (BB20 TV1240k) vs Putrid Choir Image (BB16 TV1850k)
or Morg and a wiz? Nope 1-2 loss

So after all that. Yes, the Monsters have turned it around. Shiny new need to step back up with their current record of 5/3/8.
= 40.6%

Tipster tussock currently in line for the prize

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 21, 2022 - 19:19
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Quite some time since I updated this. 28 games in fact.

The regular season is over, the results are in.
Shiny vs Monsters 14/8/22 (40.9%)

But it's not over yet. Postseason playoffs are on. In the top tier finals we have 5 ex-BB16 monsters and 7 Shiny BB20. Who will win the title this season?

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 06, 2022 - 10:59
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And that's it, another season done. How did the Shiny new teams fare against the exBB16 monsters in the post season playoffs? As well as the main finals series, DIBBL runs lower tier playoffs for the also rans.

Throughout these finals series there were 13 Big vs Little encounters. The new teams really stepped up - hammering home 8 wins, a draw (I'm not counting a coin flip OT result), against only 4 losses. 65.3%

Overall 57 games. 26 wins for the monsters. 22 for the bb20s. and 9 draws. 46.4% for the little BB20 teams. well done lolvenom with the closest tip of 42%

And the big final at the end?

Shiny new Dorfs (1210k) faced big former champ humans (1600k, they lost 390k in a brutal semifinal against ogres). The Dorfs brought Morg who the humans deftly pushed over the sideline midway through the second half. It was a very close contest. A solid 1-0 win for the Dorfs. Shiny wins it.

Conclusion? 57 games is not a massive sample size. But from what I've seen, running non-redraft BB20 ruleset is not broken (yet). Smaller teams can compete. The stars make a big difference, possibly a little too much. Some races miss out on the big star fun (e.g. undead races - like my necro). Fun times.
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