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Joined: May 17, 2018

Post   Posted: Nov 08, 2020 - 16:02 Reply with quote Back to top

It's pretty obvious the passing skills are awful. Dividing niche skills into 2 was silly. Running Pass is a joke. Fumblerooskie is surprisingly pretty darn good on paper. And I dont see a reason why youd ever take Pa on a stat up when you compete with Ma and Ag who probably help a thrower do their role as much as Pa would. So I thought about some changes so at least some madlad can spin the random skill roulette and not get shafted every other time. Feel free to contribute if you have your own ideas;

-Merge accurate and cannoneer, and when you get it it just raises your Pa, and allowing you to take it a second time.

- Merge safe throw and cloudburster. That was dumb.

-Dump Off and Running Pass also work on handoffs. Enough said.

Now we have room for 2 more skills so they can have their sacred 12 skills for randomness.

Skill 1: Throw a rock. By using both your foul action and your pass action, your thrower can Throw a Rock. Make a pass action with your player (even if you don't have the ball), targeting an opposition. An accurate pass hits the targeted player, and if the pass is not accurate it scatters as normal (and may hit someone else!). If it hits a player you must make an armour roll and subsequent injury roll (as if you were fouling with no positive or negative assists). Unlike a foul the player hit can be standing. If a double is rolled on either roll the thrower is sent off as if they rolled a double on a foul.

Skill 2: Cloud Burster Razz . When making a pass action a player with cloud burster can pass the ball high and slow so other players on the team can run into the ball. Target any square like a normal Pass (even if someone is in it) and roll a pass check. Deviate the ball if necessary. This pass is only a turnover on a fumble or if the ball deviates into the crowd or is interfered with by the other team. On the next activation, a player can try to catch the ball if they move onto the targeted square (or the square the ball deviated to). If they catch the ball they may continue moving. If they fail the catch or do not move to the square where the ball will land then the ball lands (and if an player is underneath they can try to catch it as normal), scatters and causes a turnover.

Edit: The main use of Cloud Burster would be if your reciever is tied up so you can avoid the penalties for a long bomb to the End Zone, or passing to a player in TZs.

Joined: Sep 10, 2021

Post   Posted: Sep 28, 2021 - 22:56 Reply with quote Back to top

I like the idea of the old Accurate and the changes to Dump-Off and Running Pass, but Throw A Rock not at all- it's like Stab but also a foul, so a lot worse.

I'm not entirely sure what Safe Throw BB2016 does if im honest.

This version of Cloudburster I personally already house rule as part of HMP: the ball stays in the air until the end of the next player's activation, or the end of your turn, whichever comes first.
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