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The XXXL Bowl is the most prestigious tournament on the coin. The best teams from Headz and Tailz face off against each other to crown the season's best team.
Eight teams qualified this season and started to play this monday.

Participating teams
written by pana the snitch
Mad Moon Mischiefs coached by Gnob:
Started the season with an ungodly amount of cash after winning Headz Season 0 and the following XXXL Bowl, things looked strong for the Mischiefs. 3 saws, tidy 1-0 wins to open up their run and managing to rehire Ripper and Odster at gud prices, it was looking tough for the rest of the Leeg. An outrageous passing play against the Nibz of Luxyluxo allowed him to go into the match to decide the leeg against the Gladiataazz with a perfect record, and after getting banged on by the far superior team and coach, Nuffle decided the Gladiataazz were too dominant, and allowed Captain Jumping Jack to score t16. Only a loss in the final game could ruin Gnob's party, but fortunately for the Mischiefs, coach Halfabrain is probably the worst gobbo coach ever seen on Fumbbl.
A second regular season victory, but the team is looking decimated and will not have it easy in XXXL bowl.

Green Gladiataazz coached by Pana:
A heartbreaking start to the season, losing 1-0 to the blood feuding Bad Apples in what is widely regarded as the most awful, eyeball-burning shit game ever seen in XXXL.

Having managed to secure Mad Gark for a second season along with Snatcher Pushbrush, coach Pana used his immense skill and knowledge to lead the team on a surging comeback, with bashy
dominant wins in the next 3 games. Snatcher was killed and was replaced by Dirty Dan going into the grudgematch with the Mischiefs, where an outstanding performance was marred by the awfulness of Gnob and his team, who managed to scrape through.
Two wins to close out the season, including a 2-1 against the Knives with a miracle touchdown
scored by Fester Nosedive, could not guarantee the leeg win, though the team is looking strong and on form for the upcoming tournament.

Bad Apples coached by Halfabrain:
Started the season with 2 wins including the blood feud and were looking strong, despite having the handicap of a coach so stupid he makes the trolls look sophisticated and well educated.
A rare team build with the famed 3 saws, but no free agents to boost the roster.
This however could not last, and the Apples came up short during the crucial '5 point' corruption round, losing to the Nibz on field goals after a hard fought match,and getting absolutely smashed off the pitch by the returning Erratic Eccentric Entertainers.
Coming into the final match against the Mischiefs, not even black market cards thrown from every angle could bring the win for the Apples and deny the Mischiefs the title, thus confirming the fact that coach Halfabrain is not worthy of coach Pana's world famous 'Pube Sandwich'.


Night Goblin Nasties coached by Happy Amateur:
Coach Happy came out strong with his intentions of winning the leeg, immediately buying troll star Jameson Galanna, and also everything else he could get his grubby mits on.
This seemed to pay off immediately, with the Nasties steamrolling their way through the leeg with a perfect first 4 games. Evidently coach Happy was satisfied and went to the pub, leaving the team to fend for themselves.
This lead to a disasterous second half of the season, which included not only the death of star
troll Jameson, but a humiliating defeat at the hands of blood feud rivals Black Tooth Rips. Coach Happy returned from the pub and decided to engage the services of Snatcher Pushbrush and Mucky McPuffcloud to halt the downwards spiral, and the Nasties were able to win their first leeg title after the Testers could not win their last game.
Although they lost several gobs during the season, they were replaced and the Nasties are in with a strong shout at the XXXL bowl.
Black Tooth Rips coached by mekutata:
The Commish's team were the exact opposite of the aforementioned Nasties. After a shocking defeat to newcomers Gobbolchevicz, they decided to go back to their old ways, recruiting their friends from last season Grendel Frostbite and Spike Norman. This didn't work straight away, and the Rips were looking at 3 losses out of 3 games! Evidently the Commish then threatened paycuts, as the Rips started playing some quality bloodbowl. A huge 4-0 win against the MOAB Bombers and a crushing victory against blood feud rivals the Night Goblin Nasties meant that with their final rush they were able to qualify for XXXL bowl, despite the terrible start.
Despite a shaky financial situation, the Rips have the potential to put in a gud performance in their second XXXL bowl appearance.

Gobbolchevicz coached by Subs winner of Pana's 'Pube Sandwich' Best Coach Award:
This team presented themselves in XXXL in decisive fashion, beating the Commish's Rips (last season's Tailz champs no less) 3-1!
Not phased by his rookie team, crazy coach Subs showed everyone this was not a fluke and went on to win 4 of his games in his first ever leeg, qualifying comfortably for the XXXL bowl at the first try!
This included a huge 3-0 win against the Stealers, and bashy displays against the MOAB Bombers and Kopenhagen Immergeil. With the experience gained this season, they promise much for both this end of season and next year's leeg!

Test Tickle Testers coached by dantemordicain:
In with a chance to win the leeg right up until the very last round, the Testers showed great courage during the whole season. A slow start then led them to back to back victories against the leeg's two most famous teams, Nasties and Rips, and kept their dreams of a title alive. Spike Boots, their AG4 Leap gobbo, put in some match winning performances to guide the testers within a pube's breadth of the overall victory. Another team that is looking a bit ropey financially, they will be looking to capitalise on the extra leeg funds to further strengthen their team.

Winnipeg MOAB Bombers coached by knine (Pana's 'Spunk in the Eye' Bad Luck Award winner)
A strange case this team. The Bombers are consistently banged on, suffering casualties and permanent injuries every game, no matter who the opponent is. Coach knine clearly knows how to inspire his gobs though, as after hiring the stars Horny Muckz and the famous Fungus the Loon, the Bombers were able to turn things around.
Two wins in their final two games, including a last round win against leeg champions the Nasties meant that the Bombers will be able to bring their unique style of play to the XXXL bowl for the first time this season. Coach knine will be hoping Nuffle is a bit kinder to him after a frustrating start to the season.



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XXXL Bowl II Round 1
Apples: vs Test tickle testers (0-0-0)
Bad Apples kicked off the XXXL Bowl by beating Test tickle testers 2:1 in an early morning game. However, they have only one goblin left who knows how to use these chainsaws..

Winnipeg MOAB Bombers vs Green Gladiataazz (0-0-0)
It was STARPLAYER EXTRAVAGNAZZA! MOABS buffed their Kicking game just in time for the play offs. They rostered Garbage Throttlesnot, Fungus the Loon, Horny Muckz under exclusive contract and induced Handy Wigginz among many inducements against the Green Gladiataazz. But it was not enough against the confident and well established squad lead by Mad Gark and Dirty Dan.

Gobbolchevickz vs Night Goblin Nasties (0-0-1)
Derby between Tailz divison champion and the division's communist rookie sensantion. Nasties focus more on a strong star player buffed squad while the Gobbolchevickz might have some nasty cards to cheat their way to a successful revenge. Nasties eager to get far in this tournament, Gobbolchevickz already overperforming.
Prediction: Tailz wins

Black Tooth RIPs vs Mad Moon Mischiefs(0-0-1)
The RIPs are currently on a roll while the Mischiefs qualified early on as division champ of Headz, but suffered from some head rolling in their last games. Trying to remember Mischiefs without King Ripper is like remembering life before covid, it's so long ago that you just end up scratching your head in disbelief.
Prediction: outside cards


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bestest leeg eva!

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If strong shout means being crushed in the quarter final by the dreaded reds, then yes, the Night Goblin Nasties certainly were in with a strong shout.
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