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Post   Posted: Nov 29, 2023 - 00:07 Reply with quote Back to top

As Christer asked for opinions and suggestions about the new team page UI in the discord and mine became rather lenghty I thought it would better fit in a forum post. So here we are.

First of all the overall functionality increase is great!

My humble thoughts:
How are team logos and bios considered? Some of them are rather lengthy and will separate the information in the header from the player table.
The stats in the header are I think a bit to much.
My suggestion would be
- a header including following information: Roster/Race, Team name, coach name, team status, division , Groups/leagues/season , Number of games played, and also total W/D/L OR win percentage,
- below that the team logo and bio,
- below that the menu bar with hire player etc,
The hire player menu sliding in from the right is elegant.
The menu bar could include a team stats button that maybe slides open like the hire player menu but above the team table. This would be the place for Form, Td and cas per game (its just "for" atm?, you would probably also want "against" and "difference" and the old total, link to last match could also go there and all kinds of other team stats)
- below that the team table.
- below the team table the race and coach would not be needed anymore.

The question would be where do the coaches expect to find the TV/CTV , the treasury and the ready to play button?

When you are not creating a new team you would right now look below the team table to see your treasury, to go up again to the hire player button, that is not ideal. The treasury should be displayed besides the hire player button, the hire player button could also move down under the team table

for TV: logically it should be below the player costs and the re-rolls, apo etc, because it is some kind of sum of that. On the other hand you want to see it before you activate your team, so it should be displayed next to the activate button. probably the activate button should also be on the bottom of the site because it is the last thing you will do after the post match sequence, so it makes sense to put it at the end. The team status should anyways be also displayed in the header at the top. Maybe the ( current )TV should also be displayed in the header, because it is a information you base your team management decisions on, so you want to see it in the beginning of the process.

The treasury theoretically also has its place in the column that is over the TV because its part of it.

The Hire player menu displays "spent treasury (max...)" It could show a "remaining treasury" behind that. Not only on team creation. The (max 1.000k) wouldn't then be needed anymore.

My thought process was that the main use case for the team page is the post match sequence. And how you go through it and what information you need at every step.

I hope this is of some help.
And thank you for the great work on the site.
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