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0/6 coaches to start
What is it?: The TSC is the Tilean Super Confederation with purposefully short seasons (5 game regular season). It is a stock human draft league. Particularly, the human roster will be supplemented by all human style teams and is boosted with x2 ST4 players as seen on rosters such as Amazon or Norse.

Rosters that supplement the TSC Roster

The removed Norse Blitzer renamed Viking Blitzer w/block+dauntless
The removed male Norse thrower with the block and pass skill
Old World Alliance
SL Ulric
SL Border Princes
SL 4 Nations
SL Araby
SL Nippon
SL Kislev
SL Myrmidia
SL Templar
SL Sisters

Please note that redundant positionals, overpowered postionals, and comparatively weak positionals are left off of the roster.

Building your TSC Team

You are permitted a certain amount of players
x1 Big
x2 ST4 Blocker
x2 Blitzers
x4 Catchers
x3 Stunties
x2 Throwers
x16 Linemen

The draft will have positionals from multiple rosters with randomly generated skills. However, you have a limited number of slots for each positional type as seen above. For instance, you are only allowed to have x1 Big on a TSC roster and it may be a human ogre, OWA Treeman, Norse Yhetee, Kislevan Bear, or that Sigmar Anvil Ball and Chain player. Now you may maintain unskilled versions of these but perhaps there is a highly talented Yhetee draftee of that positional category you would prefer despite your proclivity for Ogres.

It is a cashless draft league with 0 TV associated with players--only their skills account for TV. This inaugural draft will involve 8 rounds of picks across 6 teams, but all other seasons will be 4 rounds long. Season 2 will involve a preseason tourney (like English football's FA Cup) and the winner of that playoff will automatically qualify for the inter league playoff. The only other way to automatically qualify involves winning the TSC regular season outright. The wildcard spots will essentially be determined by unified standings across all three existing leagues. To be clear, the inaugural season champion of the TSC will be determined by round robin.

Healing Perms?: The league allows auto-heals of players sent to an 11 man excel deep roster. stat decreases will turn into niggling injuries and niggling injuries will be cleared completely automatically. Rostered players with injuries will need a good roll to heal themselves between seasons. Speaking of which between seasons teams will decide which players currently onsite or in the excel that they will want to add to their 16 team roster. This process allows coaches to craft their ideal teams but also provides a very forgiving attitude towards injuries.

The league has soft caps implemented to provide the option to balloon TV but with penalties to standardize the competitive balance as seen below.

TV Caps
CTV 0-1359, Apothecary and 3 RR (no penalty)

CTV 1460-1559, no apothecary.

CTV 1560-1659, -1 RR no apothecary

CTV 1660-1759 -2 RR no apothecary

CTV 1760+, -3 RR no apothecary.

Bloodbowl Champion's League, Associated Blood Bowl Associations

The IBA will not play in the UEFA style playoff with the UFL and KPA until season 2. The standard draft league is full.

The UFL (Ulthuan First League) elf draft league is full. It is a stock roster--in other words, the rosters are standardized.

The KPA (Kislev Premier Alliance) secret team draft league is full.

However, a minimum of 4 new participating coaches for either the UFL or KPA may join to form a division 2 in a ladder match style season.

The TSC (Tilean Super Confederation) will be recruited for after the IBA has been fully manned by coaches. It is a stock human draft league.

Future Projects
It will require a lot of research to develop a 5th league in the future...current ideas involve a stock greenskin league but there is not enough variety frankly, a undead league which may be promising if I simply standardize the roster, and a stock bash team league. I will need help from the Chaos draft league owner Kondor to consider how to implement a chaos draft league.

An Amorican Nuffler that bashed in his youth.
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