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2012-04-26 03:39:18
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2012-04-26 03:39:18
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New skills made from the old
I believe this was addressed years ago in the forums, anyway, it was funny then and it is funny now. I remembered some skills that would be awesome in BB, combination of the existing skills, some could be:

Sneaky Throw

Strip Team-mate

Sure Claws (and of course Claws of Steel)

Secret Step (mostly for dancers)

Two Feet (almost all should start with this one)

Mighty Stupid (Really stupid with -1 to roll)

Strong Stuff

Hypnotic Appearance

Dirty Hands

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Posted by Cavetroll on 2012-04-26 06:04:26
Those are funny. Here's a few more I came up with off the top of my head (I've never seen this joke before, honestly):

Foul Ball

Disturbing Blow

Diving On

Piling Heads

Multiple Legs

Very Long Tail

Side Tackle

Firm Catch
Posted by dfunkateer on 2012-04-26 08:17:26
Dirty lust + Big tackle

Fnarr Fnarr...
Posted by PigStar-69 on 2012-04-26 09:15:51
super bollocks ! awesome skill !
Posted by BlizzBirne on 2012-04-26 09:35:00
and would a player having bonehead and two heads immediately have two boneheads? would that equal mighty stupid?

nice fun. ;-)
Posted by jarvis_pants on 2012-04-26 09:38:56
make this a forum post could be awesome for people to add too
Posted by jamesfarrell129 on 2012-04-26 10:19:57
No Tackle
Multiple Tackle
Very Long Tackle
Dirty Tackle
Disturbing Tackle

And coming (fnurr) out of the gutter...

Always Stupid
Strong Stuff
Multiple Heads
Throw Weapon
No Skull
Posted by BlizzBirne on 2012-04-26 10:53:35
how about Two Right Feet? ;-P
Posted by pythrr on 2012-04-26 11:11:03
Divine Catch. Nuff said.
Posted by GronxWild on 2012-04-26 11:40:33
throw weapon should be implemented!!!
Posted by GronxWild on 2012-04-26 11:41:15
and how the hell did u forgot the amazing...
Posted by GronxWild on 2012-04-26 11:43:06
when u strip a team mate, did she get the hypnotic presence skill??? XD
Posted by member1234 on 2012-04-26 13:01:04
If you brought back Magic Helmet to add into the mix as well.... jajajajaja :o
Posted by BlizzBirne on 2012-04-26 13:48:48
Sneaky Ball
Secret Hands
No Block
Break Hands
Big Tail
Wild Lust
Fan Return

Posted by BlizzBirne on 2012-04-26 13:50:52
a combination of Wild Lust, Strip Team-Mate and Secret Hands might really change the game entirely ... ;-P
Posted by Reisender on 2012-04-26 13:57:50
dirty tackle actually existed in an old ruleset, mb for tackles when you could hit guys with a heroic tackle.... still didnt help vs blocks by multiple dwarves with mighty blow tho
Posted by King_Ghidra on 2012-04-26 14:36:21
Try stopping: