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A Tale of Three Orcs
I love playing Orcs. It’s true. I currently have 682 Ranked games with Orcs. And I just noticed that I have three teams in the top-30 most played Orc teams! (Places #6, #8 and #27.) That seems like something to write a blog about, so I thought I’d tell you a bit of history about my three Orc teams. Enjoy!

Da Teef Rippas is my first Orc team and the second team that I created on FUMBBL, back in 2004-07-09. I’ve always liked GW’s brutal/humorous take on Orcs and wanted an Orc team of my own, with which to smash puny opponents, Waaaaagh!!! Teef Rippas was the team name I’d used in my TT days, and they are currently at 274 games with a 61% win rate.

I have groomed da Rippas to be my primary major tournament team, and they have attempted to qualify eight times, their proudest moment being qualifying for the last Warpstone Open. Apart from that they have reached the GLT qualifier finals twice. Da Rippas have also played five SMACKS, winning two. Currently, da Rippas are in pretty good shape, albeit not “major ready”. In celebration of the qualifier win, I commissioned da Rippas’ awesome team banner from Qaz:

Da Rippas is also home to my favourite player of all time: Komog, the greatest Ranked Orc Blocker of all time! For 173 games, Komog made playing da Rippas so much more fun.

Da Glitz Gitz is my second Orc team, founded in 2005-01-05 because I wanted a second team to be able to get my Orc fix even if da Rippas were tied up in tournament (or in preparation). I imagine da Gitz to be a flashier Orc team, that I try to play with a certain flair. The inspiration was the “Flash Gitz” from WH40K, for those that remember. If I ever commission a team banner for them, it will be in piraty theme with full rainbow colour. Da Gitz are currently at 258 games with a 60% win rate.

As those with long-lived teams know, teams build up and collapse with semi-regularity. Both da Rippas and da Gitz have gone through a few cycles, and as a consequence da Gitz have played in four major tournaments when they have been in better shape than da Rippas. In 2006, da Gitz went all the way to the Warpstone Open semi-final, my best placing in a major so far. Da Gitz have also played ten Legend SMACKS, winning one. They are currently in horrible shape after one such SMACK.

Da Furrd Tribe is my third and last Orc team. (Orc word puns ftw!) It was founded in 2006-09-28 with a clear purpose: I like playing SMACKs, but I also enjoy team-building, and as a consequence my teams regularly sit above TR200, only allowing me to play Legend SMACKs. Da Furrd Tribe is a TR capped Elite SMACK team. Whenever TR rises above 200, I fire players to bring it down again, and I often hire stars to burn cash. I’ve enjoyed having a team that lets me play at lower TR now and again without losing the team-building aspect. Da Tribe is currently at 150 games with a 71% win rate, has won three out of 15 SMACKS and is currently in good shape for the next one.

My opponents often ask why Da Tribe doesn’t have a Troll in the line-up. I have experimented both with and without, and decided that the Troll isn’t worth its TR value below TR200. I’d rather have two Linos for the same TR value, and with FF25 I can hire Ripper almost every game anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the short stories of my three Orc teams! Does anyone else have three teams on the first page of the most played teams per race? Share!
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Posted by Cavetroll on 2010-04-11 08:20:43
I enjoyed reading about your 3 orc teams. I always enjoy seeing the work that people put into their teams. I will lift a toast to Komog next time I have a beer.
Posted by PigStar-69 on 2010-04-12 20:54:50
coool post was a nice read :-)