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After The Game
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Some run down tavern in a remote town

Dave: ”Well that was some game wasn’t it?”

Rod: “That’s one way of putting it.

Dave: “We only lost 5-1 and who could have thought we would have ever had the chance to play against the Orcland Raiders.”

Rod: “Well you obviously.”

Dave: “Surely it was an honour to be on the same side as Morg ‘N’ and Griff ?”

Rod: “Well it was great for the first minute, until Morg ‘N’ had a rush of blood and decided to run too fast, tripped over his own feet and broke his neck."

Dave: “Yeh a shame that, apparently he hadn’t trained with us that’s why he had no luck. What about Griff then?"

Rod: “Griff was great until he ran into that black orc’s fist and spent the rest of the game in the dugout KO box. I thought Tracey was supposed to get him up and playing again?”

Dave: “Well she got him ‘up again’ but he didn’t want to play after that. The Wizard was spectacular tho wasn’t he?”

Rod: “Yeh he was great. A real big fireball it got everyone apart from that Troll. Did you see how he managed to jump out of the way of the explosion never seen anything like that."

Dave: “That jumping Troll was almost as good as my touchdown.”

Rod: “Missed that.”

Dave: “Oh yeh, you were face down in the mud, bet you were glad the Landlord came out with his magic sponge?”

Rod: “That was a hard choice did I want a gouged eye or a broken arm. Decided the gouged eye was a bit risky , at least my arm will mend.”

Dave: “I think you’re just tight. ‘Ahh me arm, I can’t carry my round back from the bar.’ Anyway I’ve been having this strange feeling that after my touchdown my game has improved”

Rod: “Improved?”

Dave: “Yes I think I’m due a skill, I was thinking I may go join the dark side.”

Rod: “What you’re going to play for the Bright Crusaders?”

Dave: “No I was thinking about going to the Chaos Temple and getting me some claws they’re all the rage these days.”

Rod: “Doesn’t seem all that chaotic to me, just turning up and getting what you ask for. I remember when I was a lad if you went in and asked for a big hand you could come out with two heads.”

Dave: “At least if I got some claws I wouldn’t have to keep looking for the bottle opener every time I want a Bloodwiser.”

Rod: “Perhaps I’ll come with you maybe I can find a woman with very long legs.”

Rod: “Whatever did happen to that Halfling?..............”

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Posted by Ranensol on 2012-10-19 12:22:11
An entertaining read that, thanks :)
Posted by Randy_Moss on 2012-10-19 16:20:15
Well done, sir. I'll see you on broadway. Or at the Globe, you limey!
Posted by The_Murker on 2012-10-19 17:00:59
It IS absolutely a travesty that the humans don't have a halfling on the roster at 40'000 gold. It baffels me.