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Group managers: sonrises, DeathRollerDAD
UPDATE: November 2016
Feel free to use this ruleset to create your own League!!!
Set positional limits at your own will and adapt other rules to your liking.
Find Ruleset number below and customise your league at your own will. All the hard work is done for you, you only need to tick off your customised options.
Ruleset id: 315


This group is for OPEN PLAY

What is CRP ULTRA?

Play official CRP rules but ONLY 1 ROSTER available. This roster includes all CRP players available (97 different players to choose from).
Therfore, now it is possible for you to build ,eventually, a team like this:

All CRP players positions are defined in this unique roster as the original ruleset states. This is for example: 0-2 wardancers, 0-2 wolves,0-1 Beast of Nurgle...

Settings at team creation

Ruleset: CRP
Starting treasury: 1.000.000 gold pieces
ReRolls cost: 50.000 gold pieces
Roster Length: 11-16 players.
Team Apo: Yes
Star Players: No (you will have available 97 different mercs instead if needed for inducments)

What does open play mean?

You are NOT committing to a league. The aim is that this roster is available to anyone, so you can find a game in GAMEFINDER at anytime.

How do i find a game?

2 options after creating your team:

a) Put your team in GAMEFINDER and look for another team that has the logo below. Offer him a game.

b) Apply to this group Here. You will be added to a PM match making thread to arrange games with other coaches.

How do i create a team?

Click Here and follow normal procedure.
One tip: Players are listed in descending order from more expensive to cheaper. Therefore, if you know the price of the player you target to purchase it is quite straight forward to find him. To know the prices of players check Here

Notes on roster design:

In order to make the list of available players as short as possible when purchasing players, we have consolidated positions as follows:

Necro/Undead Wights share same prices, stats and skill up categories, so we have consolidated them as 0-4 Wights (0-2 from undead roster + 0-2 from Necro roster). Same principle apply to Ghouls (0-6 now), Minotaur (coming from Chaos dwarf/Chaos pact rosters, 0-2 now), Skaven Lino Renagade (coming from Chaos Pact and Underworld rosters, 0-3 now).
Goblins/skeletons and zombies simplified as 0-16.
Ogres/Human Ogre NOT consolidated as human ogre differs due to loner skill (so you have 0-6 and 0-1). Same thing for Trees (Wood elf tree differs from halfling trees due to loner skill, so 0-2 and 0-1)
Lizzard and Slann Krox are identical. However, we kept them separate as their icons are different and we like cool icons on the pitch ;)
Nurgle's rot raised position: Zombie
Journeyman: Thralls
Animosity: All skaven considered same race for animosity purposes. Same for Dark elf and Gobs (including, fanatic, poegers...)

If you need more info or spot some type of bug/roster design mistake, please contact sonrises by PM.