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* * * Did you know? The best scorer is debog with 491 touchdowns.
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Group managers: knine, Xandyreoch
Head over to Discord for group chat and scheduling.
FFWC Discord

FUMBBL FIFA World Cup 2022 (FFWC).
Match results on discord

The first season tournament is over: Poland (Rayhell) are the champs!

Season 2 is recruiting.

Coaches committed to Season2 and their team summary:

Bram - Brazil
Gridironman - US
OhWatch - France
BillBrasky- Netherlands
Rayhell - Poland (Season 1 champs)
iena - Senegal
Xpher - Vatican
Valen - Scotland
Vicoo62 - North Ireland
Diablange - Ireland
Deepfruit - Cameroon
iipepeii - Hungary
Dr Claes - Iran
MisterA - England
Goreyok - Greenland

Season 2 information:

We will have 32 teams. Since we are short the full 32 coaches, you can have more than one team. They will randomly be assigned to groups of 4 for a round robin group stage (but coaches will not have more than one team in a round. This is followed by a knockout stage that is set up in the same manner as in the real-life World Cup tournament.

The rough schedule:

Pre tournament games are NOT allowed.
Round Robin Group Tournaments: Start when we have 32 teams - 2 months long (3 games each).
Round of 16 teams - Knockout stage. 2 weeks.
Round of 8 teams - Knockout stage. 2 weeks.
Round of 4 teams - Knockout stage. 2 weeks.
Championship game

The reason for the long rounds is that we have coaches from all over the world, and we don't want any forfeits.

Note - the Round Robin will not be done in rounds. Instead, you will be placed in your groups in an open tournament where you can play your games whenever you want.

Here is an example of how the groups will look (this is how season 1 was structured):
Group A: Ecuador (Mathfuric), Senegal (iena), Qatar (ClayInfinity), Netherlands (YuriSloerie)
Group B: England (Xandyreoch), Iran (DrClaes), USA (wintergreen13), Wales (Matthueycamo)
Group C: Argentina (Garcangel), Mexico (GotrekSlayer), Poland (Rayhell), Saudi Arabia (Squigadier)
Group D: Australia (RicardoGrande) , France (ohWatch), Tunisia (Diablange), Denmark (Ryanfitz)
Group E: Germany (Thommynator), Japan (Gridironman/Thumbcramp), Spain (Asitaka), Costa Rica (MrCushtie)
Group F: Belgium (knine), Canada (Nelphine), Morocco (CodPieceZ)), Croatia (BillBrasky)
Group G: Brazil (Bram), Serbia (XpherAndTheAxes), Switzerland (Azur, DrClaes), Cameroon (pythrr). Azur was replaced by DrClaes after the first game.
Group H: Portugal (Planeswalker25), Ghana (Koadah), Uruguay (xtapodias), Korea (Sampittu)

Round of 16: (image to follow)

Style: Progression. Your players could suffer injuries and gain skill ups after each game.

Races: All races listed on ruleset 2198 are available – that includes secret and normal league teams.

Team build. As per below. In short – 1150k starting, plus tiered skilling. And, one ‘homegrown Legend’.

Duration and start date. To run a similar tournament structure at two weeks per game (plus a few days for delays each round), it would take about 20 weeks to run this on fumbbl.

Format. The format is the same as FIFA world cup. Round 1 is a round robin in 8 groups of 4 teams. Knockouts thereafter as per the pairings which are on this webpage: Fifa World Cup 2022 Schedule of Matches Full Fixture (fbworldcup.com)


• Round robin scoring is three points for a win, one for a draw, none for a defeat.
• Ties. If two or more teams in the same group are equal on points after the round robin, the following criteria, in the order below, shall be applied to determine the ranking:
• Step 1: (a) TD difference from all group matches; (b) Total TDs scored in all group matches;
• Step 2: If two or more teams in the same group are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their rankings will be determined as follows: (c) Head to head (if there are only two teams). (d) TD difference in the group match between equal teams. (e) Number of TDs scored in the group match between equal teams. After that, total CAS, then total CAS diff. Then Nuffle will roll to decide.

If you want to participate, I need you to do the following:

1. Be flexible on scheduling. There WILL be games that require you to play outside your preferred BB gaming times. If you can’t be flexible, please don’t sign up.
2. Pick a country and pm knine or post in this fumbll thread or post in the discord server. First come, first serve for country selection.
3. Create your team using this link: FIFA Team Creation
4. Once you have applied to the group, send me (Knine) a pm and I will admin the remainder of your skills and treasury as per instructions in your bio.
5. Join the discord server: https://discord.gg/t9H6rtUb
6. Wait until I tell you to start.

Team Creation:

All teams have 1,150,000 to spend on buying their players and items.
There is also a tier-dependent skills budget that can only be spent on skills/stat increases (stat increases are ONLY for tier 6 teams and you can ONLY have ONE stat increase). And, there is a ‘Legend’ to be created – see below (the legend is created in a separate process and is exempt from all these creation rules).

From the 1150000, buy a minimum of 11 players. A maximum of 16 can be rostered. You do NOT have to spend all your money (this is a progression tournament). You can also buy:

• 0-8 Re-Rolls
• Assistant coaches
• Cheerleaders
• 0-1 Apothecary for eligible races
• 0-6 Dedicated Fans
Nothing else can be purchased.

Step 1a – create your team using this link: FUMBBL :: Online Blood Bowl League Note: Under our ruleset, you will only have a budget of 1000k. I will add 150k after you apply the team.

Step 1b –Buy the minimum # of players and as much as you can. Explain what you want to do with the remaining 150k treasury (and any leftover from the starting 1000k) in your bio. If you want more players, you will have to add them later. RRs cost normal mounts, even after team creation. But, once the tournament starts, they cost double.

Step 1c – explain who your legend is and what skills they have (in your bio). See below for Legend rules)

Step 1d – submit your team to: FFWC Apply Team

INDUCEMENTS: Inducements are not available until game time and are as per normal. You cannot pre-purchase inducements. Star players cannot be rostered, but they can be induced…. At game time! (if you have tv differences/cash)


Step 2a - After Knine adds 150k to your treasury (more if you need another RR), buy the remainder of your items. (Knine will unready your team so that you can do this)


Using the rules below, follow these steps:

Step 3a – In your team bio, list the player numbers and skill(s)/stat you want them to have.

Step 3b – pm knine to let him know the team is ready for admin. Knine will then add the skill (and 1k per skill) to your players. The skills are not valued as normal because we are doing a progression and tiered tournament.

Step 3c – check your roster to make sure it was correctly done.
Depending on their tier, teams may purchase additional primary or secondary skills, as well as stat increases for their players (stat increases are for tier 6 only).

Step 3d (if needed). If you kept some cash and then readied your team, you might suffer expensive mistakes. Tell Knine if you need a refund due expensive mistakes.

• Primary skills cost 20K, secondary skills cost 30K. Random skills are not allowed.

• Stat increases cost 10K (+1 AV), 20K (+1 MA/PA), 40K (+1 AG) and 80K (+1 ST), with a maximum of one stat increase per team. Only tier 6 teams have access to a stat increase.

(these will show up as 1k on the tv - that is so that Tier 1 teams don't end up with inducements in the first round).

• No player may gain more than one skill or stat increase, except that for tier 6 teams, a single player may receive any 2 skills, or a stat and a skill.

The following list tells you how much you have for skills and stats. Use it or lose it (no saving these for later rounds).

• Tier 1: 100,000 to spend on skills, max 1 secondary skill
• Tier 2: 130,000 to spend on skills, max 1 secondary skill
• Tier 3: 150,000 to spend on skills, max 1 secondary skill
• Tier 4: 170,000 to spend on skills, max 2 secondary skills
• Tier 5: 190,000 to spend on skills, max 2 secondary skills
• Tier 6: 220,000 to spend on skills and stat increases, unlimited secondary skills, stacking allowed for a single player

Tier 1
• Dark Elves • Lizardmen • Shambling Undead •

Tier 2
• Amazons • Chaos Dwarves • Dwarves • Norse (new roster) • Necromantic Horror • Orcs • Skaven • Wood Elves •

Tier 3
• Black Orcs • High Elves • Humans • Imperial Nobility • Underworld Denizens •

Tier 4
• Chaos Chosen • Elven Union • Khorne • Old World Alliance • Tomb Kings •

Tier 5
• Chaos Renegades • Nurgle • Slann • Vampires •

Tier 6
• Goblins • Halflings • Ogres • Snotlings •


SL teams will be tiered as follows: using the team descriptions found at https://fumbbl.com/help:SecretLeague2020 add one to the Tier ratings, with one exception. For teams which are rated as Tier 3 (or 4 - is there a 4?) and are comprised of only stunty linemen and negatrait big guys (bonehead, really stupid, animal savagery, unchanneled fury, take root), add 3 to their rated tiering. Eg, Ogre Kingdom, Clan Moulder, and Treemen, are all originally tier 3 and they become Tier 6 teams. Skinks become Tier 3 (even though they are stunty and big guy only - because they are originally rated as Tier 2), Albion becomes Tier 3, etc. If there are some corner cases that I haven't thought about, ask me for a ruling.

Corner cases: NightGoblin - tier 6; Gnome - tier 6, Trolls - 6, Squigs - 5. elemental-Air - tier 4, elemental-earth - tier 3, elemental-fire tier 4, elemental-water tier 3.

Create your Legend:

Having done all of the above, now your Legend player is created. Each team has one Legend player (after all, the World Cup brings out all the great players). The following happens in addition to all the rules above. For example, the rules above say no skill stacking or stat ups for most teams, but this is waived for the Legend.

Legend build:
1. Choose a player who you have not already given skills to. ie, this is a player on your roster who you have not already added anything to.
2. You have a budget of $120k for skills (ie in addition to the base player cost) to spend on this player using the budgeting noted above. You may take one stat increase on this Legend player (which must be paid for from the $120k budget).

Put this detail in your bio. Knine will add the skills/stats to your roster.

Note: The Legend never misses a game. PM Knine if he gets a MNG and it will be cleared for the next game. If the Legend dies or gets injured (niggle, negative stats), well, some things can’t be fixed.

Have fun - this is a game.