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* * * Did you know? The most touchdowns in a single match is 23.
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Group managers: Wyrmtainter, Synn
The All-Star Serie is first of a Group of old teams that are still active, from Any Division.

It is built in a very friendly environment. A few coaches of Fumbbl came with an idea to organize a clash of All Star teams made of the 16 best players EVER to play their teams. In no time dozens of other coaches joined, calling back (often from the dead) those players that the deeds are talked about around the fire after a match.

How to join? Quite simple. Well, the starting work is a bit long but then after it is very simple.

<u><b>Getting Started</b></u>
1)Apply to this Group with the Team you want to create an All-Star Roster with. Simply select your Team and Join.

2)Download the <a href="http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/2757/teamedit.htm">BB HTML Team Editor</a>. If you know of another Editor that works with the Client, that is perfect :)

3)Recreate Your team using the Editor.
- Choose a Team Name that we can recognize it to be an All Star team of your normal team (Best of XXX; XXX All Stars...etc)
- Respect maximum number of Positionals.
- Dead Players can come back to life, but injuries stays.
- Choose the 16 best players EVER to have played for your team, respecting the positions limits.
- Set your Rerolls to 6 and your Fan Factor to 20. You get an Apothecary if your Race normally have access to one.
- Calculate your Team Rating by the normal LRB Rules.
- Save the Roster as an HTML file on your drive. Get another copy of it but this time with the Team Rating set to 112. So you have 2 files, 1 with the real Team Rating, the other with TR 112.
- Create a new Group (Private, Not Recruiting) Named after your All Star Team. Open the Real TR html file with notepad (not with your browser). Copy-Paste the html codes of the html file (all of it, use ctrl+A to be certain) into the "Information" box of your new group. Click Update.
- Copy the link of your Team Group to the <a href="http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=7558">All Star Serie Thread</a> so we know about it.
- Add the same link to your normal team bio.

So you are set to play All Star games!!:)

<b><u>How to play All Star Games?</u></b>
You certainly understood that this is not competitive games that would count. This is non-progressive, meaning that after the game is over, the Roster goes back to what it was at the beginning. No SPPs, No Winnings, No Injuries. The only way for the roster to change is if you want to change the players, or because you think you made a bad choice, or because after a few more games from the real team, some new good player sprouted out to be better than what you have on your All Star Team.

So, how to play? Easy.

1) Open the JBB Client as usual. One of you both host, the other is the client, as usual. You can use a fumbbl.com proxy if you desire.
2)First thing, click the Option Button at the bottom right corner. A new window will pop, in that window, uncheck the "Fumbbl Log-in" box and close the Options window. Back to the normal JBB window. This IS IMPORTANT. If you dont do that, the client will bug as it will try to find the roster on fumbbl, which of course don't exist.
3) In the Team A box, click the Browse Button on the right and find the roster you created with the Editor. The Roster with the 112TR. This is because we don't play these games with handicap.
4)Start the game and play as usual. Enjoy the Game!:D

Of course the game will not upload. When you will play your next normal fumbbl game, don't forget to check again the "Fumbbl Login" box.

What happens after the game? Nothing. This is simply to have an opportunity to play those great stars we had in the past. You can always go to the group forum thread and brag about it. Or brag in chat....whatever fits your mood (within the rules of course)

The only little thing that can be interesting, but not necessary, is to get the replay of your game public. If desired, only one of both coaches need to do it. To do so you just have to upload on the web the result file of the game. The same file that normally uploads on fumbbl from normal games. Find any site you want, upload it there and post the link in the Group Forum Thread telling us that this is a result file. When I can I will go get the file and put it on my personal site, and will post a link to it to the group here, for everyone to be able to watch the replay of your Clash of Giants.