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Group managers: Habeli

This is the group for all Evolution teams on fumbbl.

There are many ways to evolve, here is the original, which has inspired coaches to develop their own variations.

Teams Hurt & Heal, the Evolution of Undead Pixels were voted as 4th popular team on Fumbbl

Evolve! thread for promotion and development of evolution team concept.
Evolving tournament and/or league Poll and discussion about Evolutionary league
Evolutionary Challenge - [L]eague for Evolving teams
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Evolution of Zombosis


[b]Example[/b], Undead evo team kills a ghoul from Necromantc team, raises it as a zombie to his own team. The zombie can evolve straight to [i]Ghoulsium[/i] stage. BUT if the ghoul who got raised had 51+ spp it can evolve to [i]Ghouliccus[/i]

[h3 align="center"]Variation for Necros[/h3][TR][table=bbcode_default border="1" bgcolor="black"][tr][/TBODY][/TABLE][BR][BR][br /]
[h3]Something for Khemri[/h3][table=bbcode_default border="1" bgcolor="black"][tr]

[img src="[url=http://personal.inet.fi/urltk/erod/fumbbl/die1.gif"]http://personal.inet.fi/urltk/erod/fumbbl/die1.gif";]

SppIf a player reaches 51, 126 or 176spp it is allowed to evolve one step per spp limit. 51=+1 126=+2 176=+3
DeathDying allows players to evolve into new kind of lifeform
New playersIf a players evolves, he leaves an empty ecological space, which will be soon filled
Raised lifeforms spp 0-50 counts as Zombosis, 51-125 as Zombonicus and 126+ as Zomboformis
Raised lifeforms +Raised lifeforms similiar to one of the evolution stages, can start as the lowest stage of that type

Evolution of Zombosis

[BR][BR]Stage 0[BR][BR]ZombosisMutation
Stage 1Zombonicus5+ to Mutate1-23-45-6
Stage 2Zomboformis4+ to MutateGhoulisWightalisWolfalis
Stage 3GolemicenGhoulicenWighticenWolficen

Evolution of Skeletalis


Orkish Evolution

Evolution Tree

[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/elder.gif";]Elder
[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/warrior.gif";]Warrior
[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/hunter.gif";]Hunter
[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/baby.gif";]Baby[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/youth.gif";]Youth[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/gatherer.gif";]Gatherer
[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/urldept.gif";]Adept
[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/shaman.gif";]Shaman
[img="" alt="" src="http://www.geocities.com/kai_schlueter/BloodBowl/Evolution_Tribe/sage.gif";]Sage