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Group managers: harvestmouse


* No wizards or Chef allowed unless stated in your roster.
* No Star players unless allowed in your roster.
* +1 on fouls rule is implemented in this league.
* Pile on is as CRP, however only ST 5 players (with a fair bit of weight and or strength behind them) can take the skill.
* No firing healthy players (unless forced to do so by the rosters theme).
* No firing of injured linemen (or your basic player type). You may fire injured positionals.
* From your second tournament onward, you may purchase a kicker (player comes with kick +10k on player price) or super kicker (player comes with kick and dp or hmp +20 on player price). You may only have 1 of these purchased players on the team at one time.
* Leader is prohibited from the league.
* If you have less than 11 rostered players (JM are not part of your roster, and you have the money to buy a/some linemen. You MUST purchase them, and cannot use JM in their stead. If you have 11 or more rostered players, you may use JM as normal. If you do not have the money to purchase players, you may use JM as normal.
* Tournaments will be open format. Play as many or as little games as you want. However turning down games whilst lfging, without arranging an alternative time to play, may result in a win/loss being awarded (if accompanied by suitable proof (screenshot, log plus player playing on games page).
* Each tourney will have a special tourney award.
*Players are limited to 7 added skills. This means most special players cannot become legends.


1. Runesmith - Dwarfs.
2. Clan Moulder.
3. Undead 7.
4. Eagles B.
5. Gladiators B.
6. Rotters 4.
7. Halfling Chef.
8. Halfling Forest.
9. Goblin Bribe.
10. Goblin Trolls.
11. Look at the stars.
12. Slayer Keep.
13. Elven Academy.
14. Elven Mercs (not available in tourney 1).
15. Skeletons.
16. Malal.
17. Pact.
18. Underworld.
19. Green Destroyers.
20. Vamps.
21. Children of Cha..
22. It lives!

Post your match reports, previews, trash talk e.t.c

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=6942">Season 2</a>.

SWL is Better Than You~! (Tomay) 11
Yates Cheese Lodge (StanRichardson) 11
Black Rose Raiders (captainmalkor) 11
Noose and Gibbet Inn (Luohghcra) 10
Barmaids of Nurgle (Belafon) 10
Doofenshmirtz Evil (vlokiera) 10
Dover's Drunks (Arv9673) 9
By The Horns (Luohghcra) 9
Red Lion Rockers (Erickan) 9
Blackthorn Bashers (Elrick) 8
Cuts among flesh (Redmaul) 8
Newlywed Action Group (Faulcon) 8
Blackrock Peons (Archevol) R 8
Desert Dark Ale'ers (harvestmouse) 8
Stag Weekenders (Somerset) 8 R
Hooters Sportsbar (JoeMalik) 7
Rumpy Pumpy Pumpers (Spevna) 7
Black Lagoon Go Go Bar (Balle2000) 7
Junction Hill Hoticulturalists (Miyuso) 7
Black Roses Beershop (Sammler) 6 R
Bondeye Roil Sneeky Sneeks (Almic85) 6
Night Storm Knights (Arthas85) 6
Stinky Bar Brawlers (Rahjan) 6
Tr@itor (BRT) (Shane70) 6
Blak RoZ Grog WaaghRinz (Catalyst32) 5
Every Rose Has a Horn (Adambomb) 5 R
White Horse Warriors (Shades Steelfist) 5 R
Wir Koennen nichts! (BeeZam) 5
Sour Mash (fringeater) 5
Stripper Gang (DragonsMaw) 4
Cow's Udders (Frogboy) 4
Bag'O'Nails Tavern (pt0510) 4
Black Rose Players (Fangbanger) 4
Black Rose Cheaters (Crazy Lemur) 4
Black Thorn Brewlers (Vulkan) 4
Give us a Pint (Hoffmeister) 4
Shambling Fleshwalls (Drokmar) 4
TLC Brewery (Spink) 4
Jungle Park (Pjj) 4
Bloodseeking Flings (Ziopunk) 3
Drunken Fist Style (Nicathaniel) 3
Late Food Tasters (Aecrylis) 4
Rum, Soddomy and the Lash (Sockosensei) 3
Maiden's Neck Nightclub (PromisLandt) 3 (R)
Pickled Clams (mwilli72) 2
Gatorade's Gutter-Runners (Tuboraton) 2
Heartwood Chuggers (Nightbird) 2 (R)
For Memory Of Beer (Markinthepast) 2
Ladz from the Rock Sweaty (hellvis) 2
BadruKKs Git Squad (bobcolqui) 2 (R)
Cocktails! Bar and Grill 2 (Ameranth)(R)
Licher Bier (Fela) 2 (R)
Starlight Feasters (Crimsonwolf) 1
Cooper's Beer Fightsback 1 (Patrician)
Elephant and Wheelbarrow (Aerleor) 1
Bob's snotlings (Glitchbob452) 1
Bridgetown Black Rose Rats (SavageJ) 1
Tavern Cheaters (Mipe) 1
Manly Be Feebles (Bullockist) 1
Tavern Esh (meanjean) 1 (R)
Frank's Tavern'N'Kindergarden (Shraaaag) 1 (R)
Beasts of the Black Tavern (Sliv3r) 1 (R)
Quinns Pub (Silus) 1

Black Rose Taverns are tired of their competitors taken too many of the punters (particularly the nasty wood elf chain wooderspoons) after a hard days dungeon looting.

So after a long think Black Rose Taverns have decided to sell franchises to some lucky punters all over the old and new world. Who are these lucky people? You that's who!!!

However Black Rose Taverns are aware that to bring customers in, you need a hook, and the hook according to our PR Analysts is blood bowl.

So if you are to buy a Black Rose Tavern Franchise for your town, you will also have to start a blood bowl team. Wait wait wait, we know teams aren't cheap, so we aren't expecting you to buy up the Reikland Reivers! Teams won't be of the best quality, we know that and also to help you start, we will give each franchise 1 million gold coins to purchase your team!

What are you waiting for? Buy a franchise today!!


There will be 2 stages to each league season 'local' and 'global'.

Stage 1 'local'. 4 teams per league, grouped geographically. This is to help with time zones and getting games played. However if you are running a different league and what your own private group in Black Rose and have 4 players, you will be given your own private division.

Stage 2 'global'. After stage 1 winners will be grouped with winners, seconds with seconds etc (as best managable). So timezones (unless this gets massive) will unfortunately not be taken into account for stage 2.

From season 2 global is now optional, however you must inform me prior to global being set up. Otherwise you are subject to forfeits as normal.

Points: You will be given (or your franchise) reverse points of where you finished in each league. So if you finished 4th in local (1 point) and 1st in global (4 points) you will finish the league with 5 points. After each league the group will be updated. This will go on until one franchise reaches 200 points.

Forfeits: Forfeits will be awarded by admin discretion based on pms received and time of absence from the site. Teams that continually forfeit maybe removed.


No Wood elves, High elves or Dark Elves allowed (due to rival Franchises like Wooderspoons).

Only 2 re rolls per team unless stated.

Teams are made up by the basic lineman for the race plus your allowed extras.

Any (and this is the fun bit) star or freebooter that is possible is allowed to be hired, ANY!! So say a blitzer freebooter would become a semi star so to speak. To make it clear, your freebooter is hired, please try to make that clear in the game. "Merc Mike" or "Freeboot Freddy" or as I have seen "one time...something" etc.

Claw and RSC are not stackable. Claw-mb or rsc-mb are but with a maximum of one per team, you must choose either you cannot have one of each.

(The bummer rule) Black Rose Franchise are aware to draw in punters you need women. These can be player girl friends, bar wenches or professional cheerleaders. However each team MUST have 10 cheerleaders or 6 if a stunty team, when the team is made. We don't care how or where you get em, but this rule is mandatory to buy a franchise.

<b>Stocking beer</b>

<img src="http://fumbbl.com/teams/279062.jpg">; <img src="http://fumbbl.com/teams/291585.jpg">;

TEAMS (Note there is no limit to how many times a roster is chosen, 50 people could all choose snotlings if they wanted).

*1. Norse - + 2 positionals or 1 positional and 1 minotaur (No blitzers).
2. Chaos 1 - A mino and a Chaos Warrior.
3. Chaos 2 - + 1 big guy.
4. Necromantic - Zombies plus 2 positionals.
5. Pro Elves - Linemen only!
*6. Amazons - 2 positionals (No blitzers).
7. Dwarfs - Longbeards and 1 Slayer.
8. Hobgoblins (CDs) - +2 CDs and 1 big guy.
9. Orc 1 - + troll and throwers No Black orcs, Blitzers or Goblins.
10. Orc 2 - + Goblins, troll, 1 thrower and 1 black orc. SPECIAL RULE (you must field/use all 4 goblins if possible, even if it means hiring a freebooter before game, goblins must always be replaced first) (Stars do not count towards your 4 fielded/use goblins). If in your roster the goblins must be on the pitch AT ALL TIMES they are fieldable.
**11. Goblins - no restrictions 3 rerolls.
**12. Halflings - no restrictions.
**13. Snotlings - no restrictions 4 rerolls.
**14. Goblin cheaters - no restrictions 4 rerolls.
**15. Forest goblins - no restrictions 4 rerolls.
**16. Eshin adepts - no restrictions 3 rerolls.
17. Ogres - no restrictions (SPECIAL RULES You must try to buy 6 goblins and field at all times, goblins have to be replaced before Ogres even if you have to freeboot).
18. Humans - + 1 of each positional, no big guy.
19. Undead 1 - skeletons + ghouls.
20. (combined with undead 2)
21. Undead 2 - skeletons + 2 positionals (wights, ghouls or mummies). (SPECIAL RULES Undead cannot buy zombies, however they may keep zombies raised, link match report in players bio).
22. Nurgle 1 - + beast. (SPECIAL RULES Nurgle cannot buy rotters, however they may keep upto 3 rotted, link match report in players bio).
23. Necro 2 2 ghouls + 3rrs
**24. Lizardmen skinks + 1 sauri and a kroxigors.
25. Vampires - + 2 vampires 3 rerolls.
26. Skaven 1 - + 2 gutter runners.
27. Skaven 2 - + a storm vermin and thrower.
28. Skaven 3 - + a rat ogre.
29. Khemri 1 - + 3 mummies.
30. Khemri 2 - + thro rahs and blitz rahs, no mummies allowed.
*31. Norse 2 - Linemen + 1 blitzer.
*32. Amazon 2 - Linemen + 1 blitzer.
**33. Nurglings - + 4rrs.
**34. Strigoyan - + 3rrs.
35. Human 2 + 2 positionals (blitzers and a big guy included).
36. Nurgle 2 - + 2 rotters.

* Norse and Amazon rosters change at leagues starting at 180 TR (one more positional). However old teams from season 1 may have a 'grandfathered' positional.

** Stunty teams only need 6 cheerleaders

It has come to my attention that the rosters are pretty hard to use, so here is a Harvestmouse problem solver check list.

<b>I keep rolling 1s and skulls</b>: Well done you! You've really got into this. Remember you're team is a pub team and meant to be rubbish. You have done very well by getting into the spirit of underperforming!

<b>My opponent hired Ramtut, 3 mummies and a wizard all at the last minute</b> Well to be honest his whole team was out on the razzle last night and it's my guess he had no idea who was turning up until 5 minutes before kick off. Good job he brought enough orange quarters to go around!

<b>My opponent keeps kicking me</b> Of course he does! Remember his tavern brawlers have as much skill as a washed up pro wrestler, and these sunday leaguers only equaliser is to take advantage of a fat, abused, doesn't care, part time ref who needs to get home before his dinners burnt!

My teams dunna Atlantis So your team has sunk without trace has it? And there is no sign of it making a comeback? Well Mr landlord, shame on you! Now quickly raise the GC, move town and open up a new franchise and pick a better team.

Ok, hope this help section helps with possible difficulties. Now get buying!!!