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* * * Did you know? The most touchdowns in a single match is 23.
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Group managers: Kam, Zed

The second season of Delirium Treemens will start on May 7th and last until the end of the month. Good luck to all the participants!

The Delirium Treemens league was created in 2494 when the NAF introduced new rules and decided to disband the Treemen teams. They were so popular in the Moot that it caused one of the most violent riot this peaceful piece of land had ever known. The local NAF headquarters were burnt down, and their representative beaten to death by the angry crowd, armed with deadly smoked sausages and rotten tomatoes.

The revolt finally came to an end after the famous beer brand Halflingem decided to offer free ale for the night in every pub in the Moot. No one really knows what happened next, but it seems the Halflings couldn't even remember what the riot was about on the next morning. The brand later changed its name to Delirium Treemens to commemorate this event, and as a token of gratitude, the NAF provided them the funds needed to organize their own championship every year. The Delirium Treemens league was born...

The Delirium Treemens league is all about tree madness. Halflings? They're over rated. Treemen can do just as good on their own. They sure like to take their time, but there's no doubt they can score a touchdown. And they can be just as nasty as the little fellows when it comes to fouling.

The Delirum Treemens cup rewards each season the most accomplished or the most foolish treemen of the Old World. You've got guts? Then check the rules section, and join the tree madness now!

[toggle=image src=https://fumbbl.com/i/398239 block=chasse

Chaos Dwarf
Chaos Pact
Dark Elf
High Elf
Wood Elf

Here are the rules of the league. Make sure you've read and understood them before you apply to this group. Feel free to contact a group administrator if you have any question regarding the league. You will find the list at the top of this page. Thanks in advance for making our job easier, and good luck with your team! Show the world trees are not just big roadblocks and rerolls eaters!

Points awarded
1 ptFouling with a tree
4 ptCasualty by a tree holding the ball
5 ptGame resulting in a tie
5 ptFouling with a tree on the last turn, followed by a RIP
5 ptBlitz - Cas - Touchdown with a tree
8 ptCompletion with a tree
10 ptWinning the game
15 ptIntercepting with a tree
20 ptScoring with a tree
30 ptKilling a legend with a tree (not apo'ed, block or foul)
40 ptLarson with a tree
50 ptPerfect Larson with a tree
-1 ptLosing the game
  • Every coach may and must apply one team to this group to participate. Only
    Halfling teams are eligible. A single coach can enter both a
    team and a
    team, but teams in the same Division won't be accepted.
  • Each season lasts one month and consists in ten consecutive games. The ten games steak starts as soon as your team has been accepted as long as the season has begun.
  • Each game is awarded a certain number of points (see the table on the right). You must post the results of your games in this topic. But please, do not make a new post every game. Make one, and use the edit function to add the results of the other games. If you claim an achievement that can only be verified by watching the replay of your match (ex: a Cas when the tree is holding the ball), it may be a good idea to specify when exactly it happened in the game to make our job easier, but it's not mandatory.
  • Ranked teams cannot play more than twice against the same race during the season.
  • The team with the highest score will win the current season of Delirium Treemens. There are no prizes but bragging rights.
  • Each season, the staff of Delirium Treemens will also nominate a single tree based on his accomplishments to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. See the Hall of Fame section for more details.

Delirium Treemens Inc. is proud to present the winners of the past seasons of the most rooted league of the old world. May Nuffle smile upon them. Their name will be forever remembered in the Moot, and even further.

The staff would like to thank Boeufmironton and B_SIDE for drawing pictures of the players this season (and for the never ending supply of frog legs - the supporters love them!).

Past seasons winners

Every season, the representatives of Delirium Tremens nominate one tree, based on his accomplishments during the season. Did your tree score a hat-trick, or do a Larson? Or maybe he fouled to death a legend? Then he has a chance to win a life supply of Delirium Treemens ale, and a spot in the Hall of Fame!

Here is the list of the inductees so far...

Hall of fame

Season one inductee: Jim Morrison from Tuerats, Tuerats pas for scoring 7 touchdowns, including a hat-trick, during the season.