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Audi Bowl Champions

Season I - Darkwood Tygers - Dark Elf (Geggster)
Season II - More Horse Than Bull - Chaos Dwarf (StanRichardson)
Season III - Geek Clique - Chaos Dwarf (Cribbleobblepie)
Season IV - Jason and the Orconaughts - Orc (Mubo)
Season V - Hill Valley Lightning - Necromantic (Geggster)
Season VI - Stakes and The Cross - Necromantic (Bo-brum)
Season VII - Matricide - Nurgle (Purplegoo)
Season VIII - Hoped girlfriends - Amazon (azzroag)
Season IX - Matricide - Nurgle (Purplegoo)
Season X - Hill Valley Lightning - Necromantic (Geggster)
Season XI - Mercedes Bowl - Undead (fxiii)
Season XII - Assassins Under Drug Influence - Dark Elf (Candlejack)
Season XIII - Hill Valley Lightning - Necromantic (Geggster)
Season XIV - Mass Indiscriminate Slaughter - Lizardmen (PeteW)
Season XV - Audi Partner - Chaos Dwarf (Wotfudboy)
Season XVI - Mass Indiscriminate Slaughter - Lizardmen (PeteW)
Season XVII - Mass Indiscriminate Slaughter - Lizardmen (PeteW)

Plate Winners

Season II - Stakes and The Cross - Necromantic (Bo-brum)
Season III - C-Bags Dysfunctional - Chaos Pact (Wilf)
Season IV - Mjölnir Maulers - Norse (Sizzler)
Season V - Matricide - Nurgle (Purplegoo)
Season VI - El(e)venses - High Elf (theBeanbag)
Season VII - Mercedes Bowl (fxiii) / Hoped girlfriends (azzroag) - Undead/Amazon
Season VIII - Hill Valley Lightning - Necromantic (Geggster)
Season IX - Autopiloting Auditors - Khemri (lauth81)
Season X - Aztlan Ehecatl - Slann (Topper)
Season XI - Assassins Under Drug Influence - Dark Elf (Candlejack)
Season XII - Winter's Bone - Dark Elf (Kfoged)
Season XIII - Belgium fever - Necromantic (magictobe)
Season XIV - Dwarfing Destiny - Dwarf (Purplegoo)
Season XV - Low Tide Riders - Slann (Stimme)
Season XVI - Hill Valley Lightning - Necromantic (Geggster)
Season XVII - Emissions' Test Engineers - Undead (mapwh)

Shield Winners

Season VIII - Orgrimmar Onslaught - Orc (nippylongskar)
Season IX - Aztlan Ehecatl - Slann (Topper)
Season X - French Connection - Human (zoul)
Season XI - Mightier Boosh - Skaven (Purplegoo)
Season XII - Audacious Nightshades - Dark Elf (WolfyDan)
Season XIII - Root 1 - Wood Elf (mubo)
Season XIV - Low Tide Riders - Slann (Stimme)
Season XV - A Site for Saurii - Lizardmen (jamesfarrell129)
Season XVI - My Favourite Rotten Pixels - Necromantic (siggi)
Season XVII - Hugger-Muggers - Chaos Renegade (Kithor)


Rules and Information

Main League - Structure

The Audi Bowl main league follows a fixed, three division structure where everyone plays everyone once (approx. 6 teams per division). The winner of the Premier Division will be our champion, and the bottom 3 will be relegated to the Championship (to be replaced by the top 3 teams in the Championship).

The winner of the Championship will take home the Audi Plate trophy, and the bottom 3 teams will be relegated, replaced by the top 3 teams in the Conference. The Conference winners will win the Audi Shield trophy.

Restarting / Dropouts

Clearly, having a team decimated is no fun. If you should have a side decimated, leave, or simply wish to start again with a new team, you will have two options:

1) Replace the team on the spot with a one win administration fee (lose 2 points)

2) Replace the team between seasons and join the Conference with your rookies. If you were in to be in the Premiership, the playoff would be removed and the league simply filled up as position dictates. Please don’t just bugger off mid-season, it mucks everything up! If someone does, all opponents over the course of the season are rewarded with wins, regardless of real results.

Scoring and Tie Breakers

Scoring points are 2/1/0 (W/D/L), and ties broken by net TDs + net CAS, TDs scored, CAS scored, coin toss (in that order).

TV Caps

Clearly, restarting or new coaches with new teams are not going to enjoy joining a Conference full of 2 million TV mega teams. There will be a cap of 1500 TW to control the size of Conference teams (before a ball is kicked, thereafter anything goes) such that new joiners and restarters don’t just get humped. The Championship cap will be 1850.

Playing games

The secret to successful online leagues is getting games played. You might have a fortnight, but if you leave it a week and assume it’ll happen, it won’t. People have real lives. Schedule games ASAP, even if it’s a week or more away. Games will be forfeited on deadline without hesitation. Whilst it might seem harsh, if we begin to wait for coaches we know to ‘be cool’, the whole thing loses momentum and ultimately dies. That pressure to get it played needs to be there. Phone, text, e-mail, make an effort early!
Deadlines: A game every two weeks.

Dos and don'ts

Do play if you join up. No-one likes a flake.
Do use the scheduler tool to lock your games in. That way we can all come watch and boo.
Don't hesitate to ask your commish questions on how to use things.

That's it! Clever girls. FORZA AUDI.