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Orclands Broadcasting Channel (OBC Sport) exclusive interview with ALL STARS WORLD SERIES comish, Mr Mike Drytown.

*OBC Sport: Could you tell us what makes ALL STARS WORLD SERIES so special?
*Comish: First of all, the best Blood Bowl players ever, come to our league to play. We are talking of Morg 'n' Thorg, Jordell Freshbreeze, Ramtut III and so on. Two Stars Players will join all teams participating in ALL STARS every game.
*OBC Sport: ALL STARS WORLS SERIES has signed multiple sponsorship deals this season. How will you manage this extra funds?
*Comish: We believe that money MUST be on the field. Besides allowing teams to hire 2 Star Players per game, we provide all teams with full medical assistance for free every game. This means, the league pays for 1 apo/Igor & 2 Babes every game too.
Finnally, we allow teams to compensate TV differences by suppling extra inducements to the lower TV team.
I invite you all to click on the RULEBOOK button below to know more about this.
*OBC Sport: The Old World is made up of 3 main regions with different timezones. This makes it difficult to appeal to all the Old World teams & coaches. Any plans to adress timezone issues?
*Comish: ALL STARS WORLD SERIES is fully commited to appeal to teams & coaches from all around the Old World regardless of their timezone. We want to make it easy for them to join ALL STARS WORLD SERIES.
Therefore, we took the following measures:
**MAJORS TOURNAMENTS: Ko Format. We will make sure that teams keep playing against other teams from the same timezone for as far as possible. Only if a team gets far enough into the Tournament, it will have to face a team from another timezone.
**WILD CARD TOURNAMENTS: Open Round Robin format. We chose this format as we have found out that it is the best format to fit teams from different timezones. Trials with EURO coaches showed that games were starting between 11.00 - 01.00 BB time. A 14 hours time span!. Moreover, Wild Cards will be an 16 days Open Round Robin covering 3 weekends. We expect weekends to make it easier for coaches from different timezones to find a slot to play a match.
*OBC Sport: So, there you go Blood Bowl fans. Click on the buttons below for further details and...sign up!

*OBC Sport: Amazing! Now, tell us more about the League structure and what sort of tournaments you can play in the ALL STARS WORLD SERIES circuit.
*Comish: Well, basically, we have 2 types of tournaments. We have 4 MAJORS per year based on KO Tournament format. These are the real thing in the ALL STARS circuit. Please, click on All Stars Football Challenge icon below to know more.
In between MAJORS, we run the ALL STARS Wild Cards based on 16 days Open Round Robin format. Coaches can have casual games to prepare their teams for the next major. Wild Cards happens once in between Majors.
So, 4 KO Major tournaments per year and an Open Round Robin "Wild Cards" in between Majors. Simple. Let me enphasize, that coaches ONLY commit to one tournament at the time.

2515ALL STARS TourneyFormat2515ALL STARS TourneyFormat
JanuaryWild CardOpen Round RobinTBCBel-Aliad ChampionshipMajor KO format
AprilHexoatl OpenMajor KO formatTBCWild CardOpen Round Robin
MayWild CardOpen round RobinTBCUlthuan Grand SlamMajor KO format
RecruitingHoly Inquisition-Estalia MajorMajor KO formatTBCWild CardOpen Round Robin

***Click here for more info***

All Stars Football Challenge is the trademark that refers to the 4 ALL STARS MAJOR tournaments taking place throughout the year.

Hexoatl Open Starting date 1st April 2515.
Holy inquisition-Estalia Major Recruiting Now, late July 2515
Bel-Aliad Championship TBC
Ulthuan Grand Slam TBC

***Short Regular Season + PlayOff
***Timezone match-ups for as long as possible
***Weekly Deadlines
***Length depending on demand. 3 to 5 games?.
***All Official races allowed + simyins
***No TV/TW limit
***One team per coach

Wild Cards are casual tournaments based on OPEN ROUND ROBIN. They will start in between Major Tournaments. One Wild Card in between 2 Majors. Low commitment tournament: Play as many games as you wish, when you wish.

***Open Round Robin Format
***Coaches from all timezones wellcome
***No deadlines
***Length: 18 days (3 full weekends)
***All Official races allowed + simyins
***No TV/TW limit
***Multiple teams per coach allowed


A ridiculous amount of INDUCEMENT money will be available at the start of the game. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact your opponent before the game and before any shopping as you need to talk about Star player selection and other inducement related issues. Use Game chat (or PM/IRC).

Step 2: Coach with lower team TV chooses 2 x STAR PLAYERS. Do not make any buy inducements in game yet. (do this in game chat)

Step 3: Coach with higher team TV chooses 2 x STAR PLAYERS. This coach can NOT choose same Star players. Do not make any buy inducements in game yet. (do this in game chat)

Step 4: In game chat, calculate your NEW TEAM TV manually.

NEW TEAM TV= Star Players value + initial Team Tv

1000k tv team A takes star players worth 800k and 1200k tv team B takes star players worth 400k

so team A tv is now 1800k
team B is now 1600k

Result: TEAM B can spend 200k in ANY inducement he wishes

Remember not to select anything in the inducement window yet

Step 5: Start the shopping! First the Cards. Get 2 cards for FREE when the cards screen comes up.

Step 6: Continue with Inducements shopping!
* Now select the stars you have agreed on
* Get 2 BABES and 1 APO/IGOR. These are a GIFT from the league. All teams MUST buy them.
* Team with lower NEW TEAM TV spends the extra INDUCEMENT money available to him. In the example above TEAM B can spend 200k in ANY inducement he wishes.

Step 7: OGRES-HALFLING-GOBLINS teams MUST spend an extra 450k in inducements. This is a GIFT from the league to these races ONLY.


1. House rules that empower FOULING are activated. This is:
** +1 to FOULING
** Sneaky Git player sent to Ko box instead
** Sneaky Git works like GUARD when fouling.

2. ALL-STARS wellcomes C-POMBERS. However, a small nerf it is applied.
** Piling On player is knocked out when rolling a double on armour or injury rolls.
Well, the guy doesn't land on a pillow!. Chances are 1/6 to be knocked out per each roll. No other C-POMB nerfs will be applied.

3. Right Stuff prevents the Tackle skill when blocked

A merc costs 30k more than an ordinary player of his position and may be given one additional skill selected from those available to a player of that position on a normal roll, at an additional cost of 50k gold pieces. For example, merc Human lino costs 50k +30k = 80k. If you add a skill, 80k + 50k = 130k

*OBC Sport: Now, tell us a bit more about past winners, MVP players and so on.
*Comish: Please,
a) Click on All Stars Football Challenge icon to check past MAJOR winners.
b) Click on any of the 4 Major Tournaments icons for PLAYER STATS.
c) And ,of course, Wild Card Challenge icon for past Wild Cards winners.

Year Major TournamentTeamW/LCoachRaceTimezone
2515Ulthuan Grand SlamPending0-0-0Pending
2515Bel-Aliad ChampionshipPending0-0-0Pending
2515Holy inquisition-Estalia MajorPending0-0-0Pending
2515Hexoatl OpenNight Terrors of Pockara4-0-0cowhead
2514Ulthuan Grand SlamPunks Power4-0-0Okostomi

Year AwardBadgePlayer IconPlayer NameTeamStatsTimezone
2515Most Valuable Player
Warick MortisonNight Terrors of Pockara39 Turns 28 Fouls
2515Ofensive Player
James FrobisherNight Terrors of Pockara42 Rush 2 TD
2515Defensive Player
Break-Out Crazy Crackers4 Cas - 21 Blk = 5,25 B/C

CategoryEditionPlayer IconPlayer NameTeamScoreTimezone
Break-OutCrazy Crackers8 SPP
James FrobisherNight Terrors of Pockara2 TD
Pik It From The AirCrazy Crackers2 TD
Monica Belluccisucking worlds2 TD
Rushing Yards2515
James FrobisherNight Terrors of Pockara42 yds
Complete Passes2515
SempronioMercadante's Renegades2 passes
Passing Yards2515
SempronioMercadante's Renegades7 yds
Break-OutCrazy Crackers4 Cas
Lloyd WinterbottomNight Terrors of Pockara43 Blk
Warick MortisonNight Terrors of Pockara28 Fouls

Year AwardBadgePlayer IconPlayer NameTeamStatsTimezone
2514Most Valuable Player
behanyospunks power6 TD - 107 Run - 2 cp
2514Ofensive Player
behanyospunks power6 TD - 107 Run - 2 cp
2514Defensive Player
Wrath Carneavon4 Cas - 17 Blk = 4,25 B/C

CategoryEditionPlayer IconPlayer NameTeamScoreTimezone
behanyospunks power20 SPP
behanyospunks power6 TD
Rushing Yards2514
behanyospunks power107 yds
Complete Passes2514
DeviantSacremental Sinners5 passes
Passing Yards2514
Simon WeitwurfNasty_Rats13 yds
WrathCarneavon4 Cas
ZurkLark Island Headbangers4 Cas
kakas tarejpunks power33 Blk
patkanybaratpunks power33 Blk
Meat Wagon IIISlaughter House [9]6 Fouls

Year TournamentTeamW/LCoachRaceTimezone
2515Wild Card Challenge VPending0-0-0Pending
2515Wild Card Challenge IVPending0-0-0Pending
2515Wild Card Challenge IIICrazy Crackers5-0-1big_tschad
2515Wild Card Challenge IIApeinators6-0-0kingvan
2514Wild Card Challenge IApeinators6-0-1kingvan