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  Team Coach TV/TW Race Score  
1. Roster [B] Durfang Defenders (18m) ArthurWynne 1300k/1490k Norse 0  
2. Roster [R] Norsca Norse Men (28m) Astrolonim 1500k/1610k Norse 0  
3. Roster [B] Courthezon Skyraiders AZALNUBIZAR 1640k/1640k Norse 0  
4. Roster [R] Khemri Tomb Emperors AZALNUBIZAR 1670k/1670k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
5. Roster [R] Block 'r' us (19m) BattleLore 2130k/2130k Chaos Dwarf 0  
6. P [R] Nehekhara Liches Bazakastine 2080k/2140k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
7. Roster [B] [JBT]Pale Horde (3h) blackGigio 1800k/1800k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
8. Roster [R] Alice Deecays Bone 1740k/1740k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
9. Roster [R] Twisted Blunderbussers (15m) bram 2000k/2000k Chaos Dwarf 0  
10. P [B] Stars Hollow Graveyard Gang (11m) Candlejack 1420k/1590k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
11. Roster [R] Where Everyone Norse Your Name (11m) Candlejack 1180k/1510k Norse 0  
12. Roster [R] Nothing worse than Norse (35m) cdassak 1800k/1800k Norse 0  
13. Roster [R] SurfCity Drunkards (2h) charlie1331 1930k/1930k Norse 0  
14. Roster [R] Stormtroopers of Death (22m) Cloggy 1680k/1920k Norse 0  
15. Roster [R] Passenger (22m) Cloggy 2020k/2020k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
16. Roster [B] Songs of Distant Sands (4h) CroixFer 1780k/1780k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
17. Roster [R] BlackSad Miners (4h) CroixFer 2170k/2360k Chaos Dwarf 0  
18. Roster [R] Coldmen (4h) CroixFer 1930k/1930k Norse 0  
19. Skills Pending [R] I Chaossanesi (1d) darkjul 1160k/1200k Chaos Dwarf 0  
20. P [B] Big Trouble in Little Centaurs (1h) dashergeaux 1990k/1990k Chaos Dwarf 0  
21. Roster [R] Typen und Charaktere (52m) Dominik 1860k/1910k Norse 0  
22. Roster [B] Blackbox Khemri (52m) Dominik 2180k/2180k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
23. Roster [R] Verfallene (52m) Dominik 1400k/1590k Chaos Dwarf 0  
24. P [R] Dusty Fingers (7h) Jeffro 2020k/2020k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
25. Roster [R] Painful Fractures (46m) Jokaero 1700k/1700k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
26. Skills Pending [B] Gezwirbelte Bärte (46m) Jokaero 2090k/2090k Chaos Dwarf 0  
27. P [B] Olricstaad BC Joost 1940k/1940k Norse 0  
28. P [R] Uzkular Wolfpack (48m) KhorneliusPraxx 930k/930k Chaos Dwarf 0  
29. P [R] Numas Puff Adders (48m) KhorneliusPraxx 1210k/1210k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
30. P [R] Kalevanvik Klashers (48m) KhorneliusPraxx 1150k/1150k Norse 0  
31. Roster [B] Momieros 2 (1h) kuku 2320k/2320k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
32. Roster [R] Losing is Fun! (1h) Kzarik 1550k/2050k Chaos Dwarf 0  
33. Roster [R] Nordiques Station (2d) latulike 1050k/1560k Norse 0  
34. Retired [B] Astérix et Cléopatre lautrehamon 1660k/1660k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
35. Roster [B] [BT2] Ragnarok lautrehamon 1820k/1820k Norse 0  
36. Roster [R] Zarad-Dum Steelers (2h) Markus2018 1510k/1510k Chaos Dwarf 0  
37. Roster [B] BBT-Depache (1h) Mattius 1710k/1760k Norse 0  
38. Roster [R] strong (10h) Mazylis 2150k/2150k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
39. P [B] Valhalla Beckons (5d) misterlonestar 1370k/1650k Norse 0  
40. P [B] Rakfisk Ravagers BBL (2h) mrt1212 1840k/1840k Norse 0  
41. Roster [B] Pharaohs of Phunk BBL (2h) mrt1212 1860k/1990k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
42. P [B] Unfortunate Creations BBL (2h) mrt1212 1890k/1890k Chaos Dwarf 0  
43. Roster [R] Odins Ointment (24d) murgabot 1640k/1640k Norse 0  
44. P [B] Still Hairy but not Rolling (2d) Persaus 1910k/2040k Chaos Dwarf 0  
45. P [R] Northern Zone (2d) Persaus 1700k/1700k Norse 0  
46. Skills Pending [R] Skulls and Snakes Pirigin 1830k/1980k Khemri Tomb Kings 0  
47. Roster [B] Middle-Earth Shadowside Pirigin 1850k/1910k Chaos Dwarf 0  
48. Roster [B] Torvig Pirigin 1720k/1880k Norse 0  
49. Retired [R] Twas Late anWe'd Been Drinkin (3h) Quinn 1340k/1920k Norse 0  
50. Roster [B] Verjaling Fenders SzieberthAdam 2130k/2330k Norse 0  
51. Roster [R] Bones'Galore ThierryM 1420k/1460k Khemri Tomb Kings 0