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Past Players of Home Brew
Team Page
9PlainsLineman21m, n
1Storm CauldronBlitzer48Block, Dodged
3Storm CauldronBlitzer10Block 
9Erhnam DjinnLineman21m, n
9Zuran OrbLineman310d
4BrushlandBlitzer1931Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Dodgen, m
16Serrated ArrowsLineman101m, n
8PlainsWitch Elf1712Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block 
3Erhnam DjinnBlitzer1830Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n
14Serrated ArrowsThrower58Pass, Sure Handsd
9Icy ManipulatorWitch Elf714Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockd
2Storm SeekerBlitzer2221Block, Tackle, Dodged
1ForestBlitzer3161Block, +ST, +AG, Leap, Strip Ball-st, m
15SwampThrower3052Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throw, Strong Armn, d
6Storm CauldronWitch Elf3189Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Mighty Blow, +MA, +MA, Guardd
16Ishan's ShadeBlitzer1527Block, Tackle, Side Stepd
10Zuran OrbLineman2234Block, Tackle, Dodged
11BalanceLineman3733Block, Kick, Dodge-av
12Llanowar ElvesLineman3124+ST, Block-ag, d
5ParalyzeLineman4476+ST, Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Dodgen, m
5Dark RitualWitch Elf10Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzym, -st
14BrushlandLineman1943+MA, +MA, Guardd
4Ankh of MishraBlitzer3078Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Side Step, Dauntless, Multiple Blockn, d
1ForestBlitzer1743Block, Tackle, Side Step, Dodgen, m, n
4Ivory TowerBlitzer10Blockd
4Llanowar ElvesBlitzer97Block, Side Stepd
3Erhnam DjinnThrower3580Pass, Accurate, Sure Hands, Safe Throw, Block, Strong Armn, d
10CrumbleBlitzer1122Block, Strip Ball, +AGm, n
15Black ViseBlitzer2119Block, Tackle, Side Stepm, -ag
14PlainsWitch Elf2558Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Dauntless, Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle-av, m, n
13Storm SeekerBlitzer2865Block, Tackle, Dodge, Strip Ball, Sure Feetm, n
12BrushlandWitch Elf2741Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, +AGm, n
12BrushlandWitch Elf22Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzyd
11Icy ManipulatorLineman3948Block, Guard, Dodgem, n
5Ankh of MishraLineman3529Guard, Jump Upd
4Llanowar ElvesLineman1520Block, Dodged
3Erhnam DjinnLineman1623+MA, Blockm, n
2SwampLineman48105+AG, +MA, Pass Block, Block, Jump Upd
1ForestLineman3336Block, Kick, Dodgen, m
9Storm CauldronLineman3555+AG, Pass Block, Block, Leapm, n
8Dark RitualLineman2925Block, Guardd
7ParalyzeLineman3322Block, Tacklem, n
6Sol GrailLineman4131Guard, Block, +MAm, n, -ag