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Past Players of Darkie's Dreams
Team Page
5Dnreb EssehLineman31 
11Okin NnamhodLineman31 
5Dnreb EssehLineman34d
10P. V. BeckerLineman71 
8Bostia SurtLineman1016Block, Guard 
8Bostia SurtLineman15d
3Chamiel MoerreLineman1416Guard, +AGn
11Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf117Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +STd
3Chamiel MörreLineman96Guardd
8Bostia SurtLineman1616Block, Guardm, n
3Naj KellapsBlitzer68Block, Catchn
1Naj KellapsBlitzer520Block, +AG, Leapn
15Ecila AbmertoWitch Elf3874Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +MA, Block, Side Step, Tackled
14Doravlas Ser OlasThrower148Pass, Dirty Playern, d
9Chamiel MörreLineman149Blockd
13Trances KrebecLineman4632Block, Guard, Dodged
11Sreep LiarbujLineman1931Block, Guard, Catchm, -st, -av
10P.V. BeckerLineman2842Block, Dodge, Side Step-ma, m, n
8Bostia SurtLineman1824Block, Dodged
2Naj KellapsBlitzer1641Block, +AG, Leap, Dodged
4Inneb EicklerThrower2347Pass, Safe Throw, Strong Arm, Dodged
7Saluk FfewsothBlitzer4273Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Diving Tackle-ag, d
1Sukmar StonebrenckLineman1811Block-ma, -av, d
4Bostia SurtThrower21Pass-av, d
2Naj KellapsBlitzer731Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepn
1Sukmar StonebrenckLineman418Block, Dodgem, n, n
11Doravlas Ser OlasThrower55Passd
10Ecila AbmertoWitch Elf1232Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Dauntless, Mighty Blow, Blockm, n
9Chamiel MörreLineman1919Guard, Blockd
8Inneb EicklerThrower516Pass, +AG, Sure Handsn
3Nahpets EtuargBlitzer3278Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, +AG, Dauntlessn, d
9Cahmiel MörreLineman41m, n
6Triger ReplikkBlitzer6999Block, Dodge, Guard, Side Step, Leap, Strip Ball 
2Sukmar StonebrenckLineman1011Blockd
1Naj KallepsBlitzer1127Block, Tackle, Dodgem, n
8Doravlas SerolasThrower721Pass, Sure Hands, Accuraten
7Saluk FfewsothBlitzer1818Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n
6Naj KallepsBlitzer521Block, Dodge, +MAd
4Bostia SurtLineman2024Block, Dodgem, n
7Ecila AbmertoWitch Elf36Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockd
3Inneb EicklerThrower1432Pass, Safe Throw, Catch, Strong Armn
10Bostia SurtLineman10m, n
13Chamiel MörreLineman1721Block, Dodgem, n
4Naj KallepsBlitzer99Block, Dodgem, n
14P. V. BeckerLineman2033Block, Dodge, Side Stepn
14P. V. BeckerLineman10m, n
12Dnreb EssehLineman7592Block, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackle-ma, m, n
10Innedan BlussilefWitch Elf813Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockd
9Sukmar StonebrenckLineman118Guardm, n
7Inneb EicklerThrower1317Pass, Dodge, Strong Armm, -ma
5Okin NnamhodLineman8576Block, Kick, Dodge, Diving Tackle, Guardn
3Ecila AbmertoWitch Elf1638Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Tackled
15Okin NnamhodLineman26Blockd
15Okin NnamhodLineman10d
14P.V. BeckerLineman34d
13Chamiel MörreLineman1624Block, Dodgem, n
11Sreep LiarbujLineman3922Block, Dodged
5Ecila AbmertoWitch Elf824Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Tacklen
2Triger ReplikkBlitzer3457Block, Dirty Player, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepd
3Inneb EicklerThrower126Pass, Sure Handsm, n
3Sreep LiarbujLineman11d
12Dnreb EssehLineman2032Block, Dodge, Kickn
9Sukmar StonebrenckLineman1321Guard, Blockn
6Saluk FfewsothBlitzer3559Block, +ST, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Dodgem, n
1Nahpets EtuargBlitzer3976Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard-av, d
11Triger ReplikkBlitzer916Block, Dodge, Jump Up-ag, m, n
10Innedan BussilefWitch Elf2460Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +AG, +MA, Block, Side Stepm, n
8Doravlas SerolasThrower4076Pass, +AG, Nerves Of Steel, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Strong Arm-av, n
7Bostia SurtLineman2832Block, Guard, Kickn
2P. V. BeckerLineman1727Guard, Dauntlessd
4Naj KallepsBlitzer3958Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tackle, Diving Tackled
4Triger ReplikkBlitzer11Blockm, n
9Saluk FfewsothBlitzer1623Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n
15Doravlas SerolasThrower620Pass, Sure Hands, Blockn
14Bostia SurtLineman21d
8P. V. BeckerLineman81d
2Innedan BussilefWitch Elf1117Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, +AGm, -av
5Inneb EicklerThrower3144Pass, Catch, Accurate, Safe Throwd
13Naphets EtuargLineman2537Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
3Sreep LiarbujLineman2932+MA, Block, Dodged
13P. V. BeckerLineman11d
12Ecila AbmertoWitch Elf2854Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Diving Tackled
2Doravlas SerolasThrower75Passm, -ma
12Doravlas SerolasThrower16Pass, Accurate-ag
4Triger ReplikkBlitzer2231Block, Dodge, Tackle, Guardn
7Naj KallepsBlitzer2633Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tacklen
3Sreep LiarbujLineman1214Blockd
10Chamiel MörreLineman269Guardd
11Dnreb EssehLineman2733Block, +MA, Dodgen
5Inneb EicklerThrower1951Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Accurate, Blockn
10Chamiel MörreLineman512Guard-av, -av, d
9Saluk FfewsothBlitzer3151Block, Guard, Dodge, Side Step, +AGn
7Naj KallepsBlitzer922Block, Dodge, Tackled
6Trances KrebecLineman5156Block, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tackle-av, m, -st
9Dnreb EssehLineman26Blockd
6Trances KrebecLineman20m, n
10Chamiel MörreLineman94m, -av
2Norica GlichuWitch Elf2662Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, +MA, Shadowingd
7Inneb EicklerThrower1112Pass, Safe Throwd
1Sukmar StonebrenckBlitzer6174Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Diving Tackled
9Sreep LiarbujLineman1210Blockm, -st
7Norica GlichuWitch Elf56Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockm, n
6Trances KrebecLineman1318Block, Dodged
16Chamiel MörreLineman1911Dirty Playerd
2Naphets EtuargLineman1718Guard, Jump Upn
5P.V. BeckerLineman3320Block, Dodged
2Naphets EtuargLineman51m, -st
15Bostia SurtLineman198Guardm, -av
8Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf5676Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Tackle, Side Step, Mighty Blow, Shadowingn
7Norica GlichuWitch Elf1551Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +MA, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle-av, m, n
14Okin NnamhodLineman2934Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
3Doravlas SerolasThrower4980Pass, +MA, Sure Hands, Dodge, Block, Tacklen
13Dnreb EssehLineman3624Block, Kickm, n
6Trances KrecebLineman2111Blockm, -ag
12Saluk FfewsothBlitzer3988Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tackle, Diving Tackle, Mighty Blown
11Naj KellapsBlitzer4237Block, Guard, Dodge, Side Stepd
10Sukmar StonebrenckBlitzer3132Block, Tackle, Dodge, Side Stepd
6Trances KrecebLineman30m, -ma
2Naphets EtuargLineman146Blockm, n
10Sukmar StonebrenckBlitzer15Blockm, -av
1Inneb EicklerThrower3672Pass, Sure Hands, Safe Throw, Nerves Of Steel, Accurated
5P.V. BeckerLineman186Blockm, -ma
9Sreep LiarbujLineman3222Guard, Blockm, n
3Doravlas SerolasThrower1231Pass, Nerves Of Steel, Safe Throw, Sure Handsn
13Sreep LiarbujLineman20d
4Triger ReplikkBlitzer67137Block, +AG, Leap, Mighty Blow, +AG, Pass Block, Dodged
10Doravlas SerolasThrower22Passm, -ma
7Norica GlichuWitch Elf1957Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Mighty Blow, +MA, Side Step-st
13Norica GlichuWitch Elf13Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzym, n
1Sukmar StonebrenckBlitzer1121Block, Dodge, Guardn
12Inneb EicklerThrower1223Pass, Strong Arm, Safe Throwd
4Triger ReplikkBlitzer1021Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n
4Norica GlichuWitch Elf213Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockn
2Naj KellapsBlitzer2237Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guardn
11Saluk FfewsothBlitzer2476Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Leap, Side Stepn
8Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf3567Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Shadowing, Tacklem, n
10P.V. BeckerLineman167Blockd
9Naphets EtuargLineman2016Block, Dodgem, n
4Norica GlichuWitch Elf836Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Block, Side Stepm, n
2Doravlas SerolasThrower717Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Handsn
5Trances KrecebLineman2933Guard, Jump Up, Blockd
3Dnreb EssehLineman2524Block, Kick-av, m, -st
8Saluk FfewsothBlitzer823Block, Guard, Dodgem, n
8Saluk FfewsothBlitzer13Blockm, n
1Sukmar StonebrenckBlitzer2244Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guardd
5Trances KrecebLineman816Block, Kickn
8Trances KrecebLineman10m, -ma
6Okin NnamhodLineman4231Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
6Okin NnamhodLineman10d
10Dnreb EssehLineman1328Kick, +AGd
9Doravlas SerolasThrower66Pass, Dirty Playern, d
10Dnreb EssehLineman30m, -av
9Trances KrecebLineman30d
5Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf1217Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +AG, +AGm, n
1Saluk FfewsothBlitzer1322Block, Dodge, Side Step-ma, -av
1Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf34Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzym, n
4Norica GlichuWitch Elf3064Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Diving Tacklem, n
3Triger ReplikkBlitzer3044Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepm, n
5Saluk FfewsothBlitzer21Blockm, n
14Naphets EtuargLineman2426+AG, Pass Blockm, n
13Trances KrecebLineman1413Block-av, d
10Doravlas SerolasThrower1522Pass, Strong Arm, +STn
5Saluk FfewsothBlitzer79Block, Dodged
9Dnreb EssehLineman2219Kick, Blockm, n
6Okin NnamhodLineman3128+AG, Guardm, n
3Triger ReplikkBlitzer1426Block, +ST, Leapm, n
2Inneb EicklerThrower45119Pass, Strong Arm, +AG, +ST, Nerves Of Steel, Blockm, -ma
1Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf1860Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, +AG, +AG, Leapd
11Naj KellapsBlitzer5577Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guard, Leap, Tacklen
6Triger ReplikkBlitzer51Blockm, n
5Doravlas SerolasThrower1317Pass, Sure Hands, Accuraten
12Sukmar StonebrenckBlitzer4679Block, Tackle, +AG, Leap, Pass Block, Dodged
11Naj KellapsBlitzer1026Block, +AG, Leapd
10Trances KrecebLineman2021Kick, Guardd
9Okin NnamhodLineman188Blockd
7Sreep LiarbujLineman81122Block, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tacklem, n
5Dnreb EssehLineman76Blockd
2Naphets EtuargLineman1622Block, Dodgem, n
3Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf1836Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Tackle, Side Stepd
3Nahpets EtuargLineman212+AGd
5Inedan BlussilefWitch Elf23Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzym, n
3Naj KellapsBlitzer311Blockd
9Triger ReplikkBlitzer1025Block, Tackle, +AGd
6Doravlas SerolasThrower2026Pass, Sure Hands, Safe Throwd
2Sukmar StonebrenckBlitzer1426Block, Dodge, Tackled
5Naj KellapsBlitzer822Block, Tackle, Dodgem, n
4Norica GlichuWitch Elf5095Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Mighty Blow, +MA, Tackle, Dauntlessn
14Nahpets EtuargLineman1413Block-av
12P.V. BeckerLineman1512Blockm, -av
11Sreep LiarbujLineman56Blockm, n
7Lisara MindarenasilWitch Elf1533Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, +MAd
4Belerofin BalerianThrower58Pass, Sure Handsm, n
7P.V. BeckerLineman10d
5Naj KallepsBlitzer99Block, +AGd
10Gralo TetaanLineman2627Block, Dodged
11Sreep LiarbujLineman1013+AG-ma
1Inneb EicklerThrower48117Pass, Sure Hands, Safe Throw, Strong Arm, Accurate, Dodgem, n
6Jelana MindarenasilWitch Elf1744Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Dauntless, Mighty Blow, Blockd
4Belerofin BalerianThrower1644Pass, Strong Arm, Safe Throw, Sure Hands-av, d
11Sreep LiarbujLineman20d
9Noldor SpallekBlitzer3251Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Leapn
8Lil MarlonLineman95103Dirty Player, Block, Dodge, Guard, Side Step-ma, m, n
5Lisara MindarenasilWitch Elf1988Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle, +MA, Side Stepd
9Sreep LiarbujLineman33d
2Denderizu DidalonBlitzer3489Block, Dodge, +MA, Side Step, Shadowing, Jump Upn
14P. V. BeckerLineman2824Block, +AGm, n
13Dnreb EssehLineman5249Kick, Block, Dodged
8Lil MarlonLineman113d
8 Lil MarlonLineman15d
12Okin NnamhodLineman2216+ST, Guard-av, d
9Sreep LiarbujLineman114-ma, m, -ag
3Ezzerio ElthonBlitzer57126Block, Tackle, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowing, Pass Block, +MA-st
4Belerofin BalerianThrower2431Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, +MAn
8Lil MarlonLineman74m, n
5Lisara MindarenasilWitch Elf2040Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +MA, Block, Diving Tackle-ma, d
3Ezzerio ElthonBlitzer627Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
16Nahpets EtuargLineman4851Guard, Block, Dodge, Side Stepn
14Dnreb EssehLineman1613Kickm, -st
1Inneb EicklerThrower44103Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Safe Throw, Accurate, Sure Feet-ma, m, -ma
10Gralo TetaanLineman4578Block, +AG, Leap, Pass Block, Guardm, n
13Lil MarlonLineman2022Block, Dodge-av, d
9Okin NnamhodLineman2431Block, +MA, Dodgen
12Nahpets EtuargLineman1612Blockd
11Noldor SpallekBlitzer3940Block, Dodge, Tackle, +ST-ma, -ma, d
10Gralo TetaanLineman116+AGd
9Okin NnamhodLineman56Blockm, n
8Dnreb EssehLineman1914Guardm, n
7Naj KallepsBlitzer6599Block, Dodge, Tackle, +ST, Leap, Side Step-av, m, -st
6Jelana MindarenasilWitch Elf60110Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +AG, Block, Tackle, +ST, Leapd
2Denderizu DidalonBlitzer4961Block, Dodge, Side Step, +MA, Shadowing-av, -ag
5Lisara MindarenasilWitch Elf3291Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +AG, Block, Side Step, Pass Block, Leapn
4Belerofin BalerianThrower4281Pass, Sure Hands, Strong Arm, +ST, Safe Throw, Accuraten
5Noldor SpallekBlitzer12Blockd
3Ezzerio ElthonBlitzer3783Block, Guard, Tackle, +MA, Dodge, Mighty Blowm, n
1Inneb EicklerThrower3479Pass, +ST, Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Catch-st
4Firde KuregerLineman710Blockm, n
14P. V. BeckerLineman2051Guard, Block, Dodge, +AGm, n
3Belerofin BalerianThrower55Passd
2Denderizu DidalonBlitzer1740Block, +AG, Guard, Leap-ag, m, n
15Sreep LiarbujLineman5061Kick, Block, Dodge, Pass Blockm, n
4Lisara MindarenasilWitch Elf1026Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, +AGd
2Naj KallepsBlitzer118Block, Guardn
16Okin NnamhodLineman3948Block, Guard, Dodged
16Okin NnamhodLineman10d
15Sreep LiarbujLineman92-ma, d
13Dnreb EssehLineman4366+AG, +MA, Block, Pass Block-ma, d
12P. V. BeckerLineman3431Block, Dodge, Guardm, n
11Nahpets EtuargLineman5883Dirty Player, Block, Guard, Jump Up, Dodgen
9Ecila AbmertoWitch Elf43103Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Mighty Blow, Side Step, Dauntless, Guard-ma, m, n
7Inneb EicklerThrower3892Pass, Accurate, Safe Throw, Dodge, Block, Sure Handsm, n
4Noldor SpallekBlitzer2538Block, Dodge, Tackle, +AGn
1Ezzerio ElthonBlitzer48113Block, +MA, Tackle, Shadowing, +MA, Jump Upm, n
5Belerofin BalerianThrower48116Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Accurate, Dodge, Strong Armd
2Denderizu DidalonBlitzer2664Block, Kick, +MA, Shadowing, Dodgen, d
2Firde KuregerLineman21d
4Lisara MindarenasilWitch Elf826Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +ST, Blockm, n
3Gralo TetaanLineman4991+AG, Block, Leap, Pass Block, Dodgen
7Grendal RothLineman46Kickm, n
10Jelana MindarenasilWitch Elf4574Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, +MA, +AG, Side Step-ma
9Warlo MüsliLineman96+AGn
8Wurtolio QuordaLineman4647Guard, Block, Side Stepd
7Worht GhlaordLineman56Blockd
1Bilain OrdalonBlitzer2227Block, Tackle, Dodge-ma, d
5Murain EldonThrower2246Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Safe Thrown
4Enta MansandLineman1645Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
2Grilan TornaaghBlitzer2344Block, Dodge, +AG, Pass Blockm, n
4Elia NurbonThrower10Passm, -ma
2Jelana MindarenasilWitch Elf39Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockm, n
4Chitarno YoagLineman21d
15Girlahon RaargoLineman2447Block, Kick, Dodged
13Trofto IrlaosLineman31m, -ag
4Belerofin BalerianBlitzer78Block, Guardn
9Warlo MüsliLineman2211Guardd
6Woldir WillanturBlitzer85129Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Strip Ball, Jump Up, Pass Block-ma, m, n
14Lines RinliohtLineman9689+MA, Guard, Block, Jump Up, Dodged
13Gilareth JuorthBlitzer68Blockd
5Filay TortaThrower1932Pass, +MA, Sure Hands, Safe Thrown
2Jelana MindarenasilWitch Elf2458Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Mighty Blow, Tackle-av, d
3Denderizu GlanduliaBlitzer52109Block, Tackle, +ST, Dodge, +AG, Leap-ma, n
1Ashantur OrdalonBlitzer41130Block, Tackle, +AG, Leap, Pass Block, Dodge, Side Stepn, m, n
8Lisara MindarenasilWitch Elf3879Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Pass Block-av, n
4Jurgani HenutorBlitzer2617Block, Strip Ball, Leapn
1Jelana MindarenasilWitch Elf46Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockd
5Woldir MeranoBlitzer1731Block, Tackle, +STd
12Shadoth MornathoThrower65138Pass, Sure Hands, Safe Throw, Accurate, Dodge, +ST, Strong Armn
11Lil MarlonLineman4239+ST, Block, Tackle-ag, -av, n
10Vang OghLineman4662+ST, Block, Tackle, Dodgen
9Warho LianLineman3131Block, +MA, Dirty Playerd
8Hlothu XuntoiLineman21m, n
7Gerno IlliarLineman4257Block, +MA, Kick, Dodged
6Puyo NidilathLineman3036Block, Tackle, Dirty Playerd
5Bahrgoth MesnLineman313Block-av, d
4Lopen DertuLineman45d
3Crayte FraarLineman85d
2Girdal HinduloLineman1816Kick, Dirty Playerd
1Vengalo VirrilBlitzer48Block, Tackled