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Past Players of Beginging
Team Page
17Julius HottreeLineman10d
17Alexander TrueshieldLineman10d
17Howard WeakfireLineman10d
8Blackberry 9000Wardancer2441Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Step, Strip Balld
7Samsung JetCatcher1453Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dirty Playerd
16Iphone 3GS BlackCatcher2464Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Sure Hands, Diving Tackled
7Iphone 32gig 3GSWardancer732Leap, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Side Stepn, m, -ma
10Nokia 6600 slideLineman31d
8Nokia 2310Lineman1519Dirty Player, Blockm, n
3Nokia N90Catcher3290Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, +MA, +AG, Sprintn, m, n
1Soho UnlimitedWardancer823Leap, Block, Dodge, +AG, Tacklen, m, n
7Palm PreCatcher1532Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Sure Handsd
5Iphone 3gCatcher2558Catch, Dodge, +AG, +AG, Block, Side Stepn
4iphone 2gLineman520+AG, Dodged
3Nokia 2680Lineman1214Mighty Blown, m, n
1Yes PlanWardancer1521Leap, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step-ma, m, n
3No PlansWardancer619Leap, Block, Dodge, Side Step, +STn, m, -ma
11Nokia 6260Lineman3537Dodge, Guard, Block-ma, -av, m, n
6Nokia e63Lineman62m, n
7Unlimited CapWardancer823Leap, Block, Dodge, +AG, Tackled
5Nokia 2210Lineman2121Dodge, Block 
5Core CapWardancer13Leap, Block, Dodged
3Nokia e66Catcher1420Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, n
3Nokia E71Catcher210Catch, Dodge, Dauntlessm, n
15Nokia 6288Lineman40m, n
1IphoneCatcher2355Catch, Dodge, +AG, Block, Leap, Dauntlessn, d
8Nokia 1100Lineman4892Dodge, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Strip Balln, m, n
10Nokia 2600Lineman3537Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
1Nokia 3330Lineman611Blockm, n
3Nokia 6220Lineman1433+AG, Dodge, Blockn
13Nokia 5610Lineman1725Block, +STm, n
16Jumbo Cap PromoWardancer2558Leap, Block, Dodge, Strip Ball, Tackle, Side Step, Mighty Blown, m, n
5Moto V9Catcher1757Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dauntless, Guardn, m
5Nokia 7360Lineman20d
7Nokia 2760Lineman2324Block, Dodged
1Nokia 2100Lineman1123Block, Dodgem, n
5Jumbo CapWardancer47Leap, Block, Dodge, Strip Ballm, n
3Nokia 8250iLineman99Dodged
1Nokia 8250Lineman49Blockm, n
4Nokia 2630Lineman5761Dirty Player, Block, Side Step, Dodge-st, d
1Nokia 1650Lineman23m, -ma
12Nokia 2650Lineman20d
15Nokia 6500 classicLineman2820Block, Dodged
14Nokia 5310Lineman727Dirty Player, Block-av, m, n
16Maxi CapWardancer2328Leap, Block, Dodge, Strip Ball, Tackle-ag, m, n
6Moto V8Catcher65130Catch, Dodge, Block, Dauntless, Tackle, Leap, Nerves Of Steel, Side Step-st, m, n
4Nokia 1110Lineman1722Block, Side Stepm, n
16Nokia 6610iLineman137Block-ma, m, n
1Nokia e65Lineman2021Block, Dirty Player-av, m, -st
9FonepoleTreeman134169Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Take Root, Throw Team Mate, Big Guy, Stand Firm, Guard, Block, Pro, Multiple Block, Break Tackle, Juggernautn, n
9Nokia 6110Lineman10d
4Nokia 6610Lineman93m, -ma
13Supercap PromoWardancer2359Leap, Block, Dodge, Strip Ball, Tackle, Side Step, Prom, -st
10Samsung D600Thrower3771Pass, Dump-Off, Block, Accurate, Sure Handsd
11Mot V3xxCatcher48168Catch, Dodge, +MA, Sprint, Dauntless, +MA, Block, Sure Feetn, -ma, m, n
10NOkia 5140Lineman59Blockm, n
6Yes Sim 5Wardancer1918Leap, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step-av, m, n
3Nokia 6500Lineman5847Block, Dirty Player, Dodged
5Broken Nokia 5110Lineman4163Block, Dirty Player, Side Step, Guardn, m, n
1PhonetowerTreeman2120Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Take Root, Throw Team Mate, Big Guy, Stand Firm, Guard, Block-st, m, n
4Nokia 3210Lineman1924Dirty Player, Blockm, n
9Mot V3i GoldCatcher1825Catch, Dodge, +AG, +AGn, d
11Nokia 5110Lineman60m, -st
9Moto V3Catcher38Catch, Dodge, +AGd
10Samsung d500Lineman711Block-ma, m, n
7Nokia 8250Lineman5255Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tackle-av, -av, m, n
6Nokia 6300Lineman126Dirty Player-ag, d
5Nokia 6120Lineman92n
3MegacapWardancer1543Leap, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Strip Ball, Side Stepn, -ag
5Nokia 7250iLineman40d
4Nokia 8310Lineman196Guardd
6Sony K610i redCatcher814Catch, Dodge, Side Step-st, d
4Nokia 3315Lineman30m, n
12Samsung D900 with out the iThrower3656Pass, Strong Arm, Block, +AG, Dump-Offn, d
6Sony Eric K610iLineman43d
4Nokia 5510Lineman47Dirty Playern, m
7Sam U600Catcher928Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step-av, d
15Nok3310Lineman73m, n
8Samsung D900iThrower89179Pass, +AG, Sure Hands, Accurate, Block, Dump-Off, +AG, Dodgen, n, n, n
5samsungu700Lineman1521Block, Side Stepn, m
7Nok6131Catcher814Catch, Dodge, Blockd
1PhonepoleTreeman4170Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Take Root, Throw Team Mate, Big Guy, Stand Firm, Guard, Multiple Block, Break Tackle, Juggernautn, d
13SupercapWardancer58120Leap, Block, Dodge, Strip Ball, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Side Step, Jump Upm, n
3CarzyzoneWardancer2727Leap, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Strip Ball-ma, d
4Fly HolderLineman1634Dodge, +AG, Sure Hands-av, n, d
6Ke800i EriccsanLineman1710Blockn, n, -av
12kg800 ChocLineman159Dirty Player-st
10Bf-300 NokiaLineman349Kickn, d
9B100 NokiaLineman4052Guard, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blown, -av, -ag, d
8Maxi VodaLineman50-ag, m, -ag
11Voda JumboLineman3426Block, Side Stepn, n, m, n
162310 NokiaLineman1011Blockd
14Nokia 6110Lineman3130Block, Guardn, n, m, n
2Lighting MacgeeCatcher2893Catch, Dodge, +MA, Sprint, Sure Feet, Block, Side Step-av, n, d
1PansiTreeman74Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Take Root, Throw Team Mate, Big Guy, Stand Firmd