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Past Players of Kevin and friends
Team Page
8FiambreBlitzer10Blockm, n
8Otro nuevoBlitzer10Blockm, -st
11XeviWitch Elf66Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockm, m, -ma, d
11ToteThrower30Passm, n
5LindtLineman1019Dodge, Blockd
13GarryLineman1916Dodge, Blockm, m, d
8CerdaWitch Elf1139Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackled
16JerzyLineman1617Guard, Dodgen, m, n
15CoqueLineman2418+ST, Blockd
5DasfLineman84m, d
12RatonLineman1811Guardm, d
8Lucky Strike Walker de Texas RangerBlitzer24Blockd
10SalinasmanLineman3539Guard, Dodge, Blockd
8StevenBlitzer511Block, Dodged
4MarkoLineman56Dodgem, d
15MichaelLineman148Guardm, n, d
1TodebeLineman2129Guard, +STd
9SarahWitch Elf1931Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Block, Side Stepm, n, d
7Patchita CallandoWitch Elf2232Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Diving Tacklem, m, n
14MattBlitzer5356Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guard, Diving Tacklem, n, d
14BudkaLineman11m, -st
3FaustoLineman3242+AG, Dodge, Blockm, -ag
12Paul NewlinemanLineman2218Dodge, Blockn, d
3Florentino PatatinoLineman51m, n
3Florentino PatatasLineman10d
2HarryBlitzer2552Block, +AG, Dodge, Strip Ball, Leapn, m, n
13GeorgheThrower4253Pass, Dodge, Block, Sure Handsd
11PipoLineman3434Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, d
4DanteLineman2427Dodge, Blockn, m, n
7Sopicaldi IIWitch Elf2337Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Block, +MAd
11Jack MalloyLineman30-st, d
9WichibichiWitch Elf2943Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Block, Side Step-av, d
9BeautyWitch Elf37Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Blockm, -av
6OlegLineman919Dodge, Blockm, n
12GicaThrower2526Pass, Dodge, Blockd
9FideonaWitch Elf69Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Mighty Blowm, n
1PatchLineman4769Dodge, Block, Guard, Side Stepd
8JaroslavLineman4454Dodge, Guard, Block, Side Stepn
15JanBlitzer4551Block, Guard, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tacklen
2FlintBlitzer3547Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepd
16KevinLineman7650Dirty Player, Dodge, Blockm, n, m, m
11ZaidiThrower10Passm, n
2NinjapatchBlitzer78Block, Guardd
10UandalaBlitzer7385Block, Guard, Dodge, +ST, Diving Tackle, Mighty Blowm, d
7SopicaldiWitch Elf3553Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Dirty Player-st, m, n
12Apuntito StonerThrower1518Pass, Dodge, Guardn, d
16BridgesLineman76Dirty Playerm, n
6Rekevin RespencerLineman3126Guard, Dodgen, d
1AlimeƱoLineman2427Dirty Player, Dodged
8Perez Pucio SegundioBlitzer2441Block, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tackled
7BeawtyWitch Elf1332Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Stepd
5SpencerBlitzer106136Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Diving Tacklem, m, m
16JeffLineman1329Dodge, Dirty Playerd
1Perez PucioLineman1112+AGd
16Pepino BlandoLineman20m, -ma
16Robbie FoulerLineman31d
7AnastacyaWitch Elf1523Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, Side Stepd
9MishaWitch Elf5873Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Block, +AG, Side Step, Strip Balld
15PepinoLineman5132Block, Dodge, Side Step-ma, m, n
10PercyThrower2738Pass, Strong Arm, Accurate, +STd
5OggyBlitzer2715Block, Dodge-ag, d
2UceteBlitzer5644Block, Tackle, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
9NinaWitch Elf1517Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, +AG, Block-ma, n, m
7PachitaWitch Elf2343Dodge, Jump Up, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, +AG, +MAn, m, n
11Dave 'Killer' CarlsonBlitzer6158Block, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowing, Tackle-ag, m, -ma
12Pit 'Zocato' WilcoxBlitzer4862Block, Tackle, Side Step, Dodge, +MA-ma, n, d
13Steve DownieLineman4226Dirty Player, Guardd
14NarratorLineman7583+AG, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dump Off-av, -ma, m, n
16Charly BlundtLineman1615Guardd
8Mike SpencerLineman5166Guard, Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
6Maurice ChevaulierLineman4135Guard, Mighty Blow, Blockn, d
5Chon McCafryLineman90m, n
4Charly BlundtLineman10280Dodge, Block, Guard, Side Step, Diving Tackled
3AllanLineman10789Block, Guard, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tacklen, d
2Percy SpencerLineman93m, n
1Kevin SpencerLineman3042+AG, Block, Dodge-ag, d