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Past Players of Indianapolis Crypts
Team Page
5OL #63Zombie120Regenerationd
15Damn VinnyZombie10Regeneration 
16Parris CannibalGhoul Runner917Dodge, Wrestle, Tackled
10Death CainGhoul Runner147Dodge, Wrestled
16Dante Fouler Jr.Zombie10Regeneration 
16Bob Ross [CIN]Zombie10Regeneration 
10Marion MaceGhoul Runner30Dodge-av
10Malik HookGhoul Runner611Dodge, Wrestled
15Eric EvonyGhoul Runner158Dodge, Wrestle-ma
16Will FullerZombie20Regeneration 
8Marshall FlashGhoul Runner1040Dodge, Sure Hands, +ST, Blockd
8Focky McFockheadZombie10Regeneration 
9Jeff SasquatchZombie236Regeneration, Wrestle 
4Dwight ClawGhoul Runner81Dodged
2Malcolm ButlerZombie10Regeneration 
14Tarik GrimZombie356Regeneration, Wrestle-av
2Chris HunterMummy56Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Guardd
10RB#25Ghoul Runner1820Dodge, Wrestle, Tacklem, n
16RyĆ» MatthewsZombie10Regeneration 
14Margus HunterZombie40Regeneration 
8Rodney CrusherGhoul Runner2010Dodge, +MAm, d
16R'yn Schr'der #73 (T)Zombie10Regeneration 
82nd stringerGhoul Runner20Dodgen
15Ray ButchermanGhoul Runner3434Dodge, Wrestle, Tackle, +MAd
1Stanley Trollman [BU]Mummy1226Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Break Tackle, +ST-ma
16David DeCastroZombie10Regeneration 
15Trick VigilZombie20Regeneration 
15Joe "Reese" DeLamielleure [UCon]Zombie10Regeneration 
11OL#74Zombie1329Regeneration, Block, Guard-ma, m, d
15Ronald "Cash" PooreZombie10Regeneration 
6L. Fitz JuniorWight Blitzer31154Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, +AG, Dodged
4WR#85Ghoul Runner3542Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step-ma
15Bob SandmanWight Blitzer13Block, Regeneration-ma
6Tyson AlualuZombie10Regeneration 
5Jack FoylZombie6119Regeneration, Wrestle, Tacklem, d
14Jim PounderZombie236Regeneration, Wrestled
7Ryan SuccopZombie2416Regeneration, Guard, Block-av
103rd stringerGhoul Runner3051Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, +MA, Tackled
4Payton the MachineGhoul Runner612Dodge, Block-av
8Marshall FastGhoul Runner2118Dodge, Block, Sure Handsd
10Eric DisciplineGhoul Runner613Dodge, Mighty Blowd
5Raymond BuriedGhoul Runner815Dodge, Blockd
2Art DominatorMummy4356Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Guard, Break Tackle, Stand Firm, Juggernaut-ag
1Gohl-Dee (MIHN)Mummy2959Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Block, +MA, Break Tackle, Guardm, -ma
15Marshall FamedGhoul Runner1620Dodge, Mighty Blow, Blockd
14Torey Agee (U.Con)Zombie2219Regeneration, Block, Guardm, d
9Chase CuffthemZombie6213Regeneration, Dirty Playerd
8T. Y. HitthemGhoul Runner1941Dodge, Sure Hands, Block, Side Stepn
5Frank GoreGhoul Runner1544Dodge, +AG, Block, Sure Handsm, -ag
2DT#98Mummy1821Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Block, +MA-av
15DeAndre HopkinsZombie10Regeneration 
15Jay CutlerZombie10Regeneration 
15Toad J. LangZombie10Regeneration 
10Sylvie Viletree (UCon)Zombie2035Regeneration, Dirty Player, Block, Guardd
6D'Qwell JackhammerWight Blitzer3941Block, Regeneration, Jump Up, Dodge, Guardd
6Puke GhoulsonZombie10Regeneration 
6Julius DirtyfieldZombie15Regeneration 
8Reggie WhinoGhoul Runner1928Dodge, Block, Sure Handsd
6Seiko Tsubara [NIP] Zombie20Regeneration 
6Kony EalyZombie10Regeneration 
5Brandon StrikerGhoul Runner3242Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepm, -ma
11Michael "He's on Fire!" BushZombie6414Regeneration, Wrestlem, m, d
8Dallas ClawGhoul Runner116Dodge, Block-st
5Jeff SaturationZombie25Regeneration-av
4Edgarin JamsGhoul Runner5588Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, Jump Up, Tacklem, m, n
7ChumpetteZombie6319Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestled
4Paul PoslusznyZombie20Regeneration 
4Mike MartinZombie10Regeneration 
11Marvin HighfiveGhoul Runner712Dodge, Block-st
7Andy LuckyGhoul Runner412Dodge, Blockd
15Darkmontre Moore [TEX]Wight Blitzer36105Block, Regeneration, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Piling On, Guardd
4Darrel ScottZombie72Regeneration 
7Dallas ClawGhoul Runner825Dodge, +MA, Blockd
11Ted Ginn (WR) #19Zombie90Regeneration 
6Marshall FastGhoul Runner2236Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step-ma
15Larod Stephens-HowlingZombie10Regeneration 
11Morgan "Mostly Dead" BurnettZombie75Regenerationd
11Steve SloanZombie20Regeneration 
15Tristan DirtystreamZombie10Regeneration 
15Mark BrunellZombie10Regeneration 
6Steve FastgentGhoul Runner1632Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepm, d
15Bradie JamesZombie10Regeneration 
8Randie MossZombie3930Regeneration, Wrestle, Guard-ma, -st
6Dez BryantZombie30Regeneration 
5Andy HarmyouZombie4121Regeneration, Wrestle, Tacklem, d
5Andy HarmyouGhoul Runner00Dodge 
15Luther EllisZombie10Regeneration 
7Keith BurythemGhoul Runner3551Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, +MA, Side Stepd
7Keith JackhammerGhoul Runner31Dodge-st
11Freddy MachineGhoul Runner2935Dodge, Block, Sure Handsd
6Colby HangerZombie177Regeneration, Dirty Player 
5Chad HellGhoul Runner1323Dodge, +MA, Mighty Blowm, -ag
1Rickey MooreMummy99163Mighty Blow, Regeneration, +MA, Block, Tackle, Dodge, +MA-av, -ag, d
3Duane BlockettWight Blitzer89153Block, Regeneration, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Guard, Stand Firmm, m, m, -ma, m, d
2Jeremiah TerribleMummy94152Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Block, Guard, +MA, Piling On, Stand Firmm, d
15Ken IwebemaZombie150Regeneration 
2William FerociousMummy22Mighty Blow, Regeneratem, n
9Clyde Savages IIZombie10362Regeneration, Dirty Player, Block, Tackle, Dauntlessm, n, d
6Harper LesmashGhoul1012Dodge, Blockm, n
9Boyko Metodiev BorisovZombie412Regenerate, Kickm, -av
15Bart StarrZombie94Regeneratem, -st
1Reggie Warhammer IIMummy1536Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Block, +MA, Guardm, -st
12Rachel DentZombie11438Regeneration, Block, Dirty Player, +MAm, -av
11Brian WestburnerGhoul2353Dodge, +AG, Block, Sure Hands, +AGm, n, n
5Randell RunaroundGhoul2355Dodge, +MA, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step-av, d
3Chuck BignailsWight2037Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Strip Ball, +MAn
6Fred Xecutioner Ghoul1622Dodge, Block, +MAm, -av
16Tony RomoZombie6019Regeneration, Dirty Player, Blockm, m, d
15Clyde SavagesZombie1510Regenerated
14Mike QuickZombie12795Regeneration, Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Dauntless, Strip Ballm, m, -ag, -ma
11Steve Van BuriedZombie913Regenerate, Guardm, n, m, n
11Bob BomberZombie40Regenerated
9Keith JackhammerZombie2430Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playern
6Keith BurythemGhoul1428Dodge, Block, +MAm, n
13Bob AlcoholicZombie137128Regeneration, +MA, Guard, Block, Tackle, Mighty Blowm, n, m
12Fred BarbarianGhoul2348Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepd
11Dennis McKnifeZombie92Regeneratem, -av
10David AttackerZombie12938Regeneration, Dirty Player, Block, Kickm, m, -ag, d
9Ron HellraiserZombie74Regenerated
8Ron SaltZombie6016Regeneration, Block, Kickm, m, -av, m
7Mike GothicZombie529Regeneration, Dirty Player-st
6Wes HatredGhoul517Dodge, +MA, Blockm, n
5Eric FallenGhoul2342Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepm, m, n
4Byron EvilsWight Blitzer94158Block, Regeneration, +ST, Tackle, Strip Ball, Sure Hands, +STm, d
3Seth JoyhammerWight2225Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Strip Balld
2Gerome BruiserMummy4079Mighty Blow, Regenerate, +ST, Block, Guard, Tackle, Multiple Blockn
1Reggie WarhammerMummy2937Mighty Blow, Regenerate, +MA, Block, Guardm, d