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Past Players of Quis Custodiet IC
Team Page
14Jayden FractLineman33 
5Weston DersetCatcher36Catch, Dodge, Block 
2Peyton ProxarThrower11Sure Hands, Pass 
14Lu Tze the sweeping monkLineman60-ag
5Ridcully the BrownLineman147Wrestle-av, m
13NobbyLineman110m, n
2Sam VimesLineman180d
7Coin, The 8th SonLineman40-ma, m
6The Prof of Cruel and Unusual GeographyLineman86Wrestlem, -ma
8Ridcully Lineman60d
1Next dead guyThrower1635Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Dodge, Kick-Off Return 
1GaspodeThrower33Sure Hands, Passd
4The PatricianBlitzer2852Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Fend-ma, m, d
2 Brain CleardischargeLineman178Wrestlem, m
1Lcp.AnguaThrower410Sure Hands, Pass, Block-ma
3All JolsonLineman5045Kick, Block, Tackle 
13Cheery LittlebottomLineman1316Wrestle, Tackled
9Bjorn StronginthearmLineman100d
8Lord Nobby NobbsLineman150-ma, d
10The Lecturer in recent RunesBlitzer2848Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tacklen, m, m, d
13Coin, The Seventh SonLineman60 
8Two FlowerLineman60-ag
9FamineLineman1310Guardm, d
2Ridcully the BrownThrower2148Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Accurate, Dump-Offd
7ChrysophraseLineman354m, m, m, d
8Granny Weatherwax Blitzer310Block, Guard-av, d
14Gytha OggLineman528Dirty Playern, -av, m
8Esmerelda WeatherwaxLineman10d
10Cheery LittlebottomCatcher1131Catch, Dodge, Block, Guard, Stand Firmd
1 GaspodeLineman2518+ST, Block-av, n, m, m, d
10Bjorn StronginthearmCatcher28Catch, Dodge, Guardd
5The LibrarianLineman569Wrestlem, m, -av, -ag
1Granny WeatherwaxLineman100d
9Moist Von LipwigCatcher1116Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
5Magrat GarlickLineman70d
7Alberto MalichLineman259Guard-ag, -ma
5Susan Lineman20d
1Graham Line-a-manLineman68Blockm
13Dr.RjiswandThrower2983Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Accurate, +ST, Hail Mary Pass, Kick-Off Returnm, n, m, -st
14FamineBlitzer2024Block, Dodge, Guardm, m, -av, d
13Esmerelda WeatherwaxLineman50d
8Ronny SoakLineman2810Wrestle-ma, m, m, -ag
5Moist Von LipwigLineman87Kickd
2NobbyLineman369Dirty Player-ma, n, d
2OttoThrower11Sure Hands, Passd
1Nanny OggLineman103-ma, d
4VimesLineman5738Block, Kick, Tackle-ma, m, m, -av, d
11MortBlitzer84139Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, +ST, Tackle, Fendm, m, n, -av, n, m, -av, n, n, m, m, m, d
13Lord DowneyLineman77Wrestlem, -st
9CMOT DiblerLineman2216Dirty Player, Blockn, n, m, d
11NobbyLineman52-ma, d
9War!Lineman42m, d
2DEATHBlitzer192Blockn, n, m, m, -ma
15CMOT DibblerLineman219Dirty Playern, n, m
11Lord Nobby de Nobbs Esq.Lineman228+AGm, -ag
10Lcp.CuddyCatcher67125Catch, Dodge, Block, +MA, Side Step, Fend, Shadowingm, m, m, -ag
1Bjorn StronginthearmCatcher3733Catch, Dodge, +MA, Guard, Block-ma, m, m, m, m
3OfflerBlitzer101163Block, Guard, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow, Jump Up, Tacklem, m, m, m, d
6Carrot IronfounderssonBlitzer118155Block, Stand Firm, Dodge, Guard, +ST, Mighty Blowm, -ma, m, d
5Herenna HHHCatcher4571Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Jump Up, Sure Handsm, m, m, m
10Lady MargollottaLineman100d
11The Death of RatsLineman92d
2Fred ColonLineman236Tacklem, n, -st
4Gaspode The Wonder HumanThrower4872Sure Hands, Pass, Safe Throw, Accurate, Block, Dodgem, n, d
16Dragon King of ArmsLineman4228Block, +MAm, -ma, m
7Blind IoLineman6722Wrestle, Tacklem, m, -av, m, d
10HrunLineman126Blockm, -ma, d
15ErrolThrower1517Pass, Sure Hands, Strong Arm, Accuratem, m, n
14All JolsonCatcher68126Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Sure Hands, Pass Block, +MAm, d
13Lord VetinariBlitzer4945Block, +ST, Guard, Strip Balln, m, -st, m
3The-LibrarianCatcher2423Catch, Dodge, Block, +MAm, -av, d
4Dr.RjiswandCatcher1420Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, n
5Captain CarrotBlitzer2228Block, Guard, +MAm, n, m, m
7Lcp. CuddyLineman147Blockd
11"Wee Mad" ArthurLineman228Blockd
10Bjorn StronginthearmThrower1128Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Thrown
9The LuggageBlitzer5399Block, Tackle, Guard, Mighty Blow, Strip Ball, Jump Upd
8Sam VimesLineman6666Kick, Block, Tackle, Strip Balln, m, m, -av, m, m, m, m, d
6Lcp.AnguaBlitzer2719Block, Guard, Tacklem, d
5Cpt.Carrot IronfoundersonBlitzer20Blockd
4RincewindCatcher41Catch, Dodged
3The LibarianCatcher511Catch, Dodged
2Sgt. Fred ColonLineman2322+AG, Dodged
1Lord Nobby De NobbsLineman3017Dirty Player, Blockm, n, m