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Past Players of Double Trouble Skullies
Team Page
14Tristan ColdboneZombie10Regeneration 
14Albert DirtylightningZombie10Regeneration 
14Fools Zombie15Regenerationd
13Ordell Robbie IIIZombie50Regeneration-ag, n
6Dietrich Fouly Ghoul Runner1826Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, d
6RingyGhoul Runner10Dodged
5WrongerGhoul Runner1812Dodge, Guard-ma, m, d
6Morgwen ' The Bloody 'Zombie10Regeneration 
1Cory GrottylightningZombie20Regeneration 
15ZomgieaGhoul Runner176Dodge, Blockm, -st
8ImmazonZombie234Regeneration-ag, d
5Wobble Da dobbleGhoul Runner1837Dodge, Block, Tackle, Mighty Blowd
15Tzactloc of Lake Incatol IIZombie22Regeneration 
4Lord PuppysmasherWight Blitzer3641Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tacklen
12Baron Von BailoutWight Blitzer3126Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Dodgem, -av
10CaesarZombie4016Regeneration, Block, Tacklem, d
14Gimme da Bloody BallGhoul Runner2337Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Fendm, -av
10New DeadGhoul Runner54Dodged
9SheitzkySkeleton5039Thick Skull, Regeneration, Block, Tackle, Fendd
11BrainssZombie4917Regeneration, Guard, Blockn
9Squishy TargetGhoul Runner20Dodge 
4Lord De Baron El GoldsmytheWight Blitzer1217Block, Regeneration, Guard, Tackled
15Lord CounterfitzWight Blitzer134Block, Regenerationd
6Rest In The MoodZombie3136Regeneration, Juggernaut, Block, Tacklem, d
4El GranudsZombie30Regeneration-ma
14DroogbaGhoul Runner1418Dodge, Block, Tacklem, d
1Rocking BonesyMummy3328Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Guard, Grabm, d
12WhackooGhoul Runner167Dodge, Blockn
2Fouly McRawdyWight Blitzer1112Block, Regeneration, Guardd
4Nicolas "butterhands"Zombie70Regeneration 
11CrimtotWight Blitzer198Block, Regeneration, Guardm, d
7Dead Joe Zombie7043Regeneration, Dirty Player, Block, Tacklem, m, d
14Opsi DaizyGhoul Runner1210Dodge, Block-ag, -ma
9FrankostoneZombie275Regenerationm, d
7DystordiaSkeleton70Thick Skull, Regeneration 
6Tate RussellGhoul Runner1411Dodge, Blockm, d
5Snippel DribblerGhoul Runner4365Dodge, Catch, Block, Side Step, Tacklem, m, m, -ma, -ma
10ThrallZombie3819Regeneration, Block, Tackle-st
9Rachel PlayersZombie80Regeneration-st
6Stoopid GhoulishZombie814Regeneration, Fendd
4Hunty TryglutGhoul Runner2135Dodge, Block, Catch, Dirty Player-av, d
2Lord SmashemupWight Blitzer2418Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Guardm, d
6Gammliger ZahnZombie20Regenerationd
9Reinold ArmburgGhoul Runner53Dodge-ma
1Sir RestinpiecesMummy3222Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Guard, Grabn
14William HardsnakeZombie10Regeneration 
11Grimour Da Basha IIWight Blitzer2765Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, +AG, Dump-Off, Tackled
9Pumpkin PieZombie40Regeneration 
16William SmelliamZombie2311Regeneration, Block-av
8Trog "The Clean" HurtingtonZombie6839Regeneration, Kick, Dirty Player, Guardm, m, d
6Xander Van Der ManderGhoul Runner118Dodge, Tackled
6Uhmskull DribbleZombie33Regeneration-st
3Count OstenwaldMummy4296Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Grab, Stand Firmm, d
5Robert ColdfistZombie2430Regeneration, Block, Frenzyd
16Werner BraumbergGhoul Runner40Dodge-st
14Urtash GrutGhoul Runner10Dodge-av
9Sylvester PalewingZombie45Regeneration 
11Grimour Da BashaWight Blitzer1627Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Sure Handsn, n
5Zosser YrturGhoul Runner109Dodge, Block-av
14Albrahman TrushSkeleton62Thick Skull, Regenerationd
13Pork PainskullZombie99103Regeneration, +AV, Block, Juggernaut, Tackle, Prom, -ma, n, m, n, m
12Lommy JongZombie3223Regeneration, Frenzy, +MA 
11Draba DaiZombie65Regenerationd
10Surgar RottildZombie3614Regeneration, Blockd
9Grande El SkullowitchSkeleton82Thick Skull, Regenerationn, n
8Ulof TrashirSkeleton122Thick Skull, Regeneration 
7ResteonZombie4224Regeneration, Block, Tacklem, m, d
6Werner BraumbergSkeleton120Thick Skull, Regeneration 
5Ronald SpleendribblerGhoul Runner69Dodge, Sure Handsd
4Al FrackowitchGhoul Runner2944Dodge, Sure Feet, Jump Up, +MAm, -av, m, d
3Lord FumbledoreMummy1727Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Block, Stand Firm-st
2Loca RocaWight Blitzer3127Block, Regeneration, Tackle, Guard-ag
1Sir WinchiesterMummy2856Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Thick Skull, Guard, +AV, Break Tackler