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Past Players of Sin City III
Team Page
3Becky IXXLineman20d
17 Harold WeaklightningLineman10d
2Gali 18Lineman10-av
12Manute IIILineman10-av
7Hitman IXLineman10d
3Becky XVIIILineman611Wrestlem, n
1The man XXILineman1520Wrestle, Strip Balld
11Lebowtz XIIICatcher912Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Blockd
2Gali 17Lineman623Wrestle, Strip Ball-st
3Becky VIIXLineman20n
5Brian XLineman74d
8Wendy XCatcher2029Catch, Dodge, Sprint, +AG, Block-ma
1The man IXXCatcher1524Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step-av
3Becky VIXLineman1516Block, Dodge-av
4Sandy XVIILineman3037Block, Dodge, Tacklem, m, -ma, -av
4Sandy XVILineman30-av
3Becky IVLineman50-ag
3Becky VIIILineman21d
16John Hartigan Treeman3841Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Grab, Multiple Blockm, d
7Hitman VIIILineman3252Block, Dodge, +ST, Tacklen
3Becky VIILineman87Blockn
5Brain IXLineman2636Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n
8Wendy XLineman111d
12Manute IILineman3536Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
8Wendy IXLineman20-ag
5Brain VIIILineman33d
2Gali XVIIILineman3740Wrestle, Dodge, Strip Ballm, m, -ma
17 Martin TruefieldLineman10d
1The Man XVIIILineman2644Wrestle, Dodge, Side Step-ma, d
19 Trey DirtyfistLineman10d
17 Albert DirtyfieldLineman10d
10Goldie VIIIThrower1946Pass, Dodge, Accurate, Block-ma
2Gali XVIILineman58Block-ag
11Lebowtz XIILineman4869Dodge, Block, Tackle, Side Stepd
2Gali XVILineman20n
8Wendy VILineman713Block-st
1The man VIIILineman78Block-ma, -ag
9Lucille XIIWardancer3180Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, +AG, Side Step, Jump Up, Strip Ballm, d
8Nancy VIILineman30d
9Lucille XIWardancer36Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackled
5Brian VIICatcher1632Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, Sure Feetm, m, d
6MIho IVWardancer78Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackled
14ShelleThrower1558Pass, Strong Arm, +AG, Dodge, Blockm, d
3Becky VILineman3432Block, Dodge, Tackled
13ManuteCatcher2759Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, Sure Feet, Tacklem, m, -ag
8Nancy VILineman1311Blockm, n
12Wendy VLineman2114Wrestlem, -st
11Lebowtz XICatcher1846Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, Sure Feetm, d
11Leibowtz XCatcher20Catch, Dodge, Sprintd
8Nancy VLineman714Block-ma, d
1The man VIIILineman166Blockn
6Miho IIIWardancer1824Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Mighty Blow-ma
9Lucille XWardancer2235Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Step, Jump Upm, d
4Goldie VIIILineman5553Wrestle, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepm, -ma, m, d
11Leibowtz IXCatcher1115Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Blockn
10Sandy XVThrower43100Pass, Dodge, Accurate, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepm, m, n
4goldie VIILineman511Guardm, -ag
11leibowtz VIIILineman46Wrestle-av
11Leibowitz VIICatcher12Catch, Dodge, Sprintd
3Becky VLineman258Blockm, -ma, -ma
11Leibowitz VICatcher33Catch, Dodge, Sprintd
10sandy XIVLineman81m, d
12Wendy IVCatcher1426Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, +AV-av, m, -ma
5Brian VICatcher3669Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, Sure Feet, Guardm, -av
3Becky IVLineman911Blockd
2Gali XVIILineman4055Block, Tackle, Dodge, Guardm, m, m, -ag
3Becky IIILineman20-st
9Lucille IXWardancer2135Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Step, Jump Upm, d
18Brian ClumsyshieldLineman10d
7Hitman VIILineman7463Dodge, Block, Guard, Side Stepm, -ma, m, d
2Gali XVILineman89Blockd
17Brian ColdfireLineman10d
1The Man VIIILineman2950Block, Dodge, Guardd
20Ulric GoldshieldLineman10d
4Goldie VIThrower2153Pass, Sure Hands, Dodge, +AG, Blockm, m, d
11Liebowitz VLineman1621Block, Dodge-ma, m, d
8NancyLineman3047Block, Dodge, +STm, m, m, n
10Sandy XIIILineman1931Block, Dodge, Guard-ma, d
10Wendy XIILineman25-av
7Hit Man VLineman1017Wrestle, Guardm, d
4Goldie VThrower716Pass, Sure Hands, Strong Armd
17Martin HideouseagleLineman10d
2Gali XVLineman107Wrestle-ma, -ma
10WendyLineman711Block-ma, -av
12Becky IIICatcher69Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Guardd
2Gali XIVLineman117Guardd
9Lucille VIIIWardancer2368Block, Dodge, Leap, +AG, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Side Stepd
10WendyLineman61m, -ma
12Jonh HariganTreeman32Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate 
11LiebowitzCatcher1119Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step-ma, m, d
9LucilleWardancer718Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Stepd
18Julius DeepshieldLineman10d
4GoldieThrower2249Pass, Sure Hands, +MA, Dodged
18Edward WhitebrookLineman10d
9LucilleWardancer37Block, Dodge, Leapd
17Paul QuickwingLineman10d
7Hit ManLineman3354+ST, Dodge, Block, Tacklem, d
2GaliLineman1614Dodge-ma, d
7Hit MamLineman10-ma
17Graham HardeagleLineman10d
17Sean FastshieldLineman10d
3SandyThrower3590Pass, Sure Hands, Dodge, Strong Arm, Block, Accuratem, d
10WendyLineman1815Dodgem, -av
5BrianLineman58102+ST, Dodge, Block, +ST, Tacklem, m, d
3SandyThrower411Pass, +MA-ma
9LucilleWardancer1018Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Strip Ball-ma, m, d
7HitmanLineman1127Wrestle, Dodged
17Osmond PaleeagleLineman10d
1The manLineman5339Dodge, Block, Tacklem, m, -ma, m, n
8NancyCatcher52151Catch, Dodge, Sprint, +MA, Block, Side Step, +MA, Sure Feetm, m, m, n
18Julius PalefieldLineman10d
2GaliLineman2024Dodge, +MAd
11LiebowitzCatcher3124Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Stepm, n
9LucilleWardancer1121Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Stepd
5BrianLineman1738Dodge, Block, Tackled
20Martin QuickrockLineman10d
1The ManLineman916Block, Dodgem, n
2GaliLineman66Guardm, d
12BeckyCatcher46Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Guardd
17Xavier WeakstoneLineman15d
1The ManLineman96Guardm, d
17Martin DeepboneLineman15d
6MihoWardancer106231Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Step, Mighty Blow, Jump Up, Guard, Strip Ballm, m, m, m, m, m, m, d
19Sylvester DarkwingLineman10d
2GaliLineman1221Dodge, Blockd
1The ManLineman22-ag
18Robert TruehawkLineman10d
11LiebowitzCatcher2047Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Guard, Side Stepm, m, -ag
13SandyLineman815+AGm, d
2GaliLineman814Blockm, d
10WendyLineman4337Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dodgem, n
2GaliLineman512Blockm, d
12BeckyCatcher1330Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Stepm, m, d
1the ManLineman2138Block, +ST, Tacklem, d
5BrianLineman2311Blockm, m, n
8NancyCatcher49116Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, +AG, Sure Feet, +MAm, d
9LucilleWardancer3878Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, +MA, Side Step, Jump Up, Strip Ballm, m, m, -av
19Graham DirtyspikeLineman10d
22Kevin SilentstoneLineman15d
18Brian DarksnakeLineman10d
1The manLineman20-ag
4GoldieThrower78206Pass, Accurate, Sure Hands, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Tacklem, -ma, -ma
6MihoWardancer3369Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Step, Strip Ball, Dauntlessm, m, d
1The manLineman69Block-ma
4GoldieThrower413Pass, +AGm, -av
9LucilleWardancer1351Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Step, Strip Ball, Jump Upm, -ag
17Jack FastfistLineman15d
3John HariganTreeman6779Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, Block, Guard, Grab, Multiple Block, Break Tackle-av, -ag
18Jack ColdfireLineman10d
18Harold GrottytreeLineman15d
18Richard QuickfireLineman10d
11LiebowitzCatcher45127Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, Sure Feet, +MA, Jump Upm, m, -st
10WendyLineman821Block, Dodge-st
9LucilleWardancer929Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Side Stepm, d
8NancyLineman177Blockm, m, -ma
7HitmanLineman7683Guard, Block, Dodge, +MA, Side Stepm, m, -ma, m, d
6MihoWardancer1428Block, Dodge, Leap, Mighty Blow, Tackled
5BrianLineman1612Dirty Playerm, d
2GaliLineman2016Block, Dodgen
1The ManLineman61m, d