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Past Players of Quetzl Jungle Fighter
Team Page
14Crox-To'elSkink Runner30Dodge, Stunty-ag
14Crox-To'elSkink Runner80Dodge, Stuntyd
13Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner80Dodge, Stunty-st
13 Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner27Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tackle-ma
13Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner70Dodge, Stuntyd
12Cuhpe'achSkink Runner180Dodge, Stunty-ag
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner10Dodge, Stunty-ma
9Zutl-TlaxchechSkink Runner20Dodge, Stuntyd
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner40Dodge, Stunty-ag
11Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner150Dodge, Stuntym, m, n
10 Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner87Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
9Zutl-TlaxchechSkink Runner83Dodge, Stuntym, d
10Zutl-TlaxchechSkink Runner30Dodge, Stuntyd
9Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner10Dodge, Stunty-av
11Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner40Dodge, Stuntym, d
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner614Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
7Cra'elni-XltoaSkink Runner56Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
9Zutl-TlaxchechSkink Runner70Dodge, Stunty-ma
7Cra'elni-XltoaSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
7Cra'elni-XltoaSkink Runner20Dodge, Stuntyd
13Zutl-TlaxchechSkink Runner33Dodge, Stuntyd
7Cra'elni-XltoaSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
11Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner118Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
12Cuhpe'achSkink Runner3019Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Blockm, n
11Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner26Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
11 Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner20Dodge, Stunty-av
9Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner77Dodge, Stunty, Side Stepm, m
9Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner20Dodge, Stuntyd
7Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner66Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
9 Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner17Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
7 Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner36Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
3Mo'eyontlaSaurus Blocker6480Block, Guard, Tackle, +ST, Dodgem, d
12Cuhpe'achSkink Runner146Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
11Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner610Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
11Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
4ZolputzitlSaurus Blocker2844Block, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle-av
7Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner50Dodge, Stuntym, m, d
7Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner510Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
9 Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner186Dodge, Stunty, Side Step-st
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner3566Dodge, Stunty, Block, +MA, +ST, +MAd
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner28Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
7Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner40Dodge, Stunty-ag
9 Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner70Dodge, Stunty-ma
7Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner70Dodge, Stuntyd
12Cuhpe'ach-Tla'e Skink Runner1842Dodge, Stunty, Block, +MA, Side Stepm, d
7Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner50Dodge, Stunty 
11 Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner130Dodge, Stunty-av
11 Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner36Dodge, Stunty, +MA 
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner103Dodge, Stuntym, -ma
17 Howard GoldfistSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
7Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner77Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
8 Qranter-Yo'eKroxigor2433Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Prehensile Tail, Bone-head, Loner, Guard, Stand Firm, Blockm, n, d
11Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner70Dodge, Stunty-st
10Qranter-Yo'eSkink Runner20Dodge, Stuntyn
2Cho'echtleSaurus Blocker3137Block, Guard, Break Tacklem
5QromelhaSaurus Blocker70223+AG, Sure Hands, +MA, +ST, Block, +MAm, m
7 Qranter-Yo'eSkink Runner60Dodge, Stuntym
8Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner68Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
16 Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner72Dodge, Stuntyd
5QromelhaSaurus Blocker610Blockd
3 Mo'eyontlaSaurus Blocker4559Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Tacklem, m, n
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner43Dodge, Stunty-av
7 Qranter-Yo'eSkink Runner76Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
4ZolputzitlSaurus Blocker4551Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Mighty Blowd
1O'azca'erSaurus Blocker5154Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Tackled
11Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner1010Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
9Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner3278Dodge, Stunty, +MA, +MA, Side Step, Sure Feet, Sprintm
7Qranter-Yo'eSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner69Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
11Cuhpe'ach-Tla'e Skink Runner48Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
11Cuhpe'ach-Tla'eSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
10Cruztlo'aclSkink Runner39Dodge, Stunty, Side Stepd
9Crox-To'elniclSkink Runner46Dodge, Stunty, Side Stepm
8Totl-Crocna'ukSkink Runner100Dodge, Stuntyn
7Qranter-Yo'eSkink Runner58Dodge, Stunty, Side Step 
5QromelhaSaurus Blocker114m, -av
4ZolputzitlSaurus Blocker70-av
3Mo'eyontlaSaurus Blocker917Block, Guardm, n
2Cho'echtleSaurus Blocker1925Block, Guardd
1O'azca'erSaurus Blocker612Blockn