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The Catastraphonic Carnival

They are loud, far too loud to play.
Having travelled the Old World for many years as a rather unsuccesful circus these folk decided that playing BloodBowl might be a better occupation - how wrong can you be? Nevertheless the sad little caravan is now moving around the Old World playing what ever opponents will face them.
The current travels have taken them along the edge of the World Edge's mountains, half of their first 6 games were played against Dwarves. This seemed to suit the Carnival quite nicely as the won their first two games against the bearded folk. Overall progress has been slowed down slightly by the loss against the Subway Rats and the narrow defeat against the Short Hill Giants.

The team has been doing fine of late still with an above "500" Winning ratio but a hefty blow was the pay dispute / reoccuring injury with Bruce the Strong - depends who you believe on that one I guess. After the "retirement" of Bruce a new puncher has been found Ludger has performed well during his first few outings and has already improved his skills.
Unfortunately we have to report a further departure - long suffering Mario - the punching bag of the team has had one too many injuries, after being severally beaten several times, more or less killed, all these knocks took their toll and he started suffering from recurring headaches while learning a new skill. He is greatly mourned.It now appears as though Bruce and Mario's retirements were not flukes or lazyness as Pierro el Zidino also sustained a niggling injury while training for his second skill. He had shown incredible fury and made great progress with his frenzied attacks but now is complaining about constant foot pains.Redhammer concluded that their skills coach was being bribed by some unknown rival coach. The team has tarred and feathered up their old skills coach is now urgently looking for a new one.After all the retirement worries, the team went on a decent run playing successfully against some revived characters and the like, not loosing in 5 successive games - only then to run into a nasty bunch of wood elves. Although stand in thrower Reinhard did a storming job with 4 completions, equalling Ignacio's team record in his first game - the troupe got trounced by the elves and reliable Walter was severally hurt (recovery questionable).What the team really needs is a new apothecary. not ony did he not save poor Walter, now Maria was killed and he did nothing meaningful to save her (or him).
A massive drive went underway the team complete 3 quick games in a day* to get ready for the Warpstone open, brutal harsh but amazing advances were made on the training ground - although the games were really not worthy of note except that they got a very mild revenge on Dwarves in High Heels - a win at least. Then came the:

and a match against Porklift; and it all went down the drain. Porklift mishandled the Carnival so badly, leaving 3 dead, 3 bh and 1 seriously injured in a narrow win - killing of all remains of the original triplet of Tilean linemen.It is going to be difficult to rebuild from here, lets see if Redhammer can get the team back on track, although this is unlikely as the first game after the debacle goes the same way as the Porklift game - khemrabien; caused 8 cas against him. The last game against bila ruka looked like a bit of a more solid performance but was a further loss.
The troupe has had the honour of playing against the possibly most famous team of all startrek.nl a furth er amazing performance by startrek.nl - the bravest of all elves were beaten down by a nasty virus, apparently it prevented them from smelling flowers & perfumes. In disgust a punch of the guys did not even play. If all the elves had been on board, the game would certainly have not ended 3-1 to the troupe.
The troupe is continuing on the road to recovery having won the next came 3:0 against a Khemri side on their home turf in the blistering heat, they main problem facing the troupe now is that a further training injury now leaves 3 players permanently doubtful - coach Redhammer has to make a decision soon on who to let go.More games have been played and they have been of mixed quality to say the least. The troupe is getting outpunched by dandelioneaters, mice and all kinds of littel stupid things and this is proving to be a real problem. The team apothecary is still a liabilty and when will they find a skills coach that will show them how to hit hard and how to tackle.More bad news for the troupe - not only did Heinrich the Elusive injury himself during strength training, now the same has happened to Igancio Iluminus, their absolute star player. Redhammer is pondering what to do with him now.Going from weakness to weakness a continuing streak of BASHLESSNESS has caused the troupe to loose the 2nd oger and a couple of blitzers. After another pounding by the Power of Pro they will face a real uphill struggle now, the next game will be with only 11 players on the pitch. They have struggled from a fan exodus, their remaining 9 groups of fans are not filling the coffers quickly enough.So the demi-century game will be a big step for the troupe can they end the BASH-SLUMP, can they generate some INCOME, can they return players to fitness and regain fans?Its still too early to answer those questions but some stability has returned to the side but now a new worry has come up old hand Ignacio Iluminus - Centurion Passer - has now been injured in training again. He will start missing more and more games if this continues. Tough choices once again for Coach Redhammer to face: Shall he give the old hand the chance to make it to the top of the active human passers leaderboard?
; It seems the faith put into Ignacio has generally paid off, so far he has missed only a few games and continued to pass like magic. The bashlessness has continued however. After a brief respite the troupe received 12 cas in 2 games to put them back into their unrightful place. The last couple games have been hard on the team, knocking back their win percentage, reducing their number of blitzers further with the niggling injury to their iconic Knut Knoerrson.The only recent bright spot was the team's first Larson scored by
Bartholomaeus der Mönch against Super Rats 2nd XI.

Win Loss Difference Touchdown Difference Casualty Difference

* these training games were on fumbbl birthday and will no be listed in the official honours list below

King of Spades Bartholomaeus der Mönch for scoring a Larson against Super Rats 2nd XI on 2007-09-16

King of Hearts Maria the Bearded Woman for making the ultimate BB sacrifice against Mombai Buccaneers on 2007-01-01
Ivan Wodkalescu for being "Rockied" against Porklift on 2007-01-06
Walter von der Stummwalde biting the dust against Porklift on 2007-01-06
Carlo killed by Rocky in the battle against Porklift on 2007-01-06
Dirk van Kaaten for passing to a worse life against Dead Bunnies United on 2007-01-11
Heinrich the Elusive was murdered by Koebes Kings on 2007-02-05
Frederic de la Grange was torn apart by the crowd Where is Se Money, Lebowski on 2007-02-28
Rolf der Haarige could not be saved by the apothecaryWhere is Se Money, Lebowski on 2007-02-28
Ludger Lightfoot was fataly hit by a pebble Action Orcs! on 2007-07-23

Carlettino was murdered by a dandelion from Beginging on 2007-11-07
Gotthilf der Geißler was malovolently kicked while down by Schmerztal Darkbones on 2007-11-10

Queen of Hearts Mario was nearly transported to the next life[revived RIP] Barricades Arise on 2006-09-30
Carlo who had seen the bright light briefly [revived RIP] Karatatze Wumbatze on 2006-10-15
Der Burkhardt for really getting smacked [revived RIP and then BH] against SciFi on 2006-11-21
Fabioletto just escaping the reaper in the revenge against Dwarves on High Heels on 2007-01-05
Reinhard the Stableboy putting his body totally on the line [revived RIP] against Wesel At Its Best on 2007-10-04

Queen of Spades Dirk van Kaaten for being the people favourite 2007-01-04 to 06 Helden der Nation, Dwarves on High Heels and Porklift; (3 successive MVP awards)

Queen of Clubs Der Burkhardt for a CAS hattrick against Leeching Lizards on 2006-08-20
Skjoern the Human Penguin for a CAS hattrick against Swarm Fighters on 2007-11-11

Queen of Diamonds Houdinov the Phantom for a TD hattrick against Dead Bunnies United on 2007-01-10

Jack of Clubs Igancio Iluminus
for a killing block [RIP] against Mombai Buccaneers on 2006-08-26
for a send a greenskin to neverneverland [RIP] against Action Orcs on 2008-07-24
Ludger Lightfoot
for complete shrinking of a Chaos Dwarf [RIP] against Karatatze Wumbatze on 2006-10-15
Houdinov the Phantom
for doing his duty as an Ratminator [RIP] against Dont Shoot The Messenger! on 2006-11-12
Eric "the Shark" Nerhus
for 'retiring' an opposing player[RIP] against Fabulous Fanatics on 2007-08-19
Bartholomaeus der Mönch for putting a Gobbo in his place [RIP] against Moneymakers on 2008-07-22

Jack of Hearts Mario having a permanent (?) cracked skull from [-AV] from Keep It Family Friendly on 2006-08-23
for taking one for the team [SI] against Spliff Snacks on 2006-08-27
and for a further thumping against Wrangor Allstars on 2006-09-09
Pierro El Zidino for getting concussed [SI] against Short Hill Giants on 2006-09-03
Houdinov the Phantom for having his arm broken [SI] against Wrangor Allstars on 2006-09-09and getting beat up [SI] against Dwarves on High Heels on 2006-12-20
Carlo for his jaw broken by a foul [SI] by SciFi on 2006-11-21
Fabioletto for spleen & toughness reduced (-AV) by Red Flagon of Justice on 2006-10-24for being brutalised [SI] by Dwarves on High Heels on 2006-12-20
Walter von der Stummwalde for being brutalised [SI] by Dwarves on High Heels on 2006-12-20
Frederic de la Grange being beaten on the head [SI] by khemrabien on 2007-01-06
Carletto for having his legs broken [SI] by khemrabien on 2007-01-06
for having his ankle smashed [-MA] by Kraman Koege Roosters on 2007-01-23
for getting his head knocked about [SI] Landlubbers on 2007-02-08
Skjoern the Human Penguin getting a limp [-MA] by Where is Se Money, Lebowski on 2007-02-28
for getting a peg leg [-MA] Clan Eshin Renegades on 2007-05-06
had his neck broken by a rock [-AG] Action Orcs! on 2008-07-24
Rough Rude Roger being roughed up [SI] & patched up by Action Orcs! on 2007-07-23
and then getting broken [-Str] in the same game Action Orcs! on 2007-07-23
Zarthar the Surrounder being kneecapped [-Ma] by Wache Ankh Morpork on 2007-09-09

[url="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b389/Redhammer_the_old/Cat-Development.png" alt=""]
After a decent start to and great development the last few games have totally destroyed the great record the Carnival looked to be building. For a while it looked as though they could climb out of the hole but they have reached a new lowpoint recently.
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
7 3 3 8
Mighty Blow, Tackle, Stand Firm
  28 1 4 1 7 4 49/51 150k
7 3 3 8
  17 0 0 0 2 2 14/16 110k
7 3 3 8
  19 0 0 0 1 1 7/16 110k
7 3 3 8
  1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 90k
6 3 3 8
Block, Tackle
  17 2 2 0 3 3 29/31 90k
6 3 3 7 -av 4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 3 2 8
Block, Tackle
-ag 11 0 0 0 1 3 17/31 90k
6 3 3 8
Block, Tackle, Dirty Player
  35 0 2 0 1 5 33/51 110k
6 3 3 8   4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 4 5 8
Pass, Sure Hands
Strong Arm, +AG, Block, +AG, +ST, Safe Throw, Strip Ball
  75 191 3 0 4 4 Legend
8 2 3 7
Catch, Dodge
Jump Up, Block
  12 0 9 0 0 0 27/31 100k
8 2 3 7
Catch, Dodge
  7 1 1 0 0 0 4/6 60k
6 3 3 8
Pass, Sure Hands
Accurate, Block, Kick, Safe Throw
  57 26 2 0 2 7 71/76 150k
13 players  
Coach: Redhammer_the_Old Re-Rolls (100k): 6  
Race: Human Fan Factor: 10  
Current Team Value: 1960k Assistant Coaches: 6  
Treasury: 0k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1960k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:76 (26/19/31) |TD Diff:-10 (130 - 140) |Cas Diff:-68 (65/40/12 - 95/63/27)
Last Opponent: Hulksters