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Stage and Glory
P [R] Wood Elf

Winners of XFL VII Wood Elf (2012) after a clash vs Gritter's "Fight with tools", our 68th game, 2012-07-30. Did not compete in Masters since I also won XFL amazons and Crossdressers always go first.

Winners of UI XIV Qualifier: Jade Lantern (2018)

Lost in the semifinal of Ulthuan Invitational XIV at tv 3000 vs morehouse´s orcs.
Harsh defeat, with my legend wd killed by myself on a misclick, making him dodge into like 5 tz´s after a failed leap-attack on the ball. One of the few times I have been trash talked so it affected my playing (and that is well done!) since I like to trash talk myself :-D

Lost in the semifinal of XFL XII Woodelves (2018-03-12) vs CroixFer´s heavy fouling elves (12 in 16 turns, without dp but with two bribes)

Winners of XFL XIII Wood Elf (2019) vs Jokaero.
Didn't advance to the semifinals in the XFL Majors because I didn't think properly before. And I lost two amazing players in the first round of the Swiss vs Pirigin´s lizards. Both Strindburgaren (st5-bc) and Throwreck´s ghost (block,guard,SS,+AG,leap-catcher).

Winners of Warpstone Open XV Qualifier XI (2020) vs Rictor´s heavy BierzOrk´s. Out in the first round of main after two games (the first crashed) and horrible injuries both times. Sigh. Went from tv 3000 to 1850 in like 6 games or something...

Lrb6-games to remember apart from the xfl-serie 2012:

Game 69:
vs drunkagent´s darkies A Knife In The Dark. I scored, he bh:ed. Hilarious!

Game 76:
///Third and last game for me on the 10th anniversary 3rd of January 2013.///
The uber-wd does his best game ever spp-wise, and the oneturner his third best game ever (now 137 and 162 spps!) Crazy game. Stabbed a krox to stun and in the turn after bh:ed a saurus with fumbbl-staff WhatBall who had an amazing night as well on the pitch. All players had actually. Rock bh:ed a saurus. Had 3-0 at halftime. Only downside was that I used apo on a 15spp-lino and then Robert Wilson died, with 74 of 76 games played, and 90 spps. A shame really. But with two injuries it was about time to die from a piling saurus. Last original member is now gone. A new era!

Game 81: Semifinal of Lustrian Challenge VII Qualifier IV vs drunkagent´s darkies A Knife In The Dark. See game 69 above.

Woodies recieve first half. Have to field the ott since we are only 11 players, vs a pomber with skilled crew. Hrrhrr.. Somehow I manage to stall it to turn 8 and the darkies didnt have any rrs for the ot-attempt. So that failed. 1-0 at halftime. But check the stats, the darkies did 10 fouls. The first 7 or 8 without being caught. So the darkies just walked down the ball against 6,5,4,3,2 woodies in turn 16. I get my 1 of 4 kos back, but its the right one, the natural ott. With three woodies I SOMEHOW manages to score a ott. Insane. Game.

"Lets face it", the oracle whispered (as he always did and noone really knew why), "you theatrefolks dont know the game. You are supposed to catch the ball, not contemplate over it, or make a note in your head how to do it next time... or yes, that is what you should do. Remember real life and all will be easier. Remember the game."
Suddenly the elves started to chat like mad, he had never seen it before. They had always been very quiet. And he realised he found the way to progress and finally success. But he needed more cash, the win was just lucky, nothing else. The small halflings hit hard, but he was satisfied with the hits. Some at least. The oracle, Bengt was his name, sat down and meditated over the death of the greatest theatreman in modern history.

After 1-0 versus Ranklings, 2006-11-21

"The elves were stunned. Not of the winning, oh no, but of the cruely from the small menlike creatures and their own friends, how could Pete and Balalaika hit them, friends for hundreds of years... No, this was a time for sorrow and despair. Suddenly, from nowhere, both David Mamet and Tjechov was hit by thousands of lightnings, the old wizard´s healing spell´s meant nothing. It was awful... and then one of the sneaky creatures hit Marek with a spike or something, it all looked very strange. You dont hit a laying opponent, first rule in the elfish rulepapers. Perhaps there was something the team didnt know. The wizard shrugged. 3 dead elves... 3 weeks of despair. Could it be that there was enemies he didnt see? Could it be that... No, that was too awful. Still he sent O´Neill to figure it all out in the dark, no one was better fit for it than him... but could it be??? How could otherwise the treemen, the three deaths..."

After 5-0 versus Love me Love my dog, 061127

"The Oracle Bengt was very pleased. None had died. Mosts important. But second most important. They had won over the darkies and freed the tree... but this, he could not had expected that. The tree offered its services and was hired. Yihoo! They now had a rubbertree, inexperienced but still. Now other trees would think both once and twice before fighting us again, Bengt shouted (yes, he shouted... the players smiled politely to him, but laughed hysterically inside... shouted... can you imagine???)."

After 2-0 versus Cabaret of dark pleasures, 061201

"What did they do wrong? 7 dead in 12 games, and the teams 2d best player retired after 2 nigglings, what did they do wrong, the oracle Bengt figured. Niclas Sandstrom, the teams best player died in this game. Maybe it was his own fault, Bengt thought. Spare the best players from all hit, and let the shit stand in the front. But none were shit in the team. Bengt had a lot to think over. He started with a bottle of rubberale and a dangerous converstation with the upset tree... _ Here we go again, thought Bengt and tried to be strong towards the team, even though he cried like a child inside."

After 3-0 versus Green Bowl, 061204

"Another death for the team... it felt like they had more time for sorrow than training (they actually had, the oracle had even changed the law for the players in the community). But something happend. Just as Bengt the oracle was about to fire A doll and her house, she stood up, refusing. And there was fans behind her. She had known, so in secret she had collected 312 names on elves that didnt want the oracle to be so hard on the injured players. And Bengt obeyed. He realised what was going on. A fanclub was beginning to take shape! And Bengt didnt forget! He fired the apo and hired a new directly!"

After 2-2 versus Lovelly Greeple Couples, 061208

"A deal was made. The oracle argued with the head of the fanclub, who of course was A doll and her house, payed her extra under the table and hired her as co-coach to the team. Everyone was happy! The fans were cooled by A doll and her house, the oracle got a coach he could talk to, and there was space and money for a new character in the gang, a passer. The oracle always wanted a passing game, but couldnt find the person to do it. But now he had. That the team had no dancers was a problem, but the rest was getting better and better for every game. Hopefully they would stay alive, and better to train on the survivalskills than the aggresive ones. A living elf was sure better than a dead. Augusto Boal had shown great development and the oracle could see a new star in him... giving aid to a hitter... hmmm... new tactics were raised in his head how to break a strong cage... and the tree had done an amazing fight. He had done more harm in that game than all the 9 games before!!! What a game for the tree, and he didnt get the most valuable player... the game had been against a fresh coach, and the oracle prayed that he would develop and one day aid the elves in their quest... but the oracle smiled... it was still all in his head... no-one knew a thing about his plans... but the plans were finally getting out of the great cloud that had held them down for so many games..."

After 4-0 versus Destrucitve Nature, 061209

45 spps in total, 7-0 in score and 5 skills. Oh my God! Best ever I guess. Or not guess, it is!

Versus Lobbers of Gobs, 070410

I lost with 0-3 and it was long ago I had such fun with a loss. First half was crazy with non-tacklers smoking blodgers over and over. But almost all players wanted to play and were soon up again. But something happended which I really cant explain with anything else than bad offence from me. The elves got their hands on my ballcarrier, som magic non-tackle-blodge and a loss with 0-3. Strange. I got the cas though. The woodies turned darker with their hits and made Dolls team have a harder next game. Atleast something... but we will be back for a rematch. My M11-catcher hurt his little toe, and since coach didnt want to risk his only real oneturner ever, he was put to medical supervision quickly. The toe healed almost before the little blow was made. Apo was happy to save a dodge-death of a wd.

After 0-3 vs Dolls elves; 070817

Dino's On Dope had a really bad day. I did 4 cas, 3 death and one perm... and 4-0. Mad!

Two handicaps, virus and 3 morley´s... 6 players of mine out first drive. In turn two I had 5 players on the field... Well... story was ended before it started. And I played with 4-6 players most of the time. Had 8 guys at the start of 2nd half and 0-1 but 4 turns later it was 5 guys and 0-3. A sad story. I was so nuffled and it happens. Sad in the fc cup though. BUT - I crowded my own wardancer (only ko though unfortunately) to tell nuffle what I thought of that game! So I leave with pride.
In mainchat: "oufff.... (coughs) erkhhh... (spits) 0-4 in my fc-game in a woodie-derby... that was awful. lol. BUT! I crowded myself on purpose to tell nuffle what I think of him! Bah! You can kill me, you can go for virus and 3 morley´s but you can never take my... my...
"McMagnus Haha dakotha crowda sig själv :)"

Lost my dear ag5-leap-guard on a horrible game vs Ulrik´s lizzards. It started with my niggler niggled out, then the tree getting killed by a rock, the first thing that happend. I apoed him. Then a bunch of ko´s and I was down to 7 players. Then my sweet leap-ag5-guard went for the ball, knocked the skink over, but when dodging away from a possible surf, died. Then some more ko´s and then the tree got killed, cant remember but think it was a gangfoul. This time for real. Then I played with 4 players from turn 7, think I had 2 players on the pitch in the end, only reason is that I didnt go up from turn 13 or so. I was a leap away from getting 1-1 in turn 10 but failed. Most things failed basically. I think you got that by now.

After 0-2 vs Ulrik´s lizzards, 2010-08-02
Used my only magic sponge on my killer-wd before LC VII.

My third legend ever is born! With 64 games, 21 completions, 36 tds, 1 cas, 9 mvps and 176 spps M.A. TWIN goes to the historybooks in LC VII following my two amazons. Natural oneturner.

Died in his first game as a legend, wiz killed him. LOL. It was the final of Lustrian Challenge VII Qualifier IV.
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
8 2 4 7
Catch, Dodge, Sprint
  1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 90k
7 3 5 7
Dodge, Wrestle, Kick, +AG
  43 4 4 1 4 5 51/76 170k
8 3 5 7
Block, Dodge, Leap
+AG, Frenzy, Juggernaut, Side Step, Guard
n 79 14 33 0 6 2 135/176 260k
6 3 4 7
Dirty Player, Sneaky Git
-ma 35 2 1 0 1 2 17/31 110k
8 2 4 7
Catch, Dodge, Sprint
Block, Sure Feet
  6 0 5 0 0 2 25/31 130k
7 3 4 7   3 0 1 0 0 0 3/6 70k
7 3 4 7
Block, Mighty Blow
  12 1 1 0 2 3 23/31 120k
3 7 1 10
Loner, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate
+ST, +MA, Guard, Grab, Multiple Block
  54 0 0 0 18 11 91/176 260k
7 3 3 7
Dodge, Tackle, Block
-ag 28 0 4 0 3 3 33/51 130k
7 3 4 7   4 0 0 0 1 0 2/6 70k
7 3 5 7
Wrestle, +AG, Guard, Dodge, Mighty Blow
n 81 21 9 1 8 4 86/176 210k
8 3 4 7
Block, Dodge, Leap
Tackle, Dauntless, Wrestle
  23 1 4 0 13 1 44/51 180k
8 3 6 7
+MA, Strong Arm, Dodge, +AG, +AG
  42 26 8 0 3 6 86/176 250k
13 players  
Coach: Dhaktokh Re-Rolls (100k): 4  
Race: Wood Elf Fan Factor: 9  
Current Team Value: 2390k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 70k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2390k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:151 (95/20/36) |TD Diff:145 (339 - 194) |Cas Diff:-86 (188/96/39 - 241/117/51)
Last Opponent: Ritorno alle Origini