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13th of July The teams first game is finished. We lost 2-1 against some dorfs and Lieutenant Leaf was seriously injured, but the doc says he' ll be able to play again after a one match break. Hopefully, because it seems he is a pretty fast one! Silent Wind joined our team to give us some throwin' power. Lets see if he will be able to power our team a bit up!
13th of July Our second game is done and we lost again 2-1. This time versus Lizard. Shame on all of us but we blame Herbert for everything. I hung him up a tree after he got injured and complaind about feeling a weakness.
13th of July WE WON! In our third game we finally won 3-1 versus a team of humans, but victory comes at great cost. One of our most talented players died on the pitch and two more wont be able to support us in the next game. Lionel really shows talent he is far more agile than usual elves and thats not easy!
15th of July Victory again. The Coach decided it was tme for a less bashy opponent, though the humans didnt seem to be tough they really were! These amazons were more bout ballhandling and played not bad for a rookie coach. But the greed in turn 16 made them pass and not TD the easy way and the catcher fumbbled the ball, so we made it! We gather more and more fans, and "Morning Wood" could be convinced to play for us.
16th of July We managed to get to score in turn 16 during this damn blizzard and saved a 2-2 draw vs some nasty ogres. Our next match wont be easy though, Birdy is no longer an active player but will support us as a coach, that smack on the head was a bit much for him. As if that wasnt enough two more of my guys aren't able to play. We will see perhaps time for some recovery again.
17th of July Hell Yeah, what a game. 4-1 was the result nuffle made us as present. Well he helped a bit but we just outplayed these chaos! Great game, no injuries on our side, much experience gained and we managed to convince Astiduon, a wardancer of the old school, to play for us! The team is gettin better and better!
18th of July Victory full of sadness. Lionel died on the pitch, awarded by the crowd with a final MVP. 6 more cas were dealt by those lizards, the next game will be a hard one once again. Very disturbing is the fact that Astiduon got hit hard by that saurus and wont be able to show constant power in the future. I decided to take him out of the team.
20th of July Yes, Sir! We headed for some chaos, not the recovery we searched but the game went well and only one injury against us. Our defense was pretty good and Catchy McCatch scored once for us, awarded with the MVP-Award, so the game was a 1-0 victory for us.
21st of July We played dorfs again, 1-1 draw both td´s in half 2... boring game, but no blood so we are happy.
21st of July Uh.... bad match... Humans outplayed us... at least we were able to get enough money to hire a wardancer again. We will see what the next matches will bring for us.
23rd of August After a longer break we managed to win 3-0 vs some orcs, good match, more money gained, soon we will buy a 3rd reroll.
23rd of August We lost again. These CD where too big for us in this blizzard.. but the team keeps gettin stronger and stronger and we will be able to beat strong teams in the future!
2nd of September Necros were our opponents in this match. Good game, 3-1 Victory, good money, good everything.
6th of September Oh my god we played lousy.... 1 wardancer and another player dead. 2-1 lost.... These amazon hit us harder than we hoped, their boots did hurt and we never had a chance to win. good fast match of "WarriorTsuke", his team outplayed us really good.
1st of December We played after a longer break, and we played good. 4-0 was the result with 8 players right from the start vs some lizzies. Our opponent didnt play too bad, but made some mistakes that allowed us to go for the ball and score on and on. No Cas! Happy team!
9th of December Humans seem to be a nice choice for us... One elf was killed, but our medic saved him from dying. We won earned, lets get it on!!!!
3rd of January BIRTHDAY MATCH!!! Rotters hit us and hit us and hit us. But WE won 2-1.... thanks nuffle giving life to my players!!
3rd of January BIRTHDAY MATCH!!! Khemri were our opponent, a really funny match wich we controlled for most time. The mutations didnt bring up any claws or rsc's for the mummies so I was able to keep players on the pitch. 3-2, lets go on!!!
13th of January We played against Paulhicks Chaos. Result: 2 rips 1 niggle 4 bh against me. 3-0 VICTORY!!! Another wardancer gone, the birthday present, a thrower gone. No biggie, we´ll rock on!
17th of January Ugh.... funny match against Camy. Humans were the opponent, and we won 4-2, but it was much closer than the result shows... Unfortunatelly I had to dismiss a wardancer and another player due to injuries, and our starthrower was killed by a thrown rock. We face tough times once again, but we are used to them. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so please nuffle... don't kill....
18th of January Khemri-Picker-Award-FTW!!! Well 3 badly hurts against us , but only 1 RIP.... an an apofail..... well 3-1 victory nevertheless, next match with 8 players, but an st3 catcher ;-)
22nd of January Let's not talk about that match...
29th of January Ogres were beaten 2-0, but they beat us hard.... 2 niggled guys, one aging niggle and 2 RIPS... but hey we still rock !!!!!! The last player that played every match for our team is niggled and will be gone soon... the change and death don't stop...
30th of January Vampires were beaten, and we skilled up a lot. Unfortunatelly Morning Wood niggled on his second skill... still not found the way out of the playerless mess...
11th of March TheSpoonyBard seemed like an easy opponent, and his chaos just prooved what a sissy he is. 1-1, though we played with 6 elves for a total round.
19th of March Pililuks skaven didn't stand a chance. Still no money. Over and out.
7th of April We played vs Paulhicks amazons, and he prooved his bashing skill. I don't know how we managed to score those 3 TD's, but it looked the way it should: 4 woodies walked of the pitch after 16 turns. The rest was carried.
16th of June Fayden challenged us with his Amazons. Fortunatelly he didn't make use of "Get the Ref" too often, so we made it off the pitch alive, and a 4-1 victory was brought along. Lot of skills and a new tree!
17th of June We played vs Undead and managed to get away with only 1 H and a MnG. We also scored twice and woud be totally happy with it if not for te damn niggle aging on skill 2 on our lino. Whatever 7 players is enough what we need anyways!
17th of June Another bashed up team was played, still we started out 6 vs 9 players but were able to use your speed and agility to win 3-0. Three skills add to our joy!
18th of June A chaos team didn't let us any chance. We lost deserved 2-1, but without permanent injuries and enough gold to get a wardancer and back to 8 players!
18th of June Meaun was a fun opponent, the 3-1 victory was closer than it looks. Next match will bring us a new player, perhaps we'll have 9 players than again!
20th of June Yeah. 2 Rips. 4 more cas. Wardancer BH on a failed leap. Still was fun for 12 turns. Than the kickoff "Blitz"'s started... Anyways, face forward. 7 players. ST3 catcher gone. MV10 catcher gone. Gonna be fun again.
16th of July The match vs Ryger's skaven was an important one for us. 3-3 and no perma cas against us, but most important, we passed 76spp with a catcher without aging, and now have an ag5 strong arm thrower. Still only 7 players, but have a good team!
17th of July Yes, Sir! FF 17, back to 8 players, again skilled without aging, we are slowly climbin gback up!
20th of July We won vs a rat team, but failed to skill our new catcher and the ag5 lino, so we'll have to do this next match. Again, we didnt suffer casulties, so we will be stronger next match, but so will be our opponents!
21st of July Our wardancer will miss the next game, but that can't spoil our joy after that 6-0 win. We are back to nine players, plus the missing dancer and have finally reached TR 181 again! the opponents will be getting tougher up here, so I bet we won't win that easy again.
22nd of July 4-1 against an orc team that got crappy handicaps with palmed coin and a useless virus. We were able to score fast and skilled a lot, Timber will miss the next game, but our wardancer is back in the team.
23rd of July Finally the cas came back, we suffered vs those norse, but if not for 2 times double snakes we would still have won, so we walk off the field with our heads up high. We will honor Woodstock, our dead tree, with future wins!
18th of October We had our chances to score in that match, but failed twice with a double 1. Kenty than cleared the pitch and scored in turn 16, leaving us with a load of cas, but fortunatelly nothing worse than a BH. We are back to 11 players and look into the future!
22nd of October 3 TDs for us, 4 CAS against us. Nigglion died, having an ag5 lino around was handy, but we will stay strong even without him. Our next match will be with only 9 players, but hey, we got used to it...

22nd of February Meh...
22nd of February We played a second game today, with lots of ight and shadow. We won 2-0 against an all zombie/skellie team, but lost our wardancer. Dancestar will have to proove he can become just as good, we hired him for a lot of money! 8th of March Ro's khemri were the opponent, and despite a BIG beating, we just lost 1 catcher (crowdpush unfortunatelly, so no apo possible), and made a 0-0 draw. Next match will be very hard, but we will see what we can do.
20th of February The years have passed and certainly some matches too. We play again and enjoy it, the journeymen seem to have been invented for this team!
14th of March Nuffle blesses us with an AG6 thrower. Also, we are back to 10 regular players, as the lineman Linfoddrion joins our ranks.
19th of March One of the weirdest games in a while. We couldn't get anything going second half but somehow scrambled around for 6 turns and saved the 1-0 till the end. Darwancer managed to gain a skill and is now equipped with a mighty blow.
29th of March Played vs Synn for the first time in ages, and managed to pull off a 3-2 victory, without any losses. The next match will, for the first time in ages, be without any journeymen.
7th of April We played (once again) vs Left my Heart in San Francisco, and managed a 3-0 vitory. Trolling however left us, the SuperStar and his AG6will be dearly missed - his death shall not be forgotten.
8th of April Great match against PainState and his Buccaneers - managed to benefit from turnovers and overcome 7 CAS against us. After a 4-1 in half 2 we switched into "preserve players-mode" and stayed away form the humans, who scred the 4-3 in t16, but didn't threaten to win.
13th of April After ten victories in a row, the first match that we lost in quite a while. Darkies prooved to be too much for us, with a little luck we could have kept up - but it came as it eventually had to.
20th of April A game against flings had us go crazy in half 1. Nothing we could do seemed to work and we were well past frustration. However the tables turned in half 2 - turn 9 started for them with only 8 players on the pitch and we comfortably reduced their numbers and scored. 4 turns to go and 8 vs 5 players it was relatively easy to get the ball back to secure a win in t16.
6th of May It took us a long time, but we hit TV 2030 after our last match, looking like a scary woodelf team. Maybe time to enter a tournament, or a SMACK - but we have to remember that we are still woodies: Just one match away from total rebuild...
7th of December The Diary is getting erratic and needs to be written more frequently. Here is a comment after half a year of silence, about our game 68. The title of this game should have been "Change of Luck" - for Happygrue destroyed me for 4 turns... and couldnt pick up a ball after that for the rest of the game. Eldril was causing a big problem , more in ho to position than how he was actually used, but after I got him out it went downhill for Nubed.
4th of June After several years of break (again...) we played vs some vampires, who allowed us a 2-0 lead at halftime. They scored early in half 2, and a mistake opened the door for the draw, but superior ballhandling skills and a great performance by our wardancers saved the day: 3-1 victory
4th of June The second game after the break saw us face off vs a rare opponent: Dark Elves. In a rather freeflowing game with many mistakes, and typical elven bravado we secured the 3-2 victory in turn 16. With Darwancer increasing the AG from 4 to 5, and Willow - after scoring 1 TD, completing 2 passes and being awarded the MVP in his first match - getting to movement 8, it was especially the post match sequence that brought us joy.
5th of June What a game. We dominated the Khemri in every regard concerning the ball, were close to wrapping the game up 2-0 before halftime, but only scored the second TD on defence after the game was restarted. Captain Timber was killed early in the game, but the apothecary saved him, only to see him being killed again in T16, what turned out to be the 5th RIP of the game. His selfless play shall be a hard to achieve goal for many linelves to come, and a tombstone erected on the pitch will hail from his glory.
25th of November Ogre were in town, and we had over 1,5 Million gold in inducements... Morg was gone after 1 turn, the apo never used all game, and the hired henchmen were just fodder... but the wizzard allowed us a 2-0 halftime lead, which we carried to the final 3-1 score of the game, despite suffering 11 cas throughout the match.

21st of April THAT RUST! We played some orcs and started on fire, inflicted 3 cas in the first 2 turns, including a dead troll, managed to steal the ball as well and went 2-0 into halftime. Somewhere we lost our concentration though, as some untimely ballhandling issues left us on the backheel, and after the 2-1 score by the orcs they managed to steal the ball from our remaining 4 elves, to tie the game in turn 16. An avoidable draw all together, win number 50 will have to wait!

31st of March A draw against all odds. What started with a BLITZ! by the opponent continued with a intercepting minotaur and ended with snakeeyes on a GFI by our lone catcher. In between there was much individual display of skill, dodging in and out of tacklezones, knocking balls loose and whatnot. Unfortunately We also lost our star wardancer (RIP) and our star thrower (get lost with your injury!) and several other guys along the way. We are stuck with 5 players on the team, so again an army of journeymen will have to help us out.
5th of April Finally! Our 50th win came in a game where it did not look like it was going to happen for a long time. 0-1 at halftime, despite us receiving in the first half, but again we showed our skill on defense! 1-2 in the end, and what is more: no injuries! ...I mean... yes... a journeyman... but who cares about those? Onwards!
5th of April Win number 51 was a fun game against dorfs. They got 6 of our guys off the pitch by turn 5, but Elves be Elves: 2-0 up for us by turn 14, and easy coasting to a 2-1 win!
6th of April Awesome game. MysteriousHandle was a great sport, and the chaotic up and down the pitch is best summarized by the impressive treeman Oakland scoring the game tieing touchdown!
14th of April Going up against ogres is always fun - it just sometimes hurts. We had a RIP against us and an SI, but the apo helped, so only Fallen Leaf will be missing a game, and back after that. 3-0 win!
15th of April BAM! Five touchdowns, no injuries, back to 6 (SIX!) players on the team. Incredible.
16th of April Feeling let down by the dice. 2-1 up at halftime, recieving in half 2... and then came the snakeeyes. Awful luck in half one (3casulties against us in turn 1... 9 in the whole game) followed by a barrage of snakeeyes in half 2. Should have won this easily enough, but to not even get a draw leaves us with one word: Salty.
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
2 6 1 10
Loner, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate
Guard, Grab, Juggernaut, Break Tackle
  35 0 1 0 13 7 64/76 200k
8 3 4 7
Block, Dodge, Leap
Tackle, Side Step, Mighty Blow
  6 3 7 0 3 1 35/51 190k
8 3 4 7
Block, Dodge, Leap
Side Step
  3 1 3 0 0 1 15/16 140k
8 2 4 7
Catch, Dodge, Sprint
  1 0 0 0 0 1 5/6 90k
8 2 5 7
Catch, Dodge, Sprint
Dauntless, Frenzy, Block, Strip Ball, +AG
  42 10 23 0 4 4 107/176 210k
7 3 4 7
Dodge, Block
  8 4 1 0 1 2 19/31 110k
Journeyman Lineman
7 3 4 7
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 70k
Journeyman Lineman
7 3 4 7
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 70k
Journeyman Lineman
7 3 4 7
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 70k
Journeyman Lineman
7 3 4 7
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 70k
Journeyman Lineman
7 3 4 7
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 70k
6 players  
Coach: Gromrilram Re-Rolls (100k): 4  
Race: Wood Elf Fan Factor: 11  
Current Team Value: 1650k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 70k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1650k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:80 (53/13/14) |TD Diff:93 (186 - 93) |Cas Diff:-142 (66/27/18 - 124/84/45)
Last Opponent: Sun City Devils