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  1. thanks a lot for this highly unexpected,
    and enormously appreciated gift!


12. Last position in XFL XIV Masters Group B (2020). My worst major-performance ever I think. :-D

... XFL Amazon XIV. Won vs Java´s TeenageMutantNinjaSpiceGirls.

... UI XV Qualifier: Jade Lantern. Won vs Nightbreed´s nice helves

... Warpstone Open X Qualifier III. Won vs Quarion8´s nice darkies

Lost vs huff´s Contagious Plague.

... UI IX Qualifier: Golden Lantern. Lost 1st round main vs rafa.

... XFL Amazon VII. Lost in Masters semfinal to vaclav´s cds.

Best game ever on fumbbl for me. It was a truly amazing night.

... Lustrian Challenge V Qualifier VII

... GLT VII: Old Teams Qualifiers 3. Great final vs Gary_Gygax.

... Lustrian Challenge II Qualifier XVI

... Warpstone Open III Qualifier XIV


Team Awards and Badges (the work seem to have ended 2017/2018)

... Ranked Amazon Team of 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Papers and Threads

  1. We love this thread. TY MadTias for your work.
  2. And we love Milford, sincerely and deeply. And Bo. Read this page...
  3. Want to get a hold of the game day brassier worn by Andrea Vahol or the "Official Crossdressers Make up Kit and Refresher"? Then check out Grotty Little Newspaper # 17!

Runner ups in Lustrian Challenge V Group 1 Playoff.
Lost in the main tourney in the semifinal vs jock´s high insanity elves.

Lost in the quarterfinal of Lustrian Challenge II to katze´s fremdwoerterbuch.

Lost in the quarterfinal of Warpstone Open III to Hovring´s Dark City Comrades who ended as runner ups! We were very pleased!
If I had won the WO-Cup I promised Gitzbang to get a mutated Wonderbra!

Runner ups in Smack Legend CCVII. Lost to Trog´s Darkness Divine.

Lost in the final of UI VIII Qualifier: Bright Lantern 2012 vs Oly´s humans, after defeating dwarves in the semi.
-------------------TEAM START----------------------------
This former rookie-team had high expectations from the staff and the coach. Were they fulfilled? So far. yes. 10/0/1 says it all with a smackwin!

So, what happend?
Well, there was a rumour that Andy Warhol were in the team, the cameras were suddenly everywhere, and BAM! a lot of stars that sucks at bb joined very quickly, and since we lack publicity and cash, I let them join. I must say some attempts to be a crossdresser is really bad. I mean really bad.

Let the journey begin. Soon we will have true heroinnes on the team. Watch and learn small men!
4 skills in the first game. Must be record for me!
8/21 are doubles or stats in game 20. nice.
6/20 in game 24.
2/12 in game 58.
8/27 in game 74.
7/30 in game 108.
9/30 in game 147.
I have had one dead lady in 30 games.... now that is just odd... now its two after 31 games. But I have saved 8 girls it looks like, since the kills are 10...
... 12 dead in 58 games. So it has evened out, as it usually does.

17 girls have been retired due to injury or been killed in 51 games. Not bad at all!
9 girls have been retired due to injury or been killed in the 7 games after that. Very Very Very Bad!

And now, after the break, its down to one experienced girl and the rest is rookies or kind of rookies. How will the story continue?
15/28, with a LOT of cash, then 16/18 with some less cash. Now greed starts to show. Will I play more before XFL?
13/12 now and 200 k. Ready now mr Greed?
10/8 and in good shape. I cant stop apparently. 2008-07-11
5/8 and loads of cash. 2008-07-30
Highest team strength of all active amazonteams. 267 (it is with zara, a wiz and 170 k extra) 2008-08-18: 272
We are still waiting for our first win over amazons, 0/2/4, and darkies are one of the hardest opponents after that. Remember this coach!
Highest gate ever with this team for me, after 133 games. <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&op=view&id=2322675">202 000 folks</a>
Probably highest ever for me as well. Has to be that. ;-D
27/49 of all amazon-teams 2008-11-20... xfl is still some distance away...
27/54 of all amazon-teams 2009-02-18... xfl is one day away! And its not the same xfl even!
"I'm going to accept just because of the pick of Warhol xD" - those rats beat me with 3-2 it turned out.
3rd most TDs of all Amazonteams! 2009-05-31
Luckier than George W Bush when he "won" the election! (yes, I paid Christer a lot... oil-industry... how else do you think he can afford to run this site on donations! Grow up!)
<Dhaktokh> du höjde min cas mot mig med 300%
<Dhaktokh> hade en cas emot, nu hela 3!!!
<Dhaktokh> där kom en gamereport
<hustler> mohahah (even)
<hustler> haha
<hustler> du är ju inte frisk på en fläck
<Dhaktokh> du gjorde första tdn på dem
<Dhaktokh> 13-1
<Dhaktokh> yihaaa!!!
<Dhaktokh> hustler. det är bara en komplimang, en av de bästa. sluta! jag rodnar!!!

Vs hustler´s Rats on Attack (had 143/164 after that game, our 4th)

Sacked two rookie-ladies to join a vet-smack. <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&op=view&player_id=4692355">Copa-girl</a>; and <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&op=view&player_id=4675130">The bride</a> (both are now ass. coaches for the smackwinners!!!) Hard for the fellows though... Whats first opponent if not 9 tacklers and 5 mb. Yes, dwarves... oh no, my favourite-zons!!! Went to OT and I won. Hooray!!! In the middle of ot I became aware that next opponent was... dwarves, this time with a bunch of guards and 2 dps. So I got myself a 2nd dp and a mb for the skills I recieved. On the way to OT in the 2nd game I killed 2 dwarves (one failed apo) and mng one!!! Tathar BHed two of my women... I used my wiz at turn 16, managed to get the ball and threw it away... on square too little. The dwarves did a heroic move and suddenly it was 1-1 and OT... I think this took me 5 hours playing straight, with zons vs dwarves the whole time. I am so fcuked up in my brain now. But I got past two good coaches and the impossible matchup. What is the answer? Well, my zons had av 10. As easy as that. Some BH and KO, that was it. Strange... Qaz undead in the final. Seems easy compared to the other two games... ofc its not, but its a relief compared to the past 5 hours... HOORAY for the zons!!!

After facing Ash´s Kanaka Miners and then Tathar´s Clan Irn-Brum, both dwarves in a smack.

Had a lucky and fairly easy game versus Qaz in the smack-final, some early cas made the way to an easy 1-0 at halftime and then a magic wiz cleared the path for 2-0. I bet it was 8 turns of stalling, but the women wanted the win, and got it!

After 2-0 vs Qaz undead in a smack-final

Raydio had a hard day at work at game 2 in the WO-qualifier with the elves today when nuffle didnt want to join his team. As pointed out by RC very truly it was a boring game. WIth me stalling first half, just having my ballcarrier standing alone at my half and trying to beat as many elves as possible. It was 6 kos. Raydio got 3 of them back to 2nd half. Then his bad luck continued and we managed to stop his attack and thought we had the ball safe, just one gfi. And a MNG on the skulls. And then the elves were over the ball again, and I thought: This time I do an unnessesary gfi. And fell prone again. At turn 16 I managed to pass the ball to 2-0. Thanks for the game raydio, wasnt a very fair game. The crossdressers continue to disturb the crowd with their marvellous outfits, and raydio even liked it! Go girls!

After 2-0 vs Maruawan Capricorns in game 2 of the WO-qualifiers.

I was stunned with the thought of how to stop two oneturning gutters before the game.
Well, after a slow drive from me in first half, where I tried to get rid of as many rats as possible and get the rats rr to 0 before turn 8, it was still down to a rather easy oneturn-attempt in turn 8. The move10-sprint-ag5 gutter failed to recieve the handoff, doubleskulls... No luck for Piispa there. And that was basically the game, he failed almost all of the important ball-dices.

2nd half. Melody Mouse goes for a oneturnscore and makes it. So I had the drive and the rat´s wiz knocks my ballcarrier over. But the ag 5 gutter fails the pass, without rr avaliable. So here I am caging with no wiz to be afraid of. And then my hits are strong and mean, and Candy makes some nasty fouls. In the end the only rat on the pitch is the star-ogre eating grass. And I allow myself to skill up some players.

Thanks crowd, for your support and love! Two rocks made my life easier! Free tickets for all stonethrowers next game in the sewersystem!!!

After 2-1 vs Mickey Mouse and The Family in the semifinal of WO Qualifier XIV 2008.

Our coach Candy is dead!
Evil RC killed her on a dp-foul without assist. May darkies burn forever! ;-D
So now the nice recovery (recovery? I didnt loose a single player in the Qualifiers... woops) game turned into something expected but I sure didnt like it. Got a new dp after the game, and need some nice elves for my next "recovery".
We dont know what to do now. Candy was a coach-star. Who will step up? We have no clue.

After 0-2 in a "recovery"-game vs RCs DEs before the WO-finals.

Quarterfinal of the WO-finals.
A great game to start with.
I got 2 morleys, it wasnt me on a nothing special-thrower, bad press and extra training.
1st half
In turn 2 both of our apos were used successfully.
I got the st4-tackler-witch out and after a really messy half, where ss-dt-tackling-darkies were all around, I managed to get the ball to Zara, who, did the stupid mistake to throw the ball and fumbbled... that gave the darkies and easy td instead of making a very hard attempt. Stupid me.
2nd half
I think the darkies started with 5 guys, is that the truth hovring? And I had like 9 or something. Perhaps even more. So I hunted the ball and made 1-1 in the last turn. I think then it was 5 elves vs 8 zons in OT and I got the ball, but first it was a not so important blitz för the darkies since I still got the ball.
But for the first time dices were bad for me for real, and too many skulls together with lucky hits for the darkies made me desperate. So I went to 2 gfi to score and then hoped to hold the defence for 4 turns. It could had worked but I failed the last gfi without any rr that turn to use. Why I did try for gfi? Well, the darkies had some ss-dt-tacklers left and I was out of tacklers. And the darkies had a wiz that scared me and I couldnt hide from both of them. And the ball scattered into the crowd and in a great spot for the darkies. And there it was all over, and couldnt do anything.
We are proud to have got this far. Pity is that I could had won. I didnt really believe that before the game started since the darkies had 5 tacklers and 4 dts and many ss. That is very tricky for amazons to master.
Good Luck and hope you beat those Chaos in the final.
And if you dont beat the orcs then I wont play you again! ;-D

After loosing 1-2 vs Hovring´s Dark City Comrades

The girls were very angry tonight. Apparently some from hovring´s darkelves were seen on the city celebrating the 2nd place in WO - and the girls were so upset since those dark comrades didnt win the WO. That would had mad us look better!!! So, some chaos-guys asked for a game at the exact same moment as I did, and... they shouldnt had. The girls played one of their best games ever, and hit so hard that coach left the arena crying, feeling sad for the poor beasts. The girls cooled down somewhat afterwards, but here is more power to come for future games. Thanks for playing Pisatcho_1, you were brave in the misery!

After 4-0 vs Los Devoradores de almas

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=4654370">Rudi</a>; died (on a failed apo), our brightest star ever. The once so beautiful team is now in pieces. Rebuild, rebuild...
My fifth quatro ever.
And a successful longbomb for the draw!
The fists of the mummies and their friends were Way Too Strong today.

After 2-2 vs Heavymetal Rockstars

Our last shining star is now retired. <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=4654296">Camp Queen</a> was a true heroinne, with 3 positions at different Top Ten Active Ranked Zon Blitzers. But a rookie-nurgle-team got her and now the once so famous Crossdressers are nothing but a shadow of their lost great powers. Will they ever come back? Will coach even try? I dunno, time will tell!

After 3-3 vs Star of eight clan

I managed to win. 8 zons vs 8 ogres! Woohaaaaaaaaaa.... never thought that when I discovered the block-tackling-ogre-beast! ;-D
Was a good game. Zons should die vs ogres, what would the world look like else!
After 1-0 vs Oldenburg Ogres

A hard and fun game.
The dressers didnt see the gigantic Dr. PWN until it was too late and then they had been rejected twice by The_Emperor´s elfteams. So they were hungry for a game.
Had 2-0 at halftime, with a kind blitz on kick-off and some luck.
The first two turns at 2nd half kicked out 5 of my 11 fielded players.
But we fought on and could had gotten 3-0 with some luck at turn 13. Had some bad luck with injuries and the apo didnt work so it was a hard win, with ff going... DOWN??? Why? Wasnt that entertaining so tell! ;-D
You owe me a game versus your elves mate, even though you refuses to answer that call! The Crossdressers will be back! ;-D

After 2-1 vs The_Emperor´s Ogres LOL; 2008-07-01

Greed by me for two new skills made it a draw. Tried to pass and then failed pickup for some turns.
My luck with the injuries was mad, and not fair what so ever. Snow Ball died on a failed apo of course.
Flip Wilson is now number two on most blocks (not cas!) on active amazon players, and the team is the 10th oldest amazonteam active.
Evol did her first 6 spp in the game and niggled on the age-roll. Her first skill... Now I guess I have to keep her, need the cash for the LC finals. Or do I dare to play more. Probably not.

After 1-1 vs La_Yena´s Pimp my tail; 2008-08-27

2009 FUMBBL Tour 200TR I-3 (first turn)

I am still amazed that I enjoyed the game until turn 12.
0 spp and mostly 3-4 ladies playing, really hard.
In the end of course too hard. But we were close a couple of times. 0-0 at halftime made us proud. If we could had got spp for dodging they would all had been legends now.
Good luck lemf. Keep on playing khemri without dp! I respect that.

After 0-1 vs Saintly Servitude

First of all, a truly great game! And a great honor to meet mr TTM himself (shouldnt that be renamed to "doing a Gygax" instead by the way?)

Crossdressers counted and counted, and took Helmuta (Mongolian saw-artist with facemask), a little bribe after "talking" to the ref, and got some ass-coaches that where fired directly after the game. So, prepared all the way from the smelly toes to the unbrushed teeth!

First half:
Atei is recieving and is quickly showing the poor girls no mercy. One after the other goes out the first 5-6 turns, however only one mng (that I didnt apo, dont ask why!). I give up pretty fast in getting the ball, I was never close to it, and by pure luck manages to keep Helmuta to the 2nd half, but never protected her as she deserved in that half either.

Second half:
Bribe is gone. Both apo are gone before full time. I spoil it on an av6 that got BH in first half, and Gary more wisely used it on his super-witch for OT.
But this half the girls hits hard and its basically the opposite kind of half, really hard for the elves to get close to the ball and the ladies were in no rush. Never give elves two turns to score... and we remembered. Helmuta stayed on the pitch to turn 16, not doing a great deal of damage, but I think she scared Gary a little bit atleast throughout the game... Forgot to foul the st4 in the end however. Stupid. ;-D

11 zons - 11 darkies! All was really decided on the kickoff, and I got to recieve. Moved slowly downfield, took away some elves in turn one, switched side, hit the st4-tackler and Dorothy - in her 100th game!!! fouled that st4-blitzer out of the game, and it was pretty much a straight path for my girls after that towards the endzone. I had however to either gfi with Rrrrodmaaaaammmm or hand off to a 5-spp linewoman to score in turn 5 of ot. I foolishly did the handoff but, hey, Rrrrodmaaaaammmm decides, not me! And it worked... She is now over 200 spp by the way. Amazing...!

Winning Final of GLT VII: Old Teams Qualifiers 3 with 2-1 in OT. 2011-07-25

The code




:maysrill: personally I wouldn't mind seeing zons make the final :)

First legend ever for me on fumbbl died in a major final 2011 vs Malmir´s cds.
Second legend ever for me was sacked when she reached first position in most cas ever for an amazon in Ranked.

After 237 games the epic era is over. None of the grandmothers are still playing, the last one got a serious blow by Cloggy´s snowtroll and is now coaching from the sideline with Andrea. Will they ever grow strong again?
After game 239 we got an answer. Barbette is her name.

Rrrrodmaaaaammmm´s daughter Bika plays for Rabe's zon-team Slayer Candidates.

Dorothy the forth or fifth
Completions (567)
Touchdowns (720)
Mother of Rod
Interceptions (17)Sara Lind
I also look like the bride
Evol the eight
Dorian the 3rd Goblingrindr
Casualties (933)
Andrea Vahol
Most Valuable Player (425)
Star Player Points (6752)
Mother of Rod
Passing (1179)
Rushing (11903)
Mother of Rod
Blocks (19840)
Fouls (703)
Dorothy the forth or fifth
Scoring Thrower
Mother of Rod
Blocking ThrowerCamp queen
Blocking Scorer
I also look like the bride
TripleCamp queen
All-rounderSara Lind
I also look like the bride
Evol the eight
Dorian the 3rd Goblingrindr

Current Players
Past Players

Games vs dorfs: 8/0/0

Soon new era (idea started at game 274... but I haven't managed to start it yet...)
Linos: block, frenzy, fend, tkl (dbl: guard/jugger)
Blitzers: guard, (2) sf 3) grab (dbl: dt)
Catchers: ss, dt, tkl (dbl: guard)
Thanks gamelsetlmatch for the idea! /// At game 371 I start to feel some progress... maybe...

Goal: Get to a top-8 position in UI,
after that the girls has reached that position in all 5 majors.


2018-01-14 Just found out that Asteflix built this cdorf-team to hammer my girls..:!!
Ladyboys,The. First game 2017-02-01. The girls are still an issue!! :-D

2nd oldest Amazon-team in Ranked, third including the box.
https://fumbbl.com/p/teams?group=&race=41&order=5&nav=0 (incl box)
https://fumbbl.com/p/teams?group=&race=41&order=5&nav=1 (Ranked only)

92th oldest team (ever?) at 488 games.
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
Eagle Warrior Thrower
6 3 3 7
Dodge, Pass
Sure Hands
  4 1 0 0 0 1 6/16 90k
Tribal Linewoman
6 3 3 7
  11 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
Tribal Linewoman
6 3 3 7
Block, Kick
  15 1 1 1 0 3 21/31 90k
Koka Kalim Blitzer
6 3 3 7
Block, Dodge
Guard, Stand Firm, Grab, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut
  152 2 12 0 50 8 Legend
Piranha Warrior Catcher
6 3 3 7
Catch, Dodge
  1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 70k
Piranha Warrior Catcher
5 3 3 7
Catch, Dodge
+MA, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackle, Pass Block
-ma, -ma 144 5 33 3 28 6 Legend
Koka Kalim Blitzer
6 3 4 7
Block, Dodge
Mighty Blow, Guard, +AG, Tackle, Stand Firm
  37 2 5 0 17 5 76/176 210k
Tribal Linewoman
6 3 3 7
Dirty Player
  15 1 0 0 0 1 6/16 70k
Koka Kalim Blitzer
6 3 4 7
Block, Dodge
Guard, Mighty Blow, +AG, Stand Firm, Tackle
  75 5 14 0 14 7 110/176 210k
Tribal Linewoman
7 3 4 7
+AG, Leap, Wrestle, +MA, Strip Ball
  40 4 12 0 1 7 77/176 190k
Tribal Linewoman
6 4 3 7
+ST, Block, Sure Hands
  38 0 9 0 4 3 50/51 140k
Koka Kalim Blitzer
6 3 3 7
Block, Dodge
Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm, Tackle, Dauntless
  57 0 5 0 34 6 113/176 190k
Tribal Linewoman
6 3 3 7
Wrestle, Tackle, Dauntless, Strip Ball, Frenzy
  129 2 9 0 20 5 94/176 150k
Tribal Linewoman
6 3 3 7
  9 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
14 players  
Coach: Dhaktokh Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Amazon Fan Factor: 10  
Current Team Value: 2220k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 145k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2220k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:500 (321/70/109) |TD Diff:410 (860 - 450) |Cas Diff:163 (721/431/189 - 679/361/138)
Last Opponent: Pharaohs Second XI