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Frozen Core
Roster [R] Dark Elf
*** Did you Know... that the racial hate that dark elves have for the wood elves lead the fans of the Frozen Core to create a Fan Club, know as the Cold Tide. This group of psichotic fans follows the team every time it faces a wood elf team just to bring as much pain to the other team as they can. The Cold Tide was created just before the Frozen Core faced the Wood elf team Bad Days in Yallahrup by Danniel Tittania, former leader of the group. Three rocks were thrown in the very first match causing two injuries and a stunned player. It is known that the manager of the team not only allows this kind of violence in the crowd but also encourage fans to join the Cold Tide.

*** Did you Know... that the LOSTripplet, formed by Niive Naarnimiha, Herrin Malvakia and Zachariha Venomworm, were known for their neverending night parties. Nobody knows for sure wht they do for that many hours, but almost everything has been said speculating. Whatever they did, it took the vitality out of their bodies, and none of them were as capable as any of their teammates. It was said that Zachariha was the most vicious of the tripplet due to the bad shape his body acquired after a few matches won. UPDATE! Zachariha Venomworm got a leg injured after a fight in a bar. Keep collecting injuries Zachariha, we still love you!
- Finally, after the match #136 against Shlumpen, a Nurgle's Rotters team, the last member of the LOSTripplet died on the field, at the hands of a gargantuan beastman while he was close to score the third TD of the match.

*** Did you Know... that Frozen Core lost 79 TS points in just one match against BillBrasky's Lizardmen? Then, in the next match Derrian Galashia (Who had debuted in that match) stayed in the WC for 4 drives, for he was so scared to play again.

*** Did you Know... that the racial enemy of the Frozen Core are the ogres and everything related to them? The team has played Ogres only once, for these dark elves don't want to stay near those big fat beings, and killed three of them including their star player Nobbla.
- Later, in match #50, playing against humans, there were not a single permanent injury for the humans, except for the ogre, who was killed.

*** Did you Know... that the worst run of the team lasted for 12 matches in which we only managed to win once (but drew 8 times). In those 12 matches 6 players were permanently killed (Except Illiha goatvenom, who is now playing for the Necro team Balls n Roses) and 5 more suffered permanent injuries. For 6 times, Frozen Core started the match unable to field 11 players.
- Then, almost recovered for the hammering, Frozen Core were smashed again and needed 6 more matches to fully recover the team up to 11 healthy players. This period is known as The Big Twilight amongst the followers of this dark elf team.

*** Did you Know... that the special training program followed by the blitzers of the team is so good that they tend to skill +AG so usually. So far, with 50 games played, 3 out of 6 blitzers got +AG at least once. The training program includes hiring Nobbla and friends from time to time to play against Frozen Core in friendly matches and a maze with several Beasts of Nurgle wandering in it, where blitzers are locked in each morning. That's one of the reasons that Frozen Core has not played Nurgle Rotter's or Goblins yet.
- A few months later, Faint Elfkiller (retired blitzer and current assistant coach) decided that some linos with special aptitudes would join the blitzer's training's group. That resulted in 5 superagile players at the same time in the team. Faint denies his involvement in the recent disappearance of a huge consignment of bella donnas a week ago.

*** Did you Know... that the quickest match ever played by Frozen Core was against Rotten Flesh Is Our Ecstasy? The rats managed to kill three players in the first two turns of the match, with the apothecary saving one of them. Just after the first witch died to the boots of a linerat, the rest of the team started to run away in cries of panic.

*** Did you Know... that Olagra Redscorpion, the rookie lineman of the team scored the TD #100 against Sillysod's Vampires? Sadly it didn't help winning the match.
- And Libby Hellios caused the casualty #150 in the next match (number 61)
- Touchdown #200 was scored by Cyrius Malpickua in a match against Bowl Sukrs, Vampires, again.
- Arron Edamonieh caused the #300 casualty against Dark Throne Troopers, 137 matches after the creation of the Frozen Core.

*** Did you Know... that the best performance in a single match was carried out by Zachariha Venomworm, while playing a Chaos team (Warriors goes to Heaven). He managed to score three touchdowns, getting the Most Valuable Player Award after that.

*** Did you Know... that the first appearance of the Frozen Core in a major was in the Fumbbl Cup '09 , playing the #100 match of the team at that precise moment? Frozen Core managed to advance 3 rounds, then they were defeated by Dumme Elvere in the fourth, and suffering 6 deaths in just two matches, for a total of 278 SPPs. It was a tough tourney. And here goes a homage for whom left the life in the field:


Sonja Goatvenom
Shiva Moonheart
Slyx Thrnaenk
Arestes Snakecrown
Errin Askatoth
Niesha Tergakii

*** Did you Know... that the team suffered from mental disease after the Fumbbl Cup, that drove the players to believe they are superstars, winning 6-1, just to perform the worst match ever seen the next second and leave the team at the retirement edge. The only player worth a try for the team is Ursun Highmoon, who, while being the only Frozen's player still in field, almost managed to stop Tut and his guys from scoring. He got balls.

*** Did You Know...It took 108 games to play against each and every race at least once, being halflings the last team to play against the Frozen Core. The races most commonly faced was: Chaos (13 times), Humans (11 times) and Skaven (9 Times), and the races that we've played the less was Goblins, Halflings and Nurgle's Rotters with just one match against each.

*** Did You Know... That there was a wood elf playing for the team. Corrupt and vicious as only a treehater born in a treelover world can be, he escaped from his mother's love looking for money and fame lighting up Frozen Core searchers in a tabern, who didn't need big effort to hire himm for the team.

- A grand total of 38 players have died defending the colours of the team -
0 matches since the last death
1 player dies each 4 matches (aprox)
Updated to match against: teef of karrata


Highest / Lowest TR: 275/100
Highest / Lowest TS: 250/81
Biggest Win: 6-1 (oppo could only field 3 players...)
Biggest Lose: 0-5 (In my favour I will say that the Frozen Core could only field 6 players)
Longest Winning Run: 4 Matches (from 2 to 5)
Longest Losing Run: 4 Matches (From 52 to 55)
Longest Run Without Losing: 12 Matches (From 2 to 13)
Longest Run Without Winning: 7 Matches (From 35 to 41, and 43 to 49)
Most CAS Caused: 3/3/1
Most CAS Suffered: 4/4/1
Most Bloody Match: 5/5/1 (Combined Casualties)
Saddest Match: 2/2/3 and 2/4/1
Highest Gate: 160.000 spectators
Highest Fan Factor: 21


Horrible performance of the Frozen Core. Possibly their worst ever. Played against lizards who killed Derrian Galashia, member of the Khaine's Twins. An humiliating 0-3 loss, that led the team to another recovery time.

Fumbbl Cup '09
The Frozen Core managed to pass through two rounds, facing an astonishingly powerful Dark Elf Team, that send them home with three new coffins. A total of six players died during the tourney, so again the team had to go on recovering.


- Rhazgul's Judgement -
- Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson -
- Rotten Flesh Is Our Ecstasy -
- Lavino Fighting Hellfishes -
- Foul Play! -
- Dead Bunnies United -
- Beginging -

[table=bbcode_default border=2][table=bbcode_default border=2]

[center]- TOUCHDOWNS -
- Witch Elves -
- Nulia Rotcandy - 11 TDs
- Janira Bloodyhands - 8 TDs
- Uhfanje Khainiine - 6 TDs
- Blitzers -
- Orlon Darknight - 15 TDs
- Arestes Snakecrown - 8 TDs
- Orrin Madhark - 7 TDs
- Throwers -
- Linemen -
- Niesha Tergakii - 15 TDs
- Hernst Gobkiller - 11 TDs
- Shavia Dragonblood - 7 TDs
[center]- CASUALTIES -
- Witch Elves -
- Lishna Bloodyhands - 15 Cas
- Eolia the Snake - 3 Cas
- Janira Bloodyhands - 2 Cas
- Blitzers -
- Orlon Darknight - 18 Cas
- Arron Edamonieh - 18 Cas
- Edamon Brainjuice - 10 Cas
- Throwers -
- Linemen -
- Ursun Highmoon - 26 Cas
- Niesha Tergakii - 8 Cas
- Zachariha Venomworm - 8 Cas
[center]- EXPERIENCE -
- Witch Elves -
- Nulia Rotcandy - 68 SPPs
- Lishna Bloodyhands - 55 SPPs
- Xhania Spitvenom - 34 SPPs
- Blitzers -
- Orlon Darknight - 128 SPPs
- Ciircet Obhissian - 56 SPPs
- Edamon Brainjuice - 53 SPPs
- Throwers -
- Alaster Hawkeye - 26 SPPs
- Thirna Vultureye - 17 SPPs
- Linemen -
- Niesha Tergakii - 99 SPPs
- Ursun Highmoon - 85 SPPs
- Hernst Gobkiller - 73 SPPs
[center]- PASSES -
- Witch Elves -
- Xhania Spitvenom - 10 Completions
- Eolia the Snake - 9 Completions
- Xhania Spitvenom - 6 Completions
- Blitzers -
- Derrian Galashia - 15 Completions
- Orlon Darknight - 8 Completions
- Orrin Madhark - 7 Completions
- Throwers -
- Alaster Hawkeye - 21 Completions
- Thirna Vultureye - 11 Completions
- Linemen -
- Harliam Manticore - 29 Completions
- Olagra Redscorpion - 24 Completions
- Shiva Moonheart - 15 Completions

[center]- VALUE -
*Record kept only after the Big Twilight
- Witch Elves -
- Xhania Spitvenom - 218.000 gcs
- Nulia Rotcandy - 210.000 gcs
- Uhfanje Khainiine - 198.000 gcs
- Blitzers -
- Orlon Darknight - 240.000 gcs
- Ciircet Obhissian - 235.000 gcs
- Derrian Galashia - 190.000 gcs
- Throwers -
- Thirna Vultureye - 115.000 gcs
- Linemen -
- Niesha Tergakii - 198.000 gcs
- Ursun Highmoon - 183.000 gcs
- Olagra Redscorpion - 168.000 gcs
[center]- MVPS -
- Witch Elves -
- Nulia Rotcandy - 4 MVPs
- Xhania Spitvenom - 3 MVPs
- Uhfanje Khainiine - 2 MVPs

- Blitzers -
Orlon Darknight - 6 MVPs
Ciircet Obhissian - 4 MVPs
Aeshnir Eagleclaw - 3 MVPs
- Throwers -
Alaster Hawkeye - 1 MVP
- Linemen -
Rhyn Valdraek - 6 MVPs
Hillbron Blackeyes - 5 MVPs
Xerrith Spinbone - 4 MVPs

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# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1Karno TheloindBlitzer7348Block, Dodge, Tackle 112302120100k (100+40k) 
2Xhania SpitvenomWitch Elf6357Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, +AG, Block, Side Step-ma2212400339110k (110+80k) 
3Dewn BarotskeLineman6348Dodge, Guard 29540022770k (70+50k) 
4Tellawar TerryingLineman6348Block, Dauntless, Dodge, Side Step 34560735270k (70+80k) 
5Innanat DarklineBlitzer7348Block, Dodge 7210107100k (100+20k) 
6Ares HorgoniaRunner7347Dump-Off 210000180k (80+0k) 
7DarkmienBlitzer7348Block 1100001100k (100+0k) 
8Arron Edamonieh IIIBlitzer8348Block, Tackle, Dodge, +MA 153513131100k (100+70k) 
10Seel DemsammlerLineman6348Block, Guard, Mighty Blow 46640133570k (70+80k) 
14Janira BloodyhandsWitch Elf8347Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, +MA, Block, Side Step 155803140110k (110+70k) 
15Gornan FaughneeLineman6348  1120000270k (70+0k) 
11 players  
Coach: Curro Re-Rolls (100k): 4  
Race: Dark Elf Fan Factor: 16  
Team Value: 1900k Assistant Coaches: 2  
Treasury: 10000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 1900k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:161 (76/34/51) |TD Diff:61 (294 - 233) |Cas Diff:-71 (182/112/61 - 207/144/75)
Last Opponent: Stinging Police