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Greensburg Athletic Association

Head Coach:
Balin Stupoff

Engineer & Mechanic Dwarves

Team Colours:

Greensburg Engineering & Mechanical School
G.E.M.S. Greenies

Greensburg Engineering & Mechanical School “Greenies”
Home Greensburg Pa
Home Games at Offutt Field
Season Two Builders Division
Game#1 vs I hate myself 1-0 #15 Charles Rinehart Engineer killed on the opening kickoff. The Greenies response by taking the ball away and scoring on the last play of the half. The kill one themselves and knock out some more. The have only 4 players left and don't come out for the 2nd half.
Game #2 vs Two and a Half Elves 0-2 Outbashed and out played by elves enough said.
Game#3 vs Reckoners of Souls 1-1 a game the should have won but a hail mary tied the game in the final seconds.
Game#4 vs Snorkland Stars 0-1 an evenly fought game that should have been a 1-1 tie as Greenies failed to score.
Game#5 vs Shadow Horde 1-2 the Greenies scored first but ended up playing 4 players down as the referee banned almost half the team.
Game#6 vs Oni Way to Live 0-1 couldn't score never picked up the ball in a scoreless 1st half. The bus hurt no one in his 1st game. By the 2nd half it was 7 on 4.
Game#7 vs Dead Man Walking 1-2 Again scored first and couldn't hold on with an outnumbered team as 4 players sat in the sin bin. The good news as the regular season ended was that Charles Rinehart who everyone had thought had died in the opening game showed up. Rinehart missed the whole 1st season due to injury and had hired a substitute to fill in for him.
1st season(SLA 3rd) ends in disappointment with a 1-1-5 record in the East Builders Division(7th place out of 8 teams).

Season Four Upper Tier Eastern Division
Game #1 vs SL Shogun 0-1 Against the defending champions Alfred Sigman fall 2 yds short of tying the game on the final play.
Game#2 vs Two and a Half Elves 2-2 In a classic struggle of good vs evil. payback from a 0-2 defeat in season#2 in which they got beat up and hurt. The Greenies did the hurting and scored enough to pull out a tie. Down 1-2 at half they used almost the entire 2nd half to score and hurt elves. Coach Stupoff "A stinking elf is a stinking elf i don't care what the other 1/2 is."
Game#3 vs Snorkland Stars 1-0 Great defensive struggle sees Greenies unable to score in 1st half, surf ball carrier in 2nd half and score late. Coach Stupoff "We hate elves"
Game#4 vs Dead Men Walking 1-2 A game that we shouldn't have lost. Luck was like a big swing going way back & forth. A long 1st half drive where they lost the ball at the 1 but picked it back up and scored. In the 2nd half Tom killed 2 of the walkers with bombs but they scored quick and than a multi? bomb knocked the whole team down and let walkers score as time ran out.Coach Stupoff on the bomb "Bull turds we were robbed"
Game#5 vs Shadow Horde 1-3 After taking the opening kickoff and scoring they couldn't stop the "bastard" rats from dodging thru their defense. Coach Stupoff "Too fast , too agile"
Game#6 vs Khorney Jokes 1-1 Game #13 all time was not a lucky number for the Greenies. They tied but lost 2 members of the Fiscus Family-Newill was killed & Ross crippled. Coach Stupoff "We were worried coming into the game and hired an extra doctor they butchered both surgeries. Newill will never play again and Ross will be a back up lineman."
Game#7 vs Raining Cats and Dogz! 1-1 The season ends on a rain covered field against the champions. Seneca scores on the opening drive which uses up most of the 1st half and allows the Greenies to remove 4 enemies including a dog.
The Cats fight back to tie the game and Christy's desperation heave sinks it the mud as time ends with Seneca closing in for a 2nd score.
2nd season(SLA 3rd) ends better with a 1-3-3 record in the East Upper Tier Division(7th place out of 8 teams).
Season 5 UnFriendly Games
Game#1 vs Earth-616 Universe 2-2 Blood Bath! Jack Gass & Alfred Sigman permanent injuries! Stupoff= "We killed 2 of their's but it feels like a loss, started bad Adam's chainsaw kicking back & wasting the apoth and than the injuries. It will be tough to bounce back."
Game#2 vs Queensland Djabugay 1-0 Don't think it was a friendly game down under. "Greenies" indian scores on the final play after being knocked over repeatedly. The bus plays the whole game with low fuel prices. Stupoff= "They just kept dodging away."
Game#3 vs Isle of Many Nations 2-1 Another unfriendly saw the crippling of RHM. The Greenies scored 1st ,than gave up a late 1st half score. The 2nd half saw the Greenies clear all but 3 Many Nations players which allowed them to score late.
Finish friendlies 2-1-0
Season#5 Upper Tier
Game#1 vs Khorney Jokes 0-4 Total beat down. Out played, out classed ,diced and an inferior team. Stupoff="We couldn't get a break and it snowballed." The doctors bought two back from the dead.
Game#2 vs Scarlet Kissers 0-3 this one they thought they had a chance. Total beat down. Out played, out classed & totally diced. Stupoff= 'I don't think they have the better team. They did today." Two players forced to retire due to surplus booster funding.
Game#3 vs Raining Cats and Dogz! 1-2 Knocked the dogs out, killed a cat and badly hurt a few more but gave up a late 1st half bomb and another score part way thru the 2nd before scoring late for the final score. Stupoff= “They are real good team faster and stronger!”
Game#4 vs SL Shogun 1-2 Played well against the champion!
Game#5 vs Shadow Horde 1-2 Lose on a kick off return as the game ended. Stupoff="Shoot Me!"
Game#6 vs Kurnous Cowboys 0-1 Lose to a better team & coach.
Game#7 vs Dead Men Walking 1-2 Third straight 2-1 lose to the undead on a last second TD. Stupoff= "We didn't deserve to lose!" Samson killed by crowd!
Game#8 vs Ecstasy and Agony 1-2 Too much Harbinger of Vengeance! Stupoff="We're lucky to survive."
Season#5 Last place out of 9 teams 0-0-8
Season#6 UnFriendly Games
Game#1 vs House of Salazar Slytherin 3-0 Greenies score 3 times for the 1st time ever. Greenies outblock House 3 to 1 and kill to Slytherin. Stupoff="Best game ever?"
Game#2 vs Three Stooges Bloodbowl Club 2-0 A close game turns into an easy victory after eight casualties by Greenies. Stupoff="We just took all their players off the pitch!"
Game#3 vs Grow Big Green Go 2-0 Outblocked by a bigger stronger team 2 to 1. Only suffering one casualty -the death of Bo-"The summer wasn't a perfect 10." Stupoff=" A very tough win!"
Regualar Season Upper Tier
Game#1 vs SL Shogun 1-4 Totally destroyed! Stupoff="We the Cleveland Browns of the Upper Tier!"
Game#2 vs Martek Magicians 0-1 Offense held the ball the entire 1st half but couldn't score. Late TD continues loss streak. Stupoff="I'm tired!"
Game#3 vs Honorable Privateers 1-2 Outblocked,out rushed & out scored! Stupoff="We just need a break!"
Game#4 vs Heavy Steel Elf Machines 1-2 Couldn't beat Prince Moranion and Morg. Stupoff="I coached poorly!"
Game#5 vs Ecstasy and Agony 0-1 Stupoff="Coached well saved my job but the better team won!"
Game#6 vs Dead Men Walking 1-1 In a game they dominated a last second TD prevents a Greenie victory. Stupoff= "So close so far!"
Season#6 Upper Tier 8th place out of 8 (0-1-5)

Season#7 UnFriendlies
Game#1 vs Earth-616 Universe 2-0 Mighty Morg is killed by a bomb! Greenies roll!
Game#2 vs Bloody Mobsters 1-1 Mighty Morg gets revenge ith 2 perms to Greenie linemen!
Game#3 vs Giant Union 2-0 Another perm! Stupoff="We got broken in the preseason not a good way to start new year!"
Regular Season
Game#1 vs Noricum Nomads 1-1 Upset alert! Hard fought 1-1 tie! A last second HMP fell incomplete. Stupoff="Were happy with the tie once we went down to 10 it changed things."
Game#2 vs Shadow Horde stupoff="At times one of my best games & at time one of my worse." Should have been a tie at worse.
Game#3 vs Furry Rampage 2-0 1st league win in forever! Stupoff="They were bigger and faster so we punched them in the mouth!"
Game#4 vs Heavy Steel Elf Machines 2-2 to long scoring drives for Greenies & to quick ones for the elves! Stupoff="Played well on 1/2 of the ball!"
Game#5 vs Kurnous Cowboys 0-2 Stupoff="It's hard to be that unlucky, but we did it!"
Pregame=Made a 300k donation to the University!
Game#6 vs SL Shogun 0-2 Crushed by the Champs!
Game#7 vs Canukistan Fiercerest GeckOhs 2-0 Stupoff="Hurt the little guys!"
Game#8 vs [SLA] Purge 1-1 Hard fought draw!
Pregame=Made a 400k donation to the university
Game#9 vs Ecstasy and Agony 0-2 Big hosing! 2 perms and nothing good! Season over!
Season#7 Upper Tier 7th place out of 10 (2-3-4)
Season#7 Post-Season Friendlies
Game#1 vs Krusty Krab’s 1-1 Both teams walked cages down the field in their halves and scored. Thee 'Rose" was saved by doctors. Many Fouls. Stupoff="Boring!"
Game#2 vs Knights of the Rounded Table 1-0 Hard fought victory featuring a cage TD in the 1st half and solid defense in the 2nd. Stupoff="We did ok!"
Game#3 vs Clan Rodents 2-2 Stupoff="Kill 4 doctors save 2 but they dodge to a tie!"
Regular Season
Game#1 vs Strong Jaw Bay 1-2 Score too fast give up 2 late TDs. Stupoff="We have to win these games, no luck at all!" Joseph kills another!
Game#2 vs Dead Men Walking 1-2 Again a late TD loses Greenies the game! Stupoff="We just can't beat them 4 2-1 losses in 5 games!" Sad Note=Senior
Edward D. Mechling died in his 32nd game, he never earned a star on his helmet(spp).Stupoff="He was a good kid, just not very good at blood bowl. He will be missed on kickoff team."
Game#3 vs Rubble Rousers 0-1 Smaller, slower and yes less agile the Greenies lose again. Stupoff="This was the year we looked forward to after a good season last year, it didn't happen!" Note both runners were injured seriously but the doctors didn't heal the "indian". The school is looking into the issue. Stupoff="This may be are last season!"
Game#4 vs Avelorn Acolytes 2-2 A hard hitting 2-2 grind.
Note:donate 160k to university.
Game#5 vs Kurnous Cowboys 2-3 Can't stop the elves in a high scoring loss. Stupoff="We let them score twice but turned it over when it counted."
Game#6 vs SL Shogun 0-2 Lose to champs for 5th straight time.
Game#7 vs Shadow Horde 0-1 Lose 5th straight to rats.
Game#8 vs Ecstasy and Agony 2-1 0-3 lifetime against the former champs with only 1 score, the Greenies turned the table with a huge win!
Game#9 vs Noricum Nomads 0-0 In a hard fought defensive battle that featured 110 blocks!
Game#10 vs Bloody Mobsters 0-0 Punching match ends in a scoreless draw!
Season#8 11th place out of 11 (1-3-6)
Game#1 vs House of Salazar Slytherin 1-1 Both teams control their halves-ho hum!
Game#2 vs Earth-616 Universe 2-1 Universecame in with 16 man roster which meant they couldn't use full inducements-Greenies survive early turnover which could have changed the outcome.
Game#3 vs Three Stooges Bloodbowl Club 2-1 Down 1-0 Greenies scored on a blitz fumble recovery just before half ended and dominated the 2nd half to win.
Secret Isle of Misfit Teams(SIoMT)
Game#1 vs Evolved Slaanesh 0-2 Worse game in history. Charles Rinehart (the Real One) and “Choctaw” are both killed. Alfred Sigman's career is ended hen doctors botch surgery.
Game#2 vs Defilers of Sanitary 1-1 Both teams long TD scoring drives and player removal. No major injuries on either side.
Game#3 vs Athel-Loren Avengers 0-3 No chance! Trees faster stronger more agile. Stupoff="Doctors butcher another of my players!" Note Tiger crippled on kickoff-Tiger-"I will continue my career!"
Game#4 vs [ SL] Nurgle's Rotters 0-3 Beaten down again. Lose "Prexy" and a newbie for ever.
Game#5 vs [SL] Once Were Pirates 0-1 had their chances, but lost a heart breaker to end a dreadful season.
SIoMT - Trenta 0-1-4 6thplace out of 6

World Tour
Game#1 vs House of Salazar Slytherin 2-0 Start tour well, 2-1 perms as the son of Alfred Sigman will retire. Stupoff="He wasn't his father, we are running out of cash losing players."
Game#2 vs Three Stooges Bloodbowl Club 1-1 Both teams controlled their halvess taking people off pitch and scoring. Judson Crookston was killed via a foul. Stupoff="He was a senior and will be missed we are in a bad spell right now, I hope we can Survive."
Game#3 vs Clan Mouse 1-1 Played 3 men down to start and never had more than 10 players minutes into the game. Stupoff="To fast to play short handed!"
Game#4 vs Earth-616 Universe 2-0 Control half,score, knock goblins out take ball and score. Stupoff="Where's this team been?"
Game#5 vs Grow Big Green Go 2-0 No injuries even thru being out blocked by bigger stronger opposition. Stupoff="we out quicked them?"
Game#6 vs Queensland Djabugay 2-1 The tour took a bad turn. Tiger was crippled and told to retire. It's unknown if he will. Stupoff="Adam turned a 1-1 game into a nightmare, best chainsaw work I've ever seen!"
Game#7 vs Krusty Krab’s 2-0 Player elimination and ball control.
Game#8 vs JRR Token’s Token Bad Guys 1-0 Hard fought victory! Donated 320k from tour to school!
Game#9 vs Isle of Many Nations 2-1 Very close, passing game the difference?
Game#10 vs Knights of the Rounded Table 2-0 Blood Bath! Three Knights die. Stupoff="It as ugly and their 3 doctors didn't help!"
Game#11 vs Giant Union 2-1 Out blocked, out rushed, out fouled hang on for 2-1 thanks to an earl turnover!
Game#12 vs Clan Rodents 2-0 The usually tough defense slow hard hitting offense! Worthington dies as tour ends!
Tour Record 10-2-0
SIoMT Spring 2520 : Superior
Game#1 vs [SL] Once Were Pirates 1-2 A star vampire and fireball the difference. Stupoff="Not are worse game!"
Game#2 vs[SL] Nurgle's Rotters 1-1 "Hard fought draw!"
Game#3 vs Athel-Loren Avengers 0-2 "Another Fireball"
All other teams fold!
SIoMT Spring 2520 : Superior results 2-1-2 (2 forfeits)
Game#1 vs Clan Rodents 1-1 300,000 donation to school
Game#2 vs Red Bull BC 2-1 Stupoff="brutal"

SIoMT Summer 2520 : Canopy
Stupoff="The season was so short last year that we are playing another in the same school year!"
Game#1 vs Athel-Loren Avengers 0-2 Stupoff="Tough to be a great team when you give them everything in inducements!"
Game#2 vs La Jolie Mort 0-1 stupoff="tough loss we could have won!"
Game#3 Forfeit over Once Were Pirates
Game#4 vs Defilers of Sanitary 1-1 Highlight Mathewson to Rose 150 yd TD pass!
Stupoff="I'm sad to say Cub died!" The Greenies continue to play short handed and will next game too as no money is coming in.
Game#5 vs Mors Clan Forfeit-Not enough players to suit up.
Game#6 vs Nurgle's Rotters 1-2 Stupoff="We played well but ran out of players, net game will be worse."
Game#7 vs Tzeentch Scrawls Forfeit
Record 2-1-4

Game#1 vs Good Guys Group 1-1 Hard fought-Lucky to tie!
Game#2 vs Good Guys Group 1-0 Hard fought-Classic cage wins it in second half!
Record 1-0-1

SIoMT Winter 2520 : Grand Melee
Game#1 vs Office Plants 0-2 Couldn't overcome a wizard!
Game#2 vs Doomed Ship Lollipop 1-1 An expensive tie! "Pop" Carr & Prexy II forced to retire. Count Luthor Von Drakenborg catches long TD in back of end one on final play to take victory from the under manned "Greenies"!

#15 Charles Rinehart dies in Game#1 on kickoff.

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
4 7 1 10
Break Tackle, Dirty Player, Juggernaut, Loner, Mighty Blow, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm
Guard, Grab, Multiple Block, Thick Skull
  86 0 0 0 20 7 75/76 240k
6 3 4 8
Hail Mary Pass, Strong Arm, Thick Skull
+AG, Block, Strip Ball, Fend, +MA
  90 32 21 1 8 12 173/176 210k
4 3 1 9
Block, Dirty Player, Kick, Thick Skull
Mighty Blow, Dodge, Fend, Tackle
-ag, n 64 0 0 0 18 6 66/76 170k
4 3 2 9
Block, Dirty Player, Kick, Thick Skull
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 80k
Master Engineer
5 3 2 9
Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, Thick Skull
Block, Dirty Player
  86 0 0 0 0 4 20/31 120k
6 3 3 8
Sure Hands, Thick Skull
Block, Tackle, Dodge
  23 6 2 0 4 5 45/51 150k
7 3 5 7
Sure Hands, Thick Skull
Block, +AG, Kick-Off Return, Pro, +MA, +AG
-av 87 51 43 1 6 4 Legend
4 3 2 9
Bombardier, Secret Weapon, Thick Skull
Block, Guard
  91 0 0 0 1 3 17/31 100k
4 3 2 9
Block, Thick Skull
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
4 4 2 9
Block, Thick Skull
Mighty Blow, Guard, +ST, Frenzy, Dodge
m 77 0 0 1 38 7 113/176 200k
4 3 2 8
Block, Thick Skull
Mighty Blow, Guard, Fend, Stand Firm, Tackle
-av 86 0 1 0 48 1 104/176 160k
4 4 2 9
Block, Thick Skull
Tackle, +ST
  12 0 0 0 5 2 20/31 130k
4 3 2 9
Block, Thick Skull
  6 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
4 3 2 9
Block, Thick Skull
  4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
5 3 2 9
Block, Thick Skull
Mighty Blow, +MA
  27 0 0 0 4 2 18/31 110k
4 3 2 9
Block, Thick Skull
  3 0 0 0 1 1 7/16 80k
15 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach: pafootball22 Re-Rolls (100k): 5  
Race: Engineers Fan Factor: 5  
Current Team Value: 2370k Assistant Coaches: 3  
Treasury: 60k Cheerleaders: 1  
Team Value: 2570k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:92 (27/24/41) |TD Diff:-21 (94 - 115) |Cas Diff:133 (186/89/33 - 105/60/10)
Last Opponent: [SL] Doomed Ship Lollipop